ocean interactions

the mermaid came across this video the other day and found it illustrates really well some of the sound related issues under water. an example is the effect of shipping noise on marine mammal communication. the mermaid also met two artists this week who do really interesting work on human-ocean interactions. the first one is rona lee who is an artist in residence at the national centre for oceanography in southampton. she raises some interesting issues about the sonic/haptic means of ocean exploration – the ocean as a space where human visual means fail. please check out her really interesting project blog. the other artist is emily scott whose project questions the ownership of malibu beaches. what i particularly like about the project is its participatory, continuing nature. the toolkits such as the malibu beaches guide (available in english and spanish) allow anyone to undertake their own interventions.


~ by Angela on June 23, 2010.

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