her deepness

source: the new york times

the mermaid heard about a webocean gathering of human females who are looking for role-models in technology-related professions. technology is a funny human concept. so far, the mermaid believes it designates a kind of complex human tool that helps them extend their abilities. the female who had initiated this gathering also asked the mermaid if she had a suggestion. of course, she had! as a diplomat, the mermaid is never short of suggestions! in fact, nothing was easier than that: one of the first humans she ever bumped into (literally) when she was still an ambassador-in-training was a lady called sylvia earle. the mermaid was very confused at the time, because she had never seen humans this deep in the ocean. when she had recovered from her shock, the mermaid figured, this human female must be special, because normally they stay around coasts and make funny moves in brightly patterened synthetic hides. as you will have gathered, the mermaid was too perplexed to make contact – and, after all, she was not officially allowed to make contacts with humans yet! so she disappeared back into the depths, making sure that the unusual lady could not follow her.

a few years later, when the mermaid had fully mastered the language of the anglo-pod landfolk, she met the lady again. at first she did not recognise her, because she was sitting in some strange hard bioluminescent egg-sack with arms made of metal. the mermaid waved to her – and she must have recognised her, because she invited the mermaid onto her boat to chat. and how pleased the mermaid was to find out that the lady opposite her was also an ambassador! of course, the mermaid had lots of questions for her colleague. this was how the mermaid learned about sylvia earle’s involvement in advancing the technology for ocean exploration. while the mermaid is a bit wary of humans poking their heavily protected noses (and hands) into every corner of the ocean – especially after seeing those popular reality shows on TV! – she very much welcomes the efforts some humans put into learning about ocean life and ways of protecting it. and, according to sylvia earle, mermaids do not have to worry too much about ‘deep sea big brother’ – after all they’ve got strong tails to defend their privacy with!

anyway – the mermaid thought that sylvia earle might be a good role-model for human females, because not only is she very technology-savvy (according to the weboceancyclopedia she authored ‘more than 125 publications concerning marine science and technology’), but she is also a great ambassador for the oceans!


~ by Angela on March 24, 2009.

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