source: the cute report

happy new year to everyone who celebrates the new year at this time. i have noticed that in the thames city of london where I am currently dwelling, most landfolk celebrate different new years. and it is not the case that different londoners celebrate different new year – no! all londoners seem to celebrate everybody else’s new years! this is one party-loving place! and it doesn’t stop at new year. all the world’s parties seem to be partied through one by one. the mermaid has to confess she is already looking forward to her chinese new year meal of seaweed tofu! anyway, at the new year party just gone the mermaid ended up in a conversation about pinnipeds. apparently there was some confusion among humans about the classification of seals and related marine mammals. the mermaid did not know that. she always thought that ‘pinnipedia’ was some sort of marine encyclopedia! she has definitely been spending too much time in the webocean! talking of the webocean, the mermaid was very pleased to find that walrus have been included in the cute report. finally someone agrees that walrus are cute!


~ by Angela on January 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “pinnipedia”

  1. Owh – the walrus – so cute! but how should i interpret such behavior? shyness? despair? overcome with gratitude at the thoughtfulness of a Christmas present? only a mermaid can tell me…

  2. The Mermaid says: the walrus is dazed by the hypnotic pattern on her birthday cake (as far as i can tell from the photograph, it’s a she!).

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