source: la times

the mermaid recently found an article about a human who orientates himself with the help of echolocation. now, prior to reading this article, the mermaid only knew about people like dolphins or bats to use this. and maybe andrew bailey. the only ‘proper’ human use of echolocation she was aware of was sonar which she is quite worried about. after all, it tends to provide great discomfort to herself and some of her fellow water creatures, sometimes even resulting in death.

the mermaid is pleased that some humans are campaigning for ‘silent oceans’, but according to this article, little is being done about this from an official side. the mermaid agrees: ‘dolphin-friendly nuclear submarines anyone?’

maybe the mermaid should get some scientists and musicians together to do an acoustic demonstration of the effects of sonar. a sort of evil twin of the wetsounds project…


~ by Angela on June 14, 2009.

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