world oceans day 2010 – ocean covers wanted!

again, the mermaid is convening landfolk for the yearly world oceans day ritual. ocean worship will take place on 8 june 2010 at the foundry in london, provided it has not been closed until then. the theme for this year’s world oceans day compilation is ‘ocean cover(s)’.

the oceans cover about 71% of this planet. we pay tribute to this fact by covering ocean themed songs – or covering other songs in a way that turns them into at least 71% ocean songs!

deadline is 6 june, so the mermaid can burn the cds & print off the cd covers!


~ by Angela on May 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “world oceans day 2010 – ocean covers wanted!”

  1. Check out Matt’s Marine Music Medley for ideas:

  2. wow – will check this out! thanks, jason!!

  3. See also, my Tune of Fish list:

  4. fantastic! will have to send you the mermaid DJ list at some point. the mermaid sometimes DJs water themed tunes…

  5. Consider Mermaid, done in a punk sea-shanty style by Craic Haus at

    I can’t get enough of those guys.

  6. interesting! is that a cover song? this year we only do covers, because of the ‘ocean cover’ theme (last time it was original songs).
    so far, we’ve got 5 tunes!

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