the mermaid visits the baltic sea – day 3

on the third day, the mermaid swam a few miles south and ended up in a human settlement which is hoping to rival the mighty atlantis of which only a few elder mermaids know. apparently, the town is connected to a sunken city called vineta. they had an exhibition on this sunken city as well as an exhibition of an ambitious project by a lady called stefanie alraune siebert who seems to be in the process of sewing anything there is in the world! so far, the collection encompasses wacky looking humans, animals, plants, food and various items of daily human use.

the town even has an atlantis ice cream place that sells local favourites such as elderflower and, of course, sea buckthorn ice cream. you haven’t been to the baltic sea coast if you haven’t immersed yourself in the orange goodness of sea buckthorn products from head to toe (and from the inside and outside). sea buckthorn has acquired the status of a human ‘superfood’ because it is good for human (and mermaid!) health. it has a warm, sour, sandy taste and makes your teeth feel funny. it is mostly sold to tourists as the locals usually had enough of the stuff after having had it forced upon them in their childhood.

another thing the mermaid noticed was that costal people seem to have a propensity for erecting totem poles for sea worship and for creating a strange fictional fauna. here are just some of many examples from this area.


~ by Angela on September 9, 2008.

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