sea horses in the thames

the mermaid went to the ‘rivers of the world’ exhibition at the thames festival. she was really quite glad that they put all the amazing artworks into a gallery as the big artwork cubes along the river ironically seemed to get a bit lost among all the advertising and festival information that was using the same kind of surfaces. in the gallery (and the mermaid is not normally into galleries!), the mermaid could really meditate on and appreciate the different contributions – despite their smaller scale!

the artworks are exhibited along the participating rivers…

‘rivers of the world’ brings together collages made with an impressive variety of techniques. human pupils from different continents followed six themes, ‘river of life’, ‘river city’, ‘river culture’, ‘working river’, ‘resourceful river’ and ‘polluted river’ and came up with really interesting interpretations! the mermaid really hopes that this project continues and expands! in case you’ve missed the exhibition, here is the online version! you can also ask questions about the project on this site or download information about the different rivers.

Image source: BBC/Dan Sprawson/ZSL

one important thing the mermaid learned from the exhibition is that there are now sea horses breeding in the thames! if you don’t believe me, consult the BBC or the times! so in addition to meeting crabs, porpoises, salmon and even the occasional whale, the mermaid now has to prepare for seahorse encounters! let’s see what else appears in the thames as it seems to get cleaner (and warmer actually)…


~ by Angela on September 16, 2008.

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