landfolk & the life-web – much work ahead

image source: mission blue

once again the mermaid had conversations with landfolk traders about taking too much merfolk out of the ocean and putting too much bad stuff for merfolk into the ocean. the latest talks revolved around mutated fish ‘farms’ and landfolk ‘hygiene’ products, both new concepts for the mermaid. luckily, the landfolk researchers of mindthesciencegap have helped the mermaid understand them better.

so, landfolk are trying to reduce the amount of fish and ‘by-catch’ they take from the oceans, which seems like exactly what the mermaid is arguing for. the odd thing is that landfolk are trying to do this by breeding new kinds of fast growing fish inland! the problem the mermaid found is that these fish are pretty sickly, because they grow too fast and and whole swarms are kept in small pools, so the mermaid is pretty angry again that landfolk do not understand the life-web. the mermaid is finding it very hard to make landfolk understand even the basics. they may just be too young!

the second issue is also very confusing. so, landfolk are paranoid about getting sick from bacteria, who are major players in the web of life. we call them the old ones. to protect themselves from the old ones, landfolk have started using potions for cleaning themselves and their environment that kill off all old ones, harmful and harmless all the same. worse, the stuff that kills the old ones does not go away, it stays in the web of life and kills merfolk, more old ones and eventually enters the landfolk themselves. this senseless self-harm is simply incomprehensible. so much teaching to do for the merfolk!


~ by Angela on March 5, 2013.

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