deep sea mining

source: bbc

the mermaid has just been told that landfolk are considering ‘deep sea mining’, by which they mean that they want to take parts of merfolk habitat and destroy it so they can get to certain components in them that are valuable for landfolk trade. this is highly unacceptable for merfolk. there is even going to be a ‘summit’ about it locally. the mermaid feels very strongly that landfolk cannot go on like this: first destroying marine habitat with their large trawlers, taking entire reefs and communities onto their ships to extract food for landfolk. and now this! for some reason landfolk does not seem to realise that they are damaging their own environment with this, too. landfolk is always portraying itself as very clever and forward looking, but most of its actions show that they are a very infantile and primitive evolutionary development. the merfolk have so much teaching to do! hopefully we get it done, before we perish in the process…
luckily, some landfolk have started to protest against the impending destruction.


~ by Angela on May 21, 2013.

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