help – mermaid in trouble!

it has been brought to the attention of the mermaid that in some parts of the world, mermaids are in trouble for looking and swimming like they do. they have to put on heavy garb to prevent them from swimming properly. apparently, most landfolk cultures have a history of preventing females from moving freely, which is utterly incomprehensible to merfolk. in the case presented to the mermaid, open water swimming has been denied to someone who obviously needs to be in this medium. thankfully, some landfolk have started a petition, which the mermaid has already signed. you, too, can sign it here.


~ by Angela on August 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “help – mermaid in trouble!”

  1. That’s mean

  2. Well I figured out I am a mermaid where is she? I will help her because i have magic powers

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