the ink in the squid

the mermaid is pleased to hear that her favourite singer from the island nation of jamaica in the carribean sea (to the mermaids still known as xaymaca) has shown a certain aqua-philia in her latest interview: ‘i am the ink in the squid’, she states. i’m sure she means what land-dwellers call the firefly squid, a very sparkling individual. i mentioned the comment to some squids the other day, and i can report back that they feel very honoured!
they were also immensely flattered when they heard that noons from ‘flesh-eating zombie radio’ (what a name for a blog!) suggested a squid appreciation month! they suggested though that may would be a better date for squid appreciation because then they are losing the most number (mostly young) through extensive fisheries.
cephalopodcast has also suggested to make 8 october the international cephalopod appreciation and awareness day. that’s actually my mum’s birthday – how fitting (although she happens to be the one i have my human part from ;D). should there be only one cephalopoday or as many as they have arms? i vote for the latter, and each day should have different kinds of theme interventions! the cephalopodcast post mentions several ideas… MUST try the handicraft. maybe the mermaid can apply her newly re-activated underwater crocheting skills to populating a music video set… and i also have to mention the cephalopods in a blanket which the mermaid will attempt to make with seaweed-veggie-bangers! thanks to cephalopod cast for all these findings – although the living octopus ingestion should maybe remain reserved for creatures that can swallow them whole… try dancing with them instead!


~ by Angela on October 16, 2008.

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