world ocean day 2008 @ the foundry, london

the world ocean day sound laboratory 2008 in pictures. the foundry is built on top of an ancient well, so the building’s vaults – directly on top of the well – were the ideal location for our aquatic celebration. we organised a participatory soundtrack to diving footage and showed the results of a spontaneous participatory photographic exhibition. a few examples can be seen below. for more information, please see ‘previous projects’ on the right or contact the mermaid!

a rare north london jellyfish…

… and a lamp-ray from the same ocean…

a finding from the trenches of bethnal green – complete with bioluminescent inhabitant…

one of the few shops exclusively for mermaid needs – in this case underwater curtains for mermaid caves…

fishing for canningtown sharks…

from the south london ocean

from the east london ocean

the clapton pacific

the hackney ocean

the famous oval sea shore…

fish central…

a club just for fishes!

beware of morays shooting out of their homes in this road…


visual inspiration for sounds…

… and sound making!

there was a lady who took some pictures of the event. please contact the mermaid! 🙂


~ by Angela on July 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “world ocean day 2008 @ the foundry, london”

  1. Fascinating! I wish we had something as fun here in Pennsylvania. Mos of the USA is not coastal so the oceans get forgotten very easily. Could I steal the “Deep Sea Carwash” picture to put on Deep Sea News with a link back to your blog?

  2. Yes, of course you can! 🙂

  3. Wait, is this a different World Ocean Day than the one on June 8?

  4. It’s the one on 8 June, but I didn’t have the blog then, so I just stuck up the pictures now! 🙂

  5. […] was out documenting World Ocean Day in London last week and spotted a bit of the Deep in her neighborhood! Go check out her photos of other […]

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