the mermaid visits the river wandle – part 1

today, the mermaid visited the river wandle. the mermaid used to occasionally visit the river when she first arrived in the thames. but then a dreadful incident killed most of the life in this river, and the mermaid could not go there. lots of landfolk like to walk alongside the tiny river on the wandle trail, some of whom convinced the mermaid today to return for a few hours. the mermaid was quite impressed, especially after she heard about the efforts of many landfolk to keep the river clean and merfolk friendly.

of course, the whole river cannot be kept clean all the time – lots of landfolk still sacrifice their unwanted object in it. the mermaid was actually quite amused by the above scene…

the mermaid was also impressed by the offer of nesting spaces on the river:

the mermaid was also taken to some sites along the river. ponds feature widely around the wandle, so the mermaid was pretty perplexed to spot one that had been dyed blue!

here is a normal pond for comparison:

the mermaid finally took a snooze at merton abbey mills, which used to be the workplace of one of her favourite landfolk picturemakers. unfortunately, he made a rather big mess of the river alongside other landfolk factories, but, luckily, the tides have changed, and it is a rather pleasant place to dwell for mermaids nowadays – if you can dodge that dangerous grid gate thingy that is.

the mermaid will continue her journey down the river wandle back towards the thames, soon. but first she needs to find some more things out about the resuscitated wandle!


~ by Angela on March 28, 2010.

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