anti garbage activism

source: treehugger

sorry about the recent increase in ‘filterfeeders’, but i think some catches from the world wide webocean should disperse as widely as possible. the recent surfrider campaign is one such example. the mermaid found out that it is a collaboration of surfrider and the los angeles branch of saatch & saatchi. strangely, the mermaid has not been able to find any information about this project on either collaborator’s site, so she had to resort to other filterfeeder blogs. from those she learned that floating or stranded bits of rubbish were collected in ‘theme bundles’ to be later processed and packaged as ‘sea food’. these lesser appreciated delicacies were then sold at local farmers’ markets to raise awareness of ocean pollution. last year, the mermaid remembers, two big headlines shocked oblivious landfolk. the first one was the discovery of microplastic in areas that had previously been considered safe from pollution, and the second headline was the discorvery of the great pacific garbage patch. the mermaid is half expecting plastic aquatic lifeforms to emerge from these patches…

source: pink tentacle.

the mermaid wonders what they would do…


~ by Angela on January 30, 2009.

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