wanted: world ocean day 2009 tunes

the mermaid is already busy preparing world ocean day 2009 (8 june). like the year before, she will organise an event and treat every participant to a mixtape or mix-cd. this year, the mermaid would also like to collect sound pieces, songs and other bits of aquatic music for a compilation to be handed and sent out on the day alongside the ‘normal’ soundcarrier.
if you’d like to submit something – or have a chat, please leave a comment and i’ll e-mail you my webocean or mollusc mail address. deadline is 15 may 2009!

(of course, the mermaid is always open for suggestions for her ever growing ocean-themed music collection – ranging from chinese opera and sea shanties to pop and synthesizer experiments – some of which will hopefully be DJed one day at a world ocean day festival! and, yes, i’ve got ‘rock lobster’!)


~ by Angela on January 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “wanted: world ocean day 2009 tunes”

  1. Awesome! I have several ocean themed songs at my music page here: http://www.reverbnation.com/kevinzelnio. All my stuff is Creative Commons licensed. I could redo a song sober…

  2. fantastic!! can i choose one? 😀

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