sea hotels

retrieved from the depths of the

today the mermaid swam across an article on future sea hotels (“oil rig resort, spa, and aquatic adventure”) made out of abandoned oil rigs. bldgblog has a delightfully scathing commentary about a possible post-apocalyptic version of these hotels. the mermaid hopes that if these hotels ever come into existence to expense will be spared in waste management (just goggle ‘cruiseliner pollution’).

a somewhat more humble version of the ocean hotel can already be experienced at the capsule hotel or ‘pod hotel’ as we merpeople call it. i wonder if these will become more numerous in the near future out of necessity – accompanied by floating farms maybe? but also here, the direction is glamour: already, a james bond theme pod has been created after ‘the spy who loved me’ (or, as some sources say, ‘from russia with love’, but the mermaid’s films tend to get terribly blurred under water…). and i bet, some future sea hotels will feature one (or several) of these. i wonder what kind of entertainment bldgblog’s sea squats would produce apart from folk songs. anarchist mermaids? one should hope so!


~ by Angela on February 24, 2009.

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