adopt a lobster

source: BBC

the mermaid listened to the airwaves the other day and found this fascinating programme called ‘the material world’. she checked on this programme on the webocean and hit upon a fascinating report on ‘lobster hotels’ and hatcheries. while the mermaid is very sad that the lobsters are only protected because humans want to eat them – and currently lobster populations, like other marine animal stocks, are collapsing because of that – she is also very excited about this enterprise. in fact, she would like to visit the hatchery to see how her fellow sea creatures are doing.

the hatchery is in the cornish town of padstow which is reasonable easy to swim to. looking at the hatchery’s website, the mermaid might even encounter some lobsters on surfboards, while she is doing that… (instructions for non-seatravellers can be found here. the hatchery also has an adoption scheme which lets you name and track a lobster for only £1.50! of course, the hatchery welcomes any other donations towards food & lobster care. one of the lobsters was named after quentin cooper last year, so if you are out and about at the coast, watch out for quentin the lobster (in both senses of the word)!

the programme also mentioned some reef-building efforts to provide lobsters with ‘luxury accomodation’: the the loch linnhe artificial reef. this reef tries to do many things, for instance, combining lobster accomodation with wind farming (!). more information about this fascinating project can be found here. the mermaid hopes that the lobster hotels will meet the lobsters’ aesthetic sensibilities. as ‘hotelier’ dr tim wilding wondered: what accomodation and amenities do lobsters want?

source: BBC

the other thing that the mermaid listened to was a peculiar report on massive quanitities of iodine in seaweeds. of course, mermaids don’t know about human ideas of chemistry that much, but a 5% iodine content in a plant sounded much by any standards!


~ by Angela on January 19, 2009.

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