More and more mermaids are emerging from the deep to talk to people on land. Half human, half sea creature, they are the perfect communicators between landfolk and oceanic life. Until recently, mermaids were only represented by what they considered to be the most effective ambassadors for their kind – an engineered species of more-than-human mermaids. Their diplomatic mission, however, was only partially successful. The super-humanised mermaid ambassadors were held hostage for children’s and adult entertainment purposes rather than being placed in a serious political or spiritual setting. This is when the mermaids decided to show their true faces… head fins, gills, scales, blubber, tentacles and all!


15 Responses to “About”

  1. By the way, ‘Merfolk’ rule…. 🙂

    This shall be a fun place to splash around and get refreshed. It gets rather trying and drying getting so dried out upon the terra of this dry land world…!

    Thank you for flipping up your tail and bringing some much needed liquid light to the internet, it has been awhile since I have encountered someone that understands.

  2. Hello. I’m also mer. Just to say hi.

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to ask you a question about your site. Would you mind emailing me: carlymiller687@gmail.com


  4. Hello,

    My name is Davir Aenoel; I represent the order known simply as the Union. I would like to discuss with you a potential diplomacy that specializes in the unison among other races. Though I am not currently certain if this diplomacy already exists among your race, I would like to extend the potential invitation through further discussion with you directly.

    Best Wishes

    Thank You


  5. Ummm….. Well I’m feeling miserable with my life and i don’t seem to fit in anywhere. It’s been a dream of mine for so long to be a mermaid and I have tried countless spells but none seem to work. Then I read that only a mermaid can turn you into one. I was wondering if there was any way to get mermaid to show herself to you and/or turn you into a mermaid. If you know please email me and I would be very grateful


    • Unfortunately, that is true. But as a mermaid, turning into one was really difficult. I can always help you and if you have questions, email me.

  6. hey.want to no if there is any way i could be a mermaid at all. you know human on land mermaid in water powers on/in both.please coment.

  7. Is it possible to become an actaul mermaid?

    I ask if you really can become a mermaid because…I’m terribly afraid of the water….when I was four I almost drowned and it took about 3 minutes until I was saved….and I don’t want to be afraid of the ocean or anything, I want to embrace it, not shy away from it….I ask for your help, I dnt beleve in everything but I do have an open mind and it’s something I’ve always wondered about being

  8. Do you ever get on here anymore? It has been awhile….. I mean no disrespect but no one on here has p shifted. I have not either but i have telepathy.

  9. how do i become a mermaid and i’m a girl plz tell me

  10. please answer quick I’m desperate please please please

  11. does anyone have a mermaid spell or a mermaid potion because I tried so many spells and potions and they never work

  12. where can i find a mermaid

  13. Can you please email me the spells, potions, and how to meet a mermaid?

  14. I did a spell and I know it’s going to work because on youtube no one said it wasn’t working and it worked for everyone.

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