oddfish at thing 2009 comic con

the mermaid has received word about an oddfish appearance at thing 2009, a UK ‘web and mini comix’ convention. conveniently (for me), it is hosted at a familiar venue, queen mary university, london. inconveniently, the website tells you two different dates for the event: the 14th and 28th of march 2009. i shall keep my echolocation tuned in to this until they’ve made their minds up & i hope they give mermaid discount! 😉


~ by Angela on November 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “oddfish at thing 2009 comic con”

  1. Definately the 28th! See you there!

  2. damn! in that case the mermaid can’t be there as her university is sending her to the pacific ocean at the end of march! the mermaid has never travelled this far and is terribly excited by the prospect of meeting her pacific cousins for some seaweed crackers. if you are a mermaid residing by the american pacific coast, please give me a shout as i might be facing a huge culture shock!

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