of shellters and crabitats

The mermaid has belatedly heard of groups of landfolk designing habitats for hermit crabs. hermit crabs are currently facing a housing crisis. the mermaid believes this is either dues to landfolk collecting shells for their hermit crab pets and not returning the spare habitats back to the sea. she also wonders whether pollution or other changes in the oceans are the cause. in any case, this has all sorts of other negative effects on hermit crab society, including rising crime rates, including violent attacks and crabicide.

until the causes are known, landfolk want to help by designing ‘shellters’ which serve as a stand-in for the natural habitats. the mermaid knows of at least two projects, called ‘hand up’ and ‘project shellter’. these projects may have merged in the meantime, but the mermaid does not know that. maybe knowledgeable landfolk can help here.

the mermaid finds interesting that project shellter are appealing to anyone to help them find a good shape that hermit crabs might like to live in (until they have outgrown it that is). landfolk-made shellters are currently being tested in places called ‘crabitats’, set up at different landfolk research sites. video updates about the ‘shellter’ project are regularly posted here. as far as the mermaid knows, the researchers are not planning on putting these shells into the sea, but are trying to offer them to landfolk, so that they don’t need to take shells out of the sea. if an ocean friendly material is found, these shells may be used in the sea, too. at the moment, hermit crabs try to use human rubbish as habitats, which is neither dignified nor healthy for my fellow denizens. the mermaid will carry on watching the project with interest.


~ by Angela on November 6, 2012.

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