pretty polluted: glass beach

image source: wikipedia (jef poskanzer)

the mermaid has just heard about a peculiar landscape called ‘glass beach’. It is a place where landfolk used to put their waste and unwanted things. at some point, some other landfolk decided that it was not very respectful to merfolk and to the sea to do so. The dumping stopped. Meanwhile, the sea took in most of the waste and its toxins and kept washing over the beach. The result is actually quite pretty – we merfolk do like shiny things! The landfolk even tidied up the beach now and made it less dangerous. Nevertheless, the merfolk are not happy about landfolk putting things into the sea that are harmful to its inhabitants. In fact, they are a bit confused that landfolk are harming themselves with such practices…

more images can be found here.


~ by Angela on August 31, 2012.

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