water film

•December 14, 2013 • 1 Comment

the mermaid is trying to catch this film to get another perspective on how landfolk view and interact with water. she has been busy this year educating landfolk about merfolk and how merfolk are suffering from landfolk’s misuse and misunderstanding of water. most landfolk seems quite unaware of their dependence on water and their connection with it, so the mermaid still has lots of work in front of her. she is trying to stay hopeful!


•November 12, 2013 • 1 Comment

what a week! the mermaid is very sad that so many landfolk died from a big storm this week & has already helped sending some help in that direction. she has also been studying lots of news, campaigns and artworks on water pollution such as the one above. she will be volunteering to give a talk soon somewhere along the norther-western coast, where she can also stock up on locally made fudge to put on blubber for the winter.

merfolk in the news

•August 22, 2013 • 2 Comments


the mermaid found some beautiful merfolk stories in the webocean this week. the first one is about a landfolk male who helped a turtle return to the sea. you can read more about it here and see more pictures here.


the second story is about some very artistic and clever merfolk – termed ‘cephalopods’ by landfolk scientists. the latter have found an ancient remnant of cephalopod art, and now have to revisit even more of how they view merfolk. landfolk might have to get used to the idea that, whatever they do as part of their young culture, landfolk were there first…

jellyfish reporting

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the mermaid has just heard of this project about jellyfish sightings. if you see any jellyfish, please let these people know on this webocean site!

they write:

“have you seen a jellyfish, red tide, a squid, or other unusual marine life recently? if so, tell us about it! marine biologists need your help to develop a better understanding of the ocean. If you’ve been on the beach or in the ocean lately, you can contribute to a long-term dataset by telling us about the animals you saw or the conditions of the beach. you can help us even more by submitting a picture of what you saw!”

jellyfish watch can also be contacted here.

help – mermaid in trouble!

•August 5, 2013 • 2 Comments

it has been brought to the attention of the mermaid that in some parts of the world, mermaids are in trouble for looking and swimming like they do. they have to put on heavy garb to prevent them from swimming properly. apparently, most landfolk cultures have a history of preventing females from moving freely, which is utterly incomprehensible to merfolk. in the case presented to the mermaid, open water swimming has been denied to someone who obviously needs to be in this medium. thankfully, some landfolk have started a petition, which the mermaid has already signed. you, too, can sign it here.

watery ecstatic

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image: ellen gallagher ‘bird in hand’
source: artfund

the mermaid keeps being drawn to landfolk art. half a moon ago, she went to the conveniently located tate modern, an art museum directly by the thames. there she saw some very interesting paintings and installations by an artist called ellen gallagher. the mermaid is convinced that she is another mermaid ambassador. she found some evidence in the exhibition, in the mentioning of an atlantic based mermaid community called ‘drexciya’ and the depiction of land- ad merfolk hybrids. the artist was also described as having come to art through studying merfolk.

at first, the mermaid was very amused by the similarity of some of the artwork to landfolk swim caps. but soon, the mermaid learned more about the works from her translator, for instance, how the artist looked at the violence of landfolk against one another in the name of wealth, a concept which the mermaid still finds difficult to get her tail around. the mermaid was also told that landfolk, by telling some of their species that they are not really of their species, disown these landfolk and treat them really badly, like (or worse) than an inanimate object (which most landfolk seem to disproportionally cherish). these unfortunate landfolk are seen ‘closer to nature’. the artist seemed to be playing with this assumption in many different registers, which the mermaid found rather intriguing. for the mermaid, the works seemed to show ‘closer to nature’ as a fun place that feels far nicer than what the mermaid has seen of landfolk society so far. most landfolk art appears to the mermaid like some kind of mirror. however, in this case, the mermaid wonders if these artworks are some kind of proposal for a community that is closer to that of the merfolk. now that would be a landfolk insight!

stranded whale in london

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image: lemn sissay and the great greenwich whale (captain boomer/zephyr wildlife reconstruction)
source: GDIF

the mermaid is ill, otherwise she would be off to see an intriguing human ‘artwork’. formerly placed on a thames beach, the 17m long landfolk-made whale can now be seen at the royal naval college in greenwich, london. the mermaid does not know how long for. she is hoping that is it going to be there until the 29 june. there also appears to be some landfolk poetry around the whale artwork.


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