the mermaid visits the baltic sea – day 4

on the last day, the mermaid and her parents went to two oceanographic museums in the city of stralsund (it seems to have four sea themed museums in total!). the first one was the only recently opened ozeaneum. it seems to be a project to educate humans how to take care of the oceans.

the first room tells the visitors about the different oceans and features an interesting film about climate change which you can watch in the back corner. it is rather long, but worth watching, despite the dramatic presentation (‘revenge of the oceans’). the mermaid’s mum even recognised frank schaetzing, author of her favourite novels ‘the swarm’ and ‘messages from another universe’ among the presenters. the mermaid found the animation of the 8k event rather captivating and the question ‘what kind of planet do we want?’

after the film, the mermaid had a chat with some of the aquarium inhabitants. they told her that they had quite a strenuous job as representatives of their species and the diplomatic quarters were rather confined, but on the other hand, they didn’t have to worry about food or becoming it. the mermaid then went to chill under the marvellous sight of some life-sized whales models which reminded her of her first humpback ballet visit.

the second museum was the german oceanographic museum which featured some more aquariums as well as general information about the ocean’s inhabitants, human interactions with the ocean and, of course, quite a bit of stuff about the baltic sea!


~ by Angela on September 10, 2008.

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