follow the prawns, follow the sushi


the mermaid has just come across this project called follow the things which traces things that landfolk wear, eat or otherwise utilise. the latest item they have been tracing is seafood: prawns and sushi. their report on tigerprawns can be read here. today, they have linked to a worrying article on the food that landfolk call ‘sushi’, which tells us about how fish get caught and flown up and down the globe, bizarrely, the mermaid thinks, to increase ‘value’. as member of a culture that regards themselves as experts on seafood, the mermaid can safely say, that this certainly does not add culinary or nutritional value to it, so she is again a bit confused about this practice. merfolk have a lot to teach!
tomorrow, the grocery section of followthethings will have its own commentary on this (including a performative fishualisation). the mermaid will certainly be following this site to learn more about landfolk reasoning and trade, so she can hone her diplomacy skills…


~ by Angela on October 25, 2012.

One Response to “follow the prawns, follow the sushi”

  1. How old can mermaids be.what do u do In your extra time

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