the mermaid visits the baltic sea – day 1

last week, the mermaid went to see her relatives in the baltic sea and also went to a mermaid wedding near the elbe river in northern germany. what a trek! first of all, the mermaid hasn’t got that much blubber and because she wanted to avoid getting run over by all the ship traffic in the kiel canal, she had to swim round all of denmark, adding another day to the journey. another added difficulty was that she had one aquatic and one human parent in an inflatable boat in tow – so all of them went at different speeds! the food in both seas are also not exactly plenty anymore, so no additional blubber could be acquired. in fact, the mermaid’s baltic sea relatives did not look too good because of their food situation – they are very skinny and therefore about to freeze their scales off. occasionally, tourists and locals try to feed them chocolate bars or carrots, but that ain’t no good for mermaids (i’m one of the few mostly vegetarian ones), so i had to go on land and tell them as i can ‘humanspeak’ as we call it. the locals are generally very forthcoming to mermaids – they even build ladders for them to come on land!

the baltic sea locals are also very open to different kinds of beach creatures – there are people of different ages in suits, in swimwear, in the nude, there are dog beaches and even beaches for owls!

my scales and tail were a little unusual even for these folks, but after a while they approached with some herrings, water and sun screen. some even wanted to call the whale rescuers, but i said that i have no problems being on land. as well as to the human locals, i also chatted to some land isopods, crabs and gulls – and a grass hopper i nearly sat down on while being distracted by rows of pink round people that looked like a herd of walrus from a distance.

they all agreed that, on the whole, the humans were treating them well and that they could hang out undisturbed from them in the owl beaches (the owls were another matter!). apparently, the humans had even promoted a female walrus to running a northern germany radio station, but none of them could understand walrus or human art forms or how a walrus had gotten into the baltic or north sea! the mermaid thinks that maybe the radio waves attracted it…


~ by Angela on September 9, 2008.

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