floating things

floating things 1: the mermaid has retrieved this video from the wilds of the webocean. it tells the story of a man who gave up his comfortable occupation to dive in the sewers of his city. the mermaid finds this story remarkable. she has recently come across a lot of stories about floating human waste. anything from body wastes to plastics. she is monitoring several projects that are tracing how this stuff ends up with us aquatic folks. sometimes this happens in pretty unbelievable ways…

floating things 2: the mermaid has been show this campaign called ‘our rivers’. you can ‘adopt’ a part of your river and look after it. the mermaid wonders if any more landfolk will turn up at rivers because of this initiative. if yes, the mermaid shall greet them with some strange finds from her current home…

floating things 3: a floating events centre that has also been designed for promoting ocean conservation. the mermaid thinks that this is a fantastic idea. she wonders what other features this construct has apart from its ‘floatability’… will it have wastewater recycling? desalination facilities for generating cooking salt for events catering? a dolphin embassy?


~ by Angela on November 12, 2009.

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