fish ‘n flush?

the mermaid saw an article about a toilet (!) aquarium today on the internet. it claims to ‘turn your toilet into a nautical wonderland’ and is apparently fish-friendly! hmh, not sure if the fish might not get traumatised if all they are watching is defecating humans (likewise – would you want this process to be observed by fish?!). whoever invented this probably has a webcam in there as well… with another end in the ocean as some twisted kind of virtual ocean pollution? hmh, but maybe it is all some harmless desire to draw the aquatic back into your land-dwelling life – who knows?

talking of aquariums. obviously mermaid is not too keen of them – would you want to be confined to one room all your life? it is fascinating to observe, however, what kind of stuff people put in with the fishies as decoration. you could sure do a psychological study on that. on the aquarium toilet website, for instance, you get a santa decoration, for instance. c’mon! santa + fish + defecation? what is that all about?!


~ by Angela on September 16, 2008.

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