rubber anacondas & whale protection

a fellow researcher (thanks, cesar!) has told the mermaid about the facinating ways landfolk are making use of large bodies of water to create energy for their wondrous devices, for instance, the one i’m currently using! the project he came across is called ‘anaconda’. it is a prototype, as he calls it, for using the energy of waves. the mermaid finds this very exciting! she also wonders what it will be like for merfolk to suddenly find these floating hoses in the sea. at least, the mermaid will know what they are! the mermaid finds this particular relationship between landfolk and the sea very interesting. the name landfolk give to fields of such devides is ‘wave farms’. the mermaid has always found the concept of a farm very peculiar, but domesticating waves she finds particulary amusing. not that these things are a laughing matter for landfolk, which the mermaid has learned to understand.

and neither is whaling! the mermaid is very moved by these pictures of a vessel that landfolks have made to look after her song-loving companions. another example that not all landfolk are out to wreak havoc upon our habitat! ah, so much to learn, so much to understand!


~ by Angela on November 8, 2009.

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