the fate and plight of the mer-bees

gail potocki. ‘shipwrecked’.

yesterday night, the mermaid was alerted to the work of gail potocki. the first oddity that caught the mermaid’s eye was the presence of bees in and around the ocean. what was the reason behind those mer-bees?

an interview with the artist in question shed some light on the issue: all of gail potocki’s recent paintings draw attention to environmental destruction. she uses the mysterious disappearance of large numbers of honeybees as a symbol by letting them die unusual deaths!

if you happen to live in the culver city area, you can have a look at the curiously titled ‘openend apples’ exhibition in person (till 5 december). the address of the gallery can be found here. if not, have a look at the virtual gallery here.


~ by Angela on November 17, 2008.

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