seafood watch

the mermaid has just heard of a webocean site that tells helps landfolk to make better choices about the kind of merfolk they are eating. it’s called seafood watch. the mermaid thinks that seafood watch needs a team of blue or green clad creatures to make it qualify for a television series so that the cause attracts more attention!

image source: xjkenny/deviantart

anyway, if you are uncertain about what sea creatures to eat, please check out their guide!

there are also a number of other sites like this one for different lands and waters, for instance, the marine stewardship council, the marine conservation society’s fish online and you can even sign up to the sea food alliance’s ‘afishianado’ e-bulletin (that name even makes a mermaid groan!) .


~ by Angela on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “seafood watch”

  1. Thanks for helping us spread the sustainable seafood message.

    We did commission a couple of really cute characters when we launched our sushi guide. Do you think they’re television material?

  2. Oh yes!

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