the other day in the arctic…

photographs credits: nathan gallagher and francesca galeazzi source:

one of the mermaids fellow ambassadors went to the arctic as part of an expedition. by following his progress she came across the performance of a human artist called francesca galeazzi who is not happy about the impact her people are having on the planet’s climate. actually, she is more unhappy about the way they are having an impact on the climate. she illustrated the absurdity of the situation by releasing of 6 kg of CO2. this made some of her fellow travellers angry at her. but then, the artist pointed out that whenever they drive, fly, heat their houses or breathe, they are releasing so much more of the gas in a similarly short amount of time. should humans stop breathing? no – at least according to francesca galeazzi we should start ‘looking at the way we live, travel, eat, consume, go on holiday and warm our homes’. the mermaid has many suggestions for that!

one new idea the mermaid has come across recently while reading about different landfolk cultures, is the earthship. the mermaid likes their unearthly (but at the same time very earthly & inviting) designs! even a mermaid would love to be on land living in one of those! she was also very pleased to hear that other eco friendly homes have been developed for wetter environments. not quite as funky, but we can work on that! talking of interesting architecture, an event is coming up at the dana centre in london on living architecture. let’s hope they also discuss water-themed dwellings! 😉


~ by Angela on January 5, 2009.

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