life’s a beach

after reef crocheting and a temporary lido, there is more water-based action on the southbank! it looks like Thames 21 and the Crafts Council have teamed up with the Southbank centre to show you the Thames’ wildlife as well as how to be creative with the inorganic gunk that floats around it. again, arm yourself with crochet and knitting needles, scissors and whatever you can think of (gloves? gasmask?) that would turn trash into treasure!

the whole thing starts monday, 28 july at 3pm – presumably on the ‘beach’ in front of the RFH!

meanwhile, the mermaid has contributed to the UK’s hyperbolic crochet reef with some (mostly orange) tube corals! will hopefully carry on crocheting in the next few weeks and post some pictures here!


~ by Angela on July 21, 2008.

One Response to “life’s a beach”

  1. i realy need to talk to someone about mermaids and if theres a spell on them sence i was a little girl like 2 or 3 i belivened them i beliave magic to and evryone has there ownen opinions and i beliave magic and mermaids and lots more but e-mail me and tell me some things on this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😀 .

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