‘we are all sea creatures’ – sylvia earle at the southbank

the mermaid is still calming down from excitement. today, she met fellow sea creature sylvia earle! the lady also known as ‘her deepness’ gave a talk and answered questions at the southbank centre on the london thames, where the mermaid lives. of course, she also had to give her this year’s ocean compilation!

the mermaid appreciated very much how sylvia earle encouraged landfolk to take action on behalf of the oceans. as she correctly pointed out: merfolk don’t have the kind of communication power that landfolk have – ‘fish dont’ vote…. or have lawyers’. she also pointed out that landfolk have increasing knowledge of our mutual ecosystem & that she is hoping they will use it for mutual benefit.

the talk also addressed something the mermaid still finds a litte peculiar: agriculture or, rather, the aquatic version of it: aquaculture. fish farms. sylvia earle particularly addressed the curious landfolk behaviour of desiring to eat predators much higher up in the foodchain than themselves. not only are there that many top end predators, but they are also full of ocean pollutants. must be some kind of status thing – or they must be very tasty. talking of tastiness: the mermaid finds human food habits very peculiar in general. landfolk rarely go for the most nutritious foods. not many of them eat insects, for example, which the mermaid finds not only nutritious, but also tasty. one of the few landfolk foods she enjoys. she was pleased to hear that the human male who interviewed sylvia earle, agreed with the mermaid’s opinion.

there were many more things being discussed such as fish eating guides, microbes (‘have you thanked oceanic microbes today?’) and the gulf oil spill (a big enough catastrophe to help change our behaviour towards the oceans?). the most important message, the mermaid thought, was that the next ten years may be crucial for determining our common future on this planet. the mermaid hopes to contribute to positive changes… after all, as ‘her deepness’ put it, ‘we’re all sea creatures’!

if you have any questions for sylvia earle, she will be taking over the southbank literature festival’s twitter account tomorrow.
there is also a recording of her on women’s hour.


~ by Angela on July 2, 2010.

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