thames festival

last week, a lady from thames 21 alerted me to the thames festival on 13-14 september 2008. what i really like is that they have a nocturnal carnival. in the dark, london deep-sea creatures like me can come up and participate in the mayhem! there is also a deep soup ceremony for deep soup/primordial soup creatures.

and for those who would like to participate more actively, the thames festival is looking for artists and all sorts of other volunteers to participate. i really should do some mermaid activities there! what about a ‘dress up as a thames creature’ costume workshop? a ‘sew your thames resident cuddly toy’? or do the participatory ‘underwater music laboratory’ once more? hmh… or i could just chat to people or animate them to make more corals for the UK crochet reef?

talking about the reef, here is the humble mermaid contribution.

i’ve been told it’s quite sexual. this was unintentional, but, judging by the blue planet series, it’s all about that down there, so i blame it on mr attenborough!

ps: thanks to katy bevan from the crafts council for taking the above picture!


~ by Angela on July 31, 2008.

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