algae power & funny stuff people do on water

Source: Inking Orange

following up on this week’s algae theme…the mermaid was surfing the webocean again today and found these peculiar articles: the first one is about using algae to power human ‘technology’. some clever humans have found that the humble seaweed grows faster than land based plants, absorbs more of the CO2 that endangers the climate and is easier to process into what they call ‘biofuels’. the mermaid is very curious how this will look in practice and if it be pursued!

the second article is about a project on a lake in a place called minnesota on the other side of the atlantic ocean. there, humans have to together to do funny stuff on frozen water. they build little temporary homes (even a newspaper office!) where they live, have meals and make music, they have ice races and art workshops (check out the photos on their website!). the mermaid’s relatives further north on the continent would probably shake their heads at this! the mermaid, however, because she is only a young mermaid, is intrigued by such things. one activity has particularly caught her attention – a dance performance called ‘the fisherman, the fish, the runner, the astronomer and the explosions’. please send her a video of the dancing fish! 😀


~ by Angela on January 22, 2009.

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