dear land creatures and fellow merfolk,

thanks to a great new underwater translation device, the mermaid has now fully mastered the most basic language of humans that is needed to operate the most powerful human communication device – the internet (so that’s what all the cables on the ocean floor are for!).

from today on, the mermaid will be posting here some activities that she hears about or organises herself which you can participate in if you wish to. there will also be posts about previous mischief as well as some sounds from wavelength treasure troves.


PS: for earlier blog posts please see the mermaid’s myspace blog.


~ by Angela on July 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “dear land creatures and fellow merfolk,”

  1. I thought you might like this book about mermaids that I found.

  2. Ah, an advertisement for artful ‘mermaid escapism’!

    “These girls, who feel so much more comfortable under the water than on land, are able to escape all the crap that is going on in society at the moment.”

    Thank you for this example, but have you read the ‘about’ section? 😉

  3. may I please become a mermaid and i promise that i will be loyal and trust worthy. i am so desprete to become a mermaid i belive in mermaids so much that i want to be i have a family in the ocean.please say yes to me becoming a mermaid

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