can’t you sea?

image source: sea & co

the mermaid has just heard of this interesting looking exhibition. it can be found by another famous landfolk river called the seine. the seine is surrounded by a city called paris which is rather popular with the more anthrophile merfolk, despite the dangerous water traffic. therefore it is not a surprise that the mermaid would very much like to sea this exhibit – and visit her resident mermaid companion. sadly, the mermaid will not be able to swim down. you may be luckier than her. if this is the case, here is where/when you need to go:

‘can’t you sea?’ exhibition
sea & co @ galerie goutte de terre (75011)
3 – 14 november
opening 3 november 6pm


~ by Angela on November 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “can’t you sea?”

  1. I always have wanted to be a mermaid. i feel like every time i am at the beach the water is calling me … what do i do i would love to be a mermaid and meet a mermaid plzzz me become one i feel like it was meant to be my life in the water … I feel complete in the water ………….plzz i ask of you mermaids let me become one

  2. Hey I really need your help me and my friend are trying to become half human half mermaid. But we don’t know if we should keep it to our selfs or tell. Do you know anything that will make us into half human and half mermaid??

    Ps we want to be water touch mermaids

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