world water day 22 march 2009

thanks to her all-knowing diatomary, the mermaid has just noticed that the landfolks’ world water day is coming up. on that day, the mermaid will be in a very appropriate place that has some serious water issues: las vegas. she will be speaking there at a geography conference and do some important fieldwork. the mermaid has never been away this far and is terribly excited and actually quite terrified about it!

anyway, here is a somewhat incomplete events calendar for world water day 2009, but i’m sure that if you want to participate in an event, putting your hometown and ‘world water day 2009’ into a search engine will bring something up! the mermaid has already looked at las vegas events and has found two! first one is organised by the famous troupe of landfolk entertainers called ‘cirque du soleil’ (on the 21st march) who are involved in water conservation as well as in thinking up a bizarre piece of water entertainment called ‘o’ which the mermaid will probably to poor to watch (unless she finds some treasure in a wreck on the way there). the cirque event is taking place at the las vegas springs preserve. the second event is organised by the southern nevada water authority’s youth advisory council and is taking place at the henderson events plaza. unfortunately (or fittingly) the mermaid will just be arriving on this day – in the afternoon – so she will probably be missing both because she first has to check into her pool! she will make an effort though to catch a few moments of water-themed activities… feel free to show her around if you see her!


~ by Angela on March 5, 2009.

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