mermaid education at the london science museum

today, a human friend of the mermaid invited her to the science museum to continue her education about human interaction with the sea. first of all, they went to the 3D cinema where a ‘Deep Sea’ film was showing – and what a mind-boggling experience it was! the mermaid was in her familiar surroundings – but on land! immediately before the film, however, there was a fire alarm. the mermaid was impressed that so many humans were also uncomfortable in the presence of this element and left the building as a precaution. finally, back in the cinema seats, the visitors were given a glimpse into the mermaid’s world (no mermaids on screen though!) with additional helpful guidance by sea experts kate winslet and johnny depp – what an impressive knowledge they displayed of the eating habits of my neighbours! and what a funny sound the shellfish made!

afterwards, mermaid & friend exited via the air section. the mermaid was shocked by the similarity of one of the air-ships to a manta-ray! finally, the human sea interaction section was found which got the mermaid all ecstatic! first of all, there was lots of information about the london port and all the thames docks. the mermaid must find out more about that! after all, she is swimming around there all the time! the next most impressive thing was a polynesian sea chart. what a clever way of recording flows and land features! there is some more information on this website.

another wacky thing were all those ships with whale-like eyes…

…and the propensity of humans for decorating their ships with women in different states of undress and other funny figures.

talking of funny figures… the colourful protection that humans have come up with to explore the seas is astounding – all this, because they always have to carry air with them!

they even build things that resemble human dwellings!

because the mermaid enjoyed the experience so much, she would like to return soon with her friend (and her notebook!) and see the 3D movie about what humans call prehistoric sealife (ah – humans and their short history!). she is very much looking forward to that & more free stuff on human-water interaction!


~ by Angela on January 17, 2009.

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