strange landfolk ideas about other creatures (part 1)

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a friend (thanks, claire!) has alerted the mermaid to a very peculiar article that tells of the proposed banning of a children’s book about two male penguins hatching an egg. according to the article, it was written on the basis of a true story of a penguin couple at a zoo in new york. why, the mermaid thought, did so many landfolk want to ban a children’s book on penguins? the article explained that a lot of landfolk find the idea of two animals of the same sex hatching an egg and looking after the resulting penguin-chick disconcerting. the mermaid was explained by her friend that this also had to do with religious beliefs, most of which cast same-sex couplings as unnatural. having two male penguins and a chick form a ‘family’ would go against religious folks ideas of nature. the mermaid found this very hard to believe at first, but after some research had to accept this strange human behaviour as a fact – and as another project to work on. after all, the mermaid is working on changing people’s peculiar conceptions of ‘nature’ and what is allowed according to nature, what should be done with it etc.

the mermaid could tell so many stories from the oceans of how different kinds of merfolk produce young and look after them in so many different ways, even within the same species. the mermaid has been told that the problem is also that penguins have traditionally been portrayed as models for human relationships, because they appear to bond with one partner of the opposite sex for life. so two male penguins starting a family was particularly scandalous. as a mermaid, she can confirm that they are not the only ones, so she hopes that landfolk will use this as a model rather than the faulty one they currently have. after all, that’s what mermaids are there for – to dispel myths about life in and around the oceans.

here is the mermaid’s preliminary advice after counselling with her co-diplomats: as far as merfolk is aware, some religions also promote peaceful and happy living together and tolerance. the mermaid hopes that religious landfolk will listen to this other part of their religion. currently the merfolk is a bit concerned about landfolk starting to tell fish not to attach their egg sacks to rocks and plants and abandon them, because this is against their religion’s ideas of care of the young or similar actions. so far, we have had quite enough of ill-informed human interventions. thank you!


~ by Angela on October 6, 2009.

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