robot fish

image source: shoal

the mermaid has just bumped into an unusual ocean dweller. she first could not figure out what it was, but then it became clear that it was a landfolk machine. tracking the creature, she noticed that it was recording something. after a few hours, it was hauled onto a boat, which the mermaid identified as belonging to landfolk scholars. she consulted the webocean and found out that the creature is a ‘pollution tracking robot fish’. the mermaid thinks that it means that it has sensors which transmit information about how clean the water or ocean floor is from landfolk poisons. she hopes that the new ocean dwellers and their transmissions will have a positive impact on the oceans.


~ by Angela on May 23, 2012.

One Response to “robot fish”

  1. I’m elated to see that people are trying to figure out just how much pollution infests the ocean, and if this discovery is working towards something positive I hope it will all go as planned.

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