landfolk anxieties and fish oils

the mermaid has discovered another thing about landfolk she finds peculiar: a craze to consume capsules of fish oils, apparently to make their hatchlings think better. the mermaid has researched this a little and thankfully found other landfolk who are similarly perplexed. while the mermaid thinks it is okay to eat fish for sustenance, she believes this should be done in measures and with the right fishing practices and mentality. i.e. you don’t scrape up the ocean floor with machinery bigger than wales. but to turn fish into pills for profiting on landfolk anxieties, that seems pretty illogical. but then, that’s what landfolk seem to be. while landfolk society is sorting that one out (hopefully), they might want to consider eating algae instead…


~ by Angela on November 6, 2012.

One Response to “landfolk anxieties and fish oils”

  1. My people have thrived on fermented cod liver oil for all of remembered time. Capsules of boiled oil are useless, but so is throwing out the baby with the bathwater!

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