fish in the news

a single fish made it into the british news today: an oarfish. this is the second article about an oarfish this month. the other one appeared at the beginning of this month in the sun. i wonder what oarfishes would think about being portrayed as ugly monsters in a tabloid landfolk newspaper. i actually find them quite beautiful!

oarfishes are normally quite reclusive and have probably been responsible for the many tales of sea serpents around the world. these creatures do get about quite a bit. whenever i meet one in the oceans i admire their varied colouring and patterning. if they are in a good mood they are also great for underwater limbo dancing. luckily, they are no good for human cuisine, so hopefully they can happily go about their business in the depths unless one of these incomprehensible trawlers comes along destroying everything in its wake.

oarfish have had previous publicity as dead trophies due to their impressive size, but have also managed to attract some more benevolent worship, for instance, on postal stamps in palau. some people even believe that there are oarfish mermaids, but, so far, i haven’t come across one.


~ by Angela on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “fish in the news”

  1. Video of an oarfish mermaid in Second Life.

  2. haha, thanks! am glad she has some antennae! >)))D

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