indoor jellyfish

source: strozzina/ccc green platform

yesterday, the mermaid went to what landfolk call an ‘exhibition’. it was very interesting, indeed, and even featured a swarm of glass jellyfish! the mermaid is very pleased that climate change is now discussed so widely amongst landfolk. merfolk has been noticing it for quite sometime now. the exhibition also presents both mer- and landfolk with many surprising insights how landfolk interact with the planet. when the mermaid was there, they even had a water themed debate! the mermaid now feels inspired to do her own art, but first she must learn about this strange festival that is going on in her surroundings at the moment. it is called ‘christmas’, and the mermaid has been told she will be told how to sing some christmas corals – the poor corals!

‘earth’ is showing at the royal academy of arts until 31 january 2010. there is a debate between 6.30 – 10 pm on 22 january 2010 under the theme of water’s opposing element, fire!


~ by Angela on December 5, 2009.

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