making garments for oil-coated penguins

image source: laughing squid/AP

the mermaid has just heard from her companion that there has been an oil spill in the southern hemisphere & that landfolk skills are needed to make garments for affected penguins so they don’t pick at their toxin-laced feathers. check on this site about measurements & whether help is still needed.


~ by Angela on October 20, 2011.

One Response to “making garments for oil-coated penguins”

  1. When Mermaids Cry

    Just wanted to comment on the fact that Mermaids do cry. They hardly ever do, but when they cry it is because they have lost a love one, they cry because they couldn’t save a human or cry because they are sad because the oceans are getting more and more contaminated or for some other reason.
    When mermaids cry, they cry alone when they are by themselves. Their teardrops form into pearls as they come out of their eyes. Then, they hide their teardrops in shells so no other mermaid can see them. Depending on the severity of the pain, is where the color of the pearl develops. When the pain is really grave, the pearls or teardrops are black in color, when the pain is less the color is white and so on and so forth.

    So, there you see, Mermaids do have teardrops, and since they are underwater, their teardrops turn into pearls as soon as the teardrop mixes in with the salt water.

    Thank you.

    Primo Camacho
    Sailor for 24 years, retired now.
    San Antonio

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