for immediate release

the mermaid has been a bit unwell recently. she still needs to immunise herself against human diseases, she has been told. thankfully, landfolk doctors and friends have been taking care of her. while resting in her temporary tank, the mermaid has been watching films. most of them depressed the mermaid greatly, but she also saw lots of landfolk working on improving things. the mermaid is especially saddened that so many merfolk are held captive in tiny tanks – and not temporarily, like the mermaid, for healing. apparently, the merfolk are kept to remind humans that they exist and need care, but the mermaid feels that this is not really fair on the merfolk who are being separated from their kind and forced to suffer in tiny spaces. landfolk wouldn’t be happy about this, if merfolk kept them in their diving bells to remind themselves what landfolk looked and lived like! the mermaid therefore pleads for immediate release of captive merfolk!


~ by Angela on May 7, 2014.

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