watch out for ‘subhumans’

source: national geographic

according to a recent new scientist article subhumans are taking to the waters. so, fellow merfolk, watch out for mr. ciamillo and mr. fish (!) and their pedal-powered submersible. mr. ciamillo will thus move across the ocean like a sea mammal in the hope of greeting as much merfolk as possible. so, fellow merfolk, don’t hide – this gentleman is putting a lot of effort into meeting you! and if you happen to come across him, please say hello from the thames mermaid.
landfolks, on the other hand, should watch out for a new kind of lethal weather: tree rain! that’s right: pointy tree growing pods that bury themselves in the ground to create forests. make sure you’re safely in the water. but make sure you don’t disturb another one of those fashionable algae experiments. they might one day power your car!


~ by Angela on January 28, 2009.

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