Ask A Mermaid

if you have any questions about or thoughts on mermaids, the oceans or other water or environment related issues, feel free to voice them here! this mermaid will try to answer them as faithfully as i can… ; )

ps: sometimes, the mermaid may be away in some ocean or doing research with landfolk scribes.



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  1. Hi, I had a question, but it’s a bit long to explain and don’t want to do it here. Can someone e-mail me? Thank you.

    • Is there any way to become a mermaid without a spell or potion? Its against my religion?

      • I need to know if I’m a merman… I can hold my breath for a LONG time, my eyes are HUGE, I have fish in my room and I think they can talk to me, and I randomly get sudden urges to go swimming… Please respond fast

      • SORRY, but there’s only i think about 2 ways to become a mermaid potion an spell but if you want to meet a mermaid you don’t have to use a potion or spell an just meet the mermaid and that mermaid might turn you into a mermaid

      • If you meet a mermaid and you help her she will grant you any wish want.
        (wish to be a mermaid)

      • does any one no how to become a mermaid, how do you get a mermaid to meat you, is their a spell please send it to me

      • Trust me I know all about mermaids and mermans. If you don’t grow a tail when you touch water you are not a merman. But I will tell you one thing you are defiantly related. If all the things you said were true then you are related!

      • Trust me I know all about mermaids and mermans. If you don’t grow a tail when you touch water you are not a merman. But I will tell you one thing you are defiantly related. If all the things you said were true then you are related!

      • what is the spell that works the best and where you born a mermaid

      • Uhhh I had a few questions but I was hoping to have someone email me instead thank you:)

      • Its called physical shifting look it up on golden purity

      • stop emailing me plz

        On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 8:02 PM, Notebook of a Mermaid wrote:

        > ** > mermaidmizu commented: “Its called physical shifting look it up on > golden purity”

      • Um u prob subscribed to this so u gonna get all the emails to this just sayin

      • yes i belive so! go to a real mermaid or merfolk expert. i would help but i only have legs

      • I have a question please answer…
        If when you are a mermaid and you have gills they can get infected right? And if they can what would prevent that and how could you stop it from getting infected. Please answer ! Thanks

      • U wouldn’t have gills cuz ur still a mammels and mamles dnt have gills

        Sent from my iPod

      • One way but its not optional. Your usually chosen by a family Member (Dead). Not optional and is painful.

      • No. No such thing as a mermaids wish. But it is possible to kill one and take the mermaids/merman a ability but please don’t hurt my people

      • I just wrote a letter to God, stated my wish, and burned it.

      • i agree i would also want to be a mermaid soooo bad! but i cant do spells or potions either because i am christan

      • is there any spells or potions to become a mermaid

      • Well what is your rejoin then I can help you

      • Well what is your rejoin

      • facts me too but what do we do? i cant stay human forever 😦

      • No only of you find a moon pool but that is inposible so no not really

      • can you give me a potion or spell plzz

      • can you give me a speel or a potion plzzzz

      • Why can’t mermaids sing above ground and why can’t we go to the real mako island

      • Yes you can look in the internet there are a lot of videos of how to become a mermaid believe it worked. And no I don’t think is against your religion.

      • yes check this out it worked for me in 1-4 weeks

    • Please send me a pic of a real mermaid I am desperate its an emergency

      • you can find mermaid spells on google bing an any other searching site so theres your answer

      • Hey will someone email me what spell they used to turn them into a REAL mermaid I want to have a tail underwater and legs on land I want to breath underwater and I want a working spell please someone tell me

      • I can send u a pic of a mermaid from google images

      • Hi I’m having trouble making a spell to become a mermaid and when I try my parents say there not real when even scientists have said that they are true but my parents still won’t believe me and every time they say that I say they are true and I’m going to prove it and that doesn’t help me with my spell it just puts me down and I don’t have anyone helping and so I was wondering if you would like to see about helping

    • I am a mermaid if u have any questions I was born one and I am very expirienced I found out when wi was 5 and I was living in florida

      • I did a mermaid spell and potion and now I can’t stop crossing my legs, my legs are constantly itching, I get migraines and stomach aches near water, and my legs get sore when in contact with water …. Is this symptoms of becoming a mermaid?! O_o

      • How can u turn Into a mermaid please respond !!!!!! 🙂 my best friend and I really want to be one

      • Hey I want to become a mermaid im very desperate! and can you do one that is only if you wear a necklace? cause i might get exposed at school.

      • how can i turn into one? idk if i am 1

      • How can you become a mermaid I really Want to know

      • well my friend claims to be one so I asked to be one apparently she could see into my eyes to tell if I could become one so she used her magic and put the spell on me will this work I would love to become one and have been learning

      • Hey help me out!!wana be a mermaid:)

      • Did you use a spell to become a mermaid? What was it?????

      • I am in middle school and I have been interested in mermaids for as long as I can remember. Pretty much the only thing that’s been on my mind is am I a mermaid?
        I am a playful girl that is shy around new people but good at making old friends laugh. I would prefer swimming over literally anything. When I am in water I am happier than words can explain. When i grow up i want to be a marine biologist definitely. all my science projects have been on the ocean. I am good at swimming but only underwater. I was born in Hawaii, lived there for five years, moved to Texas, lived here for five years and I’m actually packing up to move to Florida right now.
        How can I tell if I’m a mermaid? If I am do I tell anybody? Please help.

      • I meant to reply to your comment but its a couple comments down.

      • can you help me? i’m turning into a mermaid and i need advice

      • Are u really a mermaid cuz if u were u would be captured by the government and it would be all over the media not tryin to be rude but just sayin

      • Can you be able to turn me into one

      • You are a mermaid ?

      • Hey I want to become a mermaid and I want some advice can someone email me and can someone email a reverse spell just in case? Pleaaaase?

      • Well Samantha I was curoise do u know what could happen if someone with one leg turned into a mermaid?

      • Is there any spell or potion to turn me into a mermaid. I feel really close to the ocean and I love diving under water when swimming, I always need to go under when ever i swim or I go crazy. So any thing would be really helpful.

      • Please help! I desperately need to be a mermaid. I feel as though I am dying without the ocean. I understand that if you are a real true mermaid not just some stupid store bought tail, you may be well worried about helping me. But please I’m begging you. My name is Miriam Martha Farley. I need this badly. I don’t even ask to meat you or see you just for your help. Please I beg of you. I am salt water not fresh.

      • what is a REAL mermaid spell I need it ve been trying spells since I was 5 and im 10 now please tell me

      • Hay pleez leve us ulone wee do not surtch you pepol ya I am n murmade but leev me elon and if you Are one plees contact me if you wane bee one

      • Hi!!! im a mermaid too!! 🙂 can you please tell me your mermaid name so I can see if I can find you some day? mine is Ember

      • do you know how i can meet a mermaid? and can they turn you into a mermaid?

      • I’m very curious about ur world. I have always been told every time I go swimming that I look like one and that my hair glows too. I really wish I was one cause I would give anything to feel free and to feel like I belong. Is there anyway Possible that I could become one? I mean I know there probably isn’t anyway to become one in Kansas but I wouldn’t mind moving else ware. I just don’t want to feel alone or be a land walker anymore. Please if there is a way that is possible for me to become and belong anywhere I want to be apart of the ocean or someplace I can feel alive and not feel like I’m going to get hurt. I want to be a mermaid so bad and I want to belong please may I Join I’ll do whatever it takes Please tell me if there is a way.

      • I live in cape coral florida.Please tell me if I can become a real mermaid from a spell.And if I can which spell.I took this spell and now my legs and feet are aching and i feel a heartbeat in them.They keep sticking and crossing.I a headache a while ago. And when I woke up my neck hurt.Am I turning into a mermaid? And can you grant me onee wish? I feel like a part of me is missing.And that part is being in water. Please help and we can become friends. 🙂

      • Please help me how can i be one? And can i summon my tail and can i have alight blue one merging into white with the power of steam? If so how do i get it and what word do you use to summon your tail

      • i was wondering if you can email me its kinda private, please, its a pretty long story

      • I had a dream once about me being a mermaid! In my dream, I was washing my hands and  ten seconds later, I fell on the floor with a neon hot pink tail and top! Then, my sister came in and screamed! Then, I woke up.
        It was insane! There must be something behind it. Tell me, please! I would usually dream about nothing.

      • hey Samantha so how fast can you swim and how long can you stay under water

      • Hye can u pleas tell me how to become a mermaid i really want to be one and i tryed this spell but i dont know if it will work?

        And can u pleas tell mewhat sings u get if u r becomong a mermaid.

      • How did you become a mermaid? How does it work? I wouldlove to be one when i put on a special necklace or something. Where can i find a moonpool? Problem is I can’t use any potions or spells because of my religion

      • I used a spell to become a mermaid and I think it may have worked… I don’t know what to do now cause I didn’t think of what would happen if it did any advice?

      • I was wondering if someone could help me become a mermaid. A real mermaid. I do possess mermaid energy, and I’m able to do a limited amount of telekinesis. If Savanna or any other real mermaid who is already a mermaid could help me. I would really appreciated. My name is Selassie and I’m 15. I live in Arizona, however I have a waterfall close by me.

      • Help me to become a mermaid please respond with a working mermaid spell or potion

      • Is it possible to turn me into a merman? Being human is a lot of work.

      • Can I become a mermaid? Is there such thing as as mermaids wish? How do i become a mermaid? How can I meet a mermaid?

      • What that is cool

    • Also, there are ways for merfolk to walk on land and not transform back agenst there will. I would know. I cannot see my brother until I turn 18. Then I transform back. But I can touch water fine.

      • Hey I’m Abby and I’m 17. I’ve been researching mermaids for personal and scientific reasons. If you really are real then please email me back

      • R u even real like hw r u Txting us like really

    • Can you tell me spells

      • All spells come with a price. Some are greater then others. I know some but if I tell you you need to be careful.

    • Can you te

      ll me spells

    • I know

    • hey my mermaid name is laurella and i’m a real mermaid but i was brought up on land so i’m half human i go to a mermaid school with my friends witch are mermaids to well one of them is a merman my mermaid school is in the mediteranion sea did i mention i live in Malta oh and i’m a kind,sweet,loving,gentle and caring mermaid so you can ask me antthing you like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Can you email me about how to become one? I really want to become a mermaid, and however you became, please tell me:)

      • Since you are a real mermaid can you give me a spell or potion or something to make me turn. I need this. Can you tell me what I need to do. Is this a sin? I’m confused and very scared (I’m a young kid) and also will I have powers and will I still go to heaven?

      • do mermaids live forever and how do you become a mermaid

      • I always have dreams and stuff and I can see one sometimes when im walking and she is telling me I could be one and I really wantto know what it is she need to tell me and I can only talk to her when im dreaming

      • How did you become a mermaid 🙂

      • Can you grant me a wish? Here it is , can I become a mermaid when my legs are fully in water and I say, “mermaid mermaid mermaid make me a mermaid”
        And I have tail the color of gold and the power to control water

      • If u not joking is your world real how u use these internet stuff

      • How did u become one ?

      • Do you know how I can become a mermaid

      • please help me i wanna be a merman

      • can u tell me how to become a mermaid please I really want to become one!!!!! Please do not email me just put it in the comments below saying it is to me please thanks. If u email me I will be mad😡😡😤😤👺👺🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

    • what do you want to say talk to me and tell me i know everything about mermaids beacause i am one

    • Tell me I know it all

    • If you have a shell to call than call me how so I call you I Have a shell and i really like mermaida and i want to be one i want yo swim underwater and do whatever i wanyt and be free and swm around withought caring wtht others say juat please text me kik mellanie56

    • How do i become a h20 mermade

    • I have a question for any mermaid, does it hurt to grow out your tail when you touch water?

    • if you a mermaid you cant use water because you be a mermaid .

    • So… I’m skeptical. Like, TOTALLY skeptical. Still… Answer me this: When a merman/mermaid goes onto land, do their eyes turn majorly bloodshot?

  2. Yes – pleasure!

    • Please can u email me too Please PLEASE thanks

    • I have the same problem too.. my sisters think i am crazy and that i have a like a demon or something… soo please please email it too me

    • How does a mermaid transformation look like

      • Sorry it’s me again!! Came up with a question ! So did your tail grow with u or was it huge from the start ? Please reply

      • Sorry it’s me again!! Came up with a question ! So did your tail grow with u or was it huge from the start ?

      • I

    • Umm. Do mermaids have a queen or king?

    • Umm can you please give me a working spell to become a mermaid I am very desperate to become one please I have been on google bing and asked people and I even tried a spell to become one but I don’t know if it worked because I still touch water and it doesnt work please I am very desperate thank you very much you are a life saver

      • i think im becoming one so u can belive me if u want i made my own spell nd prayed mabey it would work if u do the same and the side effects have been on nd i have had massive headache when i got out of the water and i had nausia i also having itchy legs, sing well alot, stomachaces, legs wanting to together/crossed

      • Well,you can search on youtube by the way. Here’s what you need to do. I hope it works for you.
        Fill a glass halfway water. Place outside. Put 10 flower petals exactly 10. Wait 24hours. Afterwards,dip your hand into the water and chant this out loud
        Spirits of the sea,grant me this wish,to become a mermaid and swim with the fish. A mermaid with a (color of the tail) tail and powers of (what power you like) ,a human when dry,a mermaid when wet so mote it be! Repeat not do this while dry

  3. how do you change into human when you are in a mermaid form?

    do you have a top on when you are a mermaid form or is your chest bare?

    what spell did you use to become one

    • Ok, so i did a spell that i kept finding on every page for spells, and i have been having symtoms like:itchy legs, kepping them crossed,singing alot, and i walked over grabbed the salt and poured some in my hand and ate it. ( i wouldnt do that)does this mean i am turning into a mermaid! cuz i really want to b one like the H2O girls,dry on land mermaid when wet. Also do mermaids have powers,like freezing things,boiling,etc. thanks!

      • Hey! What spell did you use? Do you mind telling? 😉

      • Probby

      • hey amber i would like ti if youd email me the spell you used and angela, how can i still have legs under water when i want too.i want a tail sometimes.will i have a top.the facebook thing whats i called.

        thnx so much
        elizabeth kelly

      • well no but they r telipathic andhave a gift of swimming fast but anyways i made a spell and i have scails so look on utube spells so good luck

      • Hi I hv a question how do I become a mermaid and then become human will some1 plz send me the spell coz I really want 2 become a mermaid plz help me

      • Can u plz send me that spell?

      • tell me the spell please my friend and i want to become a mermaid soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ok I’m crossing my legs ALOT singing in class smiling at water. And wen I’m by water k smile and I can swim like a mermaid HELP WHATS HAPPING TO ME!!!!!!

    • To turn human again you must be completely dry no water at all

    • To change back to a human you must be completely dry.
      Most spells come with a top that matches your tail. Be sure to make sure of that if you want a top too.
      For me, I was turned into a mermaid in the ocean by another mermaid, it’s a really long story, I was snorkeling with my dad, and I lost him. And I saw a tailfin and freaked out and almost drowned but came up back for air and noticed I had a tail. I lasted underwater for over 10 minutes. Comes to find out I was pulled underwater by a mermaid, and they gave me a tail…

      • Okay I have a quesstion what did your dad say to that and I would love to be turned into a mermaid I’m going on a cruise this christmas do you think that could happen to me.

  4. alas! what a set of questions. i’ll answer then in reverse order.
    1. i didn’t use a spell to become one. i just happened to get born as one.
    2. clothing has too much drag – i have scales!
    3. i don’t really change on land as i’m only half a sea creature. my human heritage allows me to go on land and breathe like a human. under water my gills become active. my head fin is usually mistaken for a mohican haircut on land.

    • is your whole body covered in sales????!!! i want just lie a brah type of thingy

      • yes, most of my body is covered in scales. most mermaids have scaly bodies to protect them from the water and to swim fast & quietly. Some more eel or anglerfish like mermaids don’t have scales – but they tend to look very scary to humans. there are also mermaids who make use of bioluminescence. that means that they (or parts of them) can glow in the dark! most mermaids also don’t have breasts so they don’t need a bra. some mermaids, however, like to camouflage themselves with seaweed or use kelp to decorate themselves for important meetings with the elders.

      no such thing like that except a diease that make your legs pretty much glued togeher so if you have ACTUAL PROOF email me

      • Please oh please tell me how to be a mermaid I’m 10 being a mermaid is my dream please.

    • can you please turn me into a mermaid as in i can breathe air when in land and breathe underwater when in water

    • Wait so you are actually a mermaid. If you are e mail me a pic of yourself in tyour mermaid form. Ind I can tell between a real picture and a photoshopped pic. I believe in mermaids, but there are so many desieving people on the Internet. Thanks

    • I have recently discovered i am a mermaid in human form, i was watching the show “mermaids: the new evidence, the extended cut” and i saw how humans have been persecuting merpeople. I want to know how i can connect with them, the mermaids i mean. I saw the footage of what they said was a mermaid attacking a human boy, but as i looked in her eyes and re-watched the clip i realized she was putting her hand on the human boys shoulder as if asking for help. They are in pain and i want to know how to connect with them and speak to them, i do not live by an ocean though… I want to help! Sonar testing is hurting them as much as pollution is! Im NOT crazy

    • we are mammals so we do have breasts. In that way you are wrong. we do not wear bras though. that is a human idea.

  5. ohhhh, thanks, can i see a picture of your tail?
    what color will mine be if i will use a spell?
    is it annoying being a mermaid

    • Don’t know but I have just done the spell will it work….
      Some spells you choose your tail other times you don’t and I don’t think it’s annoying being a mermaid

      • Being a mermaid is very fun.

      • Please if anyone has a spell that actually works please please please tell me I am ten and I no like everything about mermaids

      • Can you please send me the spell to how you became a mermaid and are you dry on land when you get out of the water ?

    • how is it annoying it must be AWSOME how would it be boring to be AWSOME MERMAID an the funny part is that i only learned how to swim the mermaid swim but the BEST part to be is haveing a tail with red scales

    • I just become a mermaid.I have a green tail.

      I just ate a fish with salt for dinner.

    • hi i’m Ally! I don’t think being a mermaid is annoying, it’s just that it wrecks your swimming time, ( exspecially in public.) because um people will see you and they will get out their cameras and that’s bad. Peace out mermaid!

  6. again, in reverse order:
    it’s not annoying being a mermaid, but it can be frustrating.
    i don’t know about colours and spells – but i do know about krill fishing!
    not all mermaids have tails. some have tentacles or webbed feet. i have a head fin and not a tail fin – this is why i am considerably slower than most mermaids! will see if i can find you a picture.

  7. thankyou

  8. hi,i like mermaids and i whis to be like you can you help me pls

    • am currently swimming around far away from the webocean. will reply when i’m back in my tub! 🙂

      • Are u still faster than humans

      • most mermaids swim faster than landfolk. there are a few landfolk, however, who swim very fast. i know a few landfolk who can keep up with merfolk. the mermaid recently discovered a fun game that landfolk play – water polo! we mermaids like the cheekiness of the manoeuvres.

  9. hi, i really want to become a mermaid do u know anyone ( a mermaid ) who knows a spell that i can use?

    • I don’t know of a spell but when I was in Ireland I was swimming in a moon pool it started bubbling I was so scared I coundnt move and it just happned

    • Hey I’m a mermaid but made a deal with a siren who gave me legs. When using a spell you need to know what you are doing and saying. Mermaids can only do so much and they usually don’t use magic. I have my tail back now but only works in the water. Maybe if you find a siren they can change you into one…..but you would have to go underwater for them to do it. Be careful they can be pretty tricky. Good luck!

      • I would like to be a mermaid but I don’t know how to become one please tell well I would like to be half mermaid still human and have powers to help the sea and be able to breath under water but I don’t know how to become one so please tell me I want to escape from this dreaded human world ever sense I was little I wanted to be one now maybe I can be one so what do you say helping out a fellow mer believer.

  10. what are the spells to become a mermaid

    • just use YouTube or go to this leads directly to their spells.

  11. hello spell-seekers! the mermaid does not know about any spells as she already is a mermaid. however, she has asked other mermaids, but they, too, seemed a little perplexed. either, some landfolks have this fascinating knowledge to create a merfolk from a fully-grown landfolk, or, when landfolks speak of mermaid transformation they speak in what they call ‘metaphors’ and mean people who look after the ocean? i will keep on looking into this question…

  12. Tell me more about mermaids!what r their favorite foods?do they swim in hot or cold?how do they keep from getting cold?iwant to know every thing about them!

    • well, mermaids are quite different from one another in my experience. they swim in all sorts of waters – i have encountered my kind in the icy waters of the antarctic (for which they need thick skins and lots of blubber, which may answer your question about how they stay warm) and even down by the hot deep sea vents. you’ll rarely see deep sea mermaids as most of them stay in their comfy homes at the bottom of the trenches. most mermaids eat all sorts of fellow sea creatures, i’m afraid, from mollucs to big predators, depending on their appetite and temper. i am one of the few mostly vegetarian mermaids who lives off sea weed and other sea vegetables. i have to confess, however, that if i see some already dead fish or shells i sometimes find it hard not to eat it. in the sea, we make sure that nothing goes to waste, so we’re kind of programmed to eat what comes in our way. though in contrast to most fish and certain sea mammals, we tend to enjoy communicating with fellow sea creatures more than we like eating them. does this help?

  13. i cast a spell that turned me into a merman do you know how to change me bak

  14. Really? like REAL Mermaids?

    Oh my gosh. I have been looking around the internet FOREVER to find a website like this. I just have one question: Is there a way for a person to become a Mermaid? I don’t mean ‘give me a spell’ or anything, I’m just asking if there’s a way for a human to become one without being born one. 🙂

    Another thing; There are LOTS of people out there who want to become Merpeople! as a matter of fact, there is a website where there are 1,645 people who share this goal. Any information would be helpful, as this is a only a dream for them. One person I talked to tried for 15 years! I want to help them. But I’m only human. I can only do so much… 🙂

    • uh, wow. where is this website? as I was already born a mermaid i’m afraid I cannot help you. actually, landfolk are already merfolk in a sense, at least that’s how many merfolk see it. it’s just that they forget their connection to the ocean from which they were born and are still living in symbiosis with.

  15. i know i should consider my self lucky but im too young to get up and leave and i cant tell my parents plus i live in a rainy place in england no where near the sea

    • hmh. my best advice is to contact the child line:
      they say that they can help with anything, so they might have someone there who knows about magic.

    • hello I will like to hear your story you ca email me if you want at

    • This is amazingly beautiful but what i am so concerned about is that are these set of creatures wicked, some children in my country got dumped because of making noise while a mermaid was taking her bath at the river side. Her eyes became so red that the children only saw red hot fire from here eyes as she shout in thunderous echo voice.

  16. hi.. i wanted to know.. if someone loves the ocean and mermaids and they know the connection they have with the ocean why arent they mermaids?.. how can you breathe underwater? and is it true that if you touch a human they can breathe underwater meanwhile your touching them?

    • like i said, landfolk are merfolk of sorts, but they cannot breathe underwater anymore. most of the time, it is pretty strenuous to live underwater for any creature. you are constantly considered food, for instance. i can understand why people wanted to leave it. maybe one day landfolk will come back to the oceans. it will be very hard though. i haven’t found that when i touch humans that they can breathe underwater. that would make life very interesting though. but first landfolk would have to get better reflexes so that they don’t get themselves into trouble!

  17. hi again i wanted to tell you if you ever have a spell to turn into a mermaid can you post it here.. all my life i wanted to be a mermaid.. if u tell me of a spell yull make my dream come true. ur so lucky for being a mermaid.

  18. thnxs for answering my Q. how do u reproduce and why dont you show yourself to the world in mermaid form?

    • we don’t have one way of reproducing ourselves. there are so many different types of mermaids, some of which you wouldn’t even recorgnise as our kind (sometimes even we don’t!). we show ourselves to the world in mermaid form most of the time. but people don’t always recognise us or believe their eyes.

    • plez tell me an answer how do you become a mermaid?

  19. how do u turn into human form and mermaid form?

    • not all mermaids switch between forms. most of us are just half-human half sea creature all the time. but who knows what else there is. the ocean is soooo big!

  20. why do u call urself mermaids?.. sorry if i ask a lot of Q

  21. we don’t actually call ourselves mermaids. humans made that up, probably because the first of us they saw was a female. some of us are made so that humans feel a greater affinity, in fact. they are then trained as diplomats, usually by other mermaids or larger sea mammals. we are still working on our techniques as we haven’t been too successful so far.

    • umm hi can you tell me how to bcome a mermaid

    • hey! I have been searching on the internet on how to become a mermaid. IS there a real possible way? Mabey for free? All the spells i have done are scams. Im sick of them. Im only 10 and i would like to have a real life mermaid to tell me. My friends dont belive in them, but I do. I havent told andybody the exist because they dont trust humans to much. I would love to be a real MERMAID! Well at least human on land and mermaid in water. Is it possible?

  22. hi.. i kno this sounds weird but can you show yourself to me… plz!

  23. but how do you get born if you dont reproduce?

    • we do reproduce, but each species has their own procedures and rituals, most of which i am not familiar with. i haven’t reproduced yet so i don’t know much about this.

  24. u dnt hv a tail.. but do u have legs?

  25. but cnt u show yourself to me?… is it true that mermaids have no soul?.. is it true that when mermaids are hungry thier eyes are red? do u kno any spell that can turn me into a mermaid?

    • we sure do have a soul. why shouldn’t we have one? our eyes don’t turn red when we are hungry. otherwise my eyes would always be red. i don’t know any spell.

  26. paul can u plz give me the spell you used to become a mermaid plz!

  27. Hi it’s FirstStar again…here’s the link to the website that has over 1000 people who want to become mermaids. It’s approaching 2000 people now.

    Of course, most of the kids on there are young (12 to 19) so they do kinda joke around a little. 🙂

    Some of them are really borderline desperate, and we need as much help as we can get with this. There just has to be something out there that will help them. Something, anything. Your website seems legit, so I’m pretty much trusting that information on here is right. Maybe the Merfolk can find it deep within themselves to help us Landfolk achieve unity with the Ocean once again, since one canno’t blame an entire race for the mistakes of a few. 🙂

    • hi,im 12 and ive been searching the internet all day and i cant find a spell that actually works. please tell me how to become a mermaid!!!!

  28. Hi how are you? Angela I know you are already a mermaid and can’t help me but I have so many dreams some nights about becoming a real mermaid and I have already done some spells. Do you think I will become one, one day. If not thats ok.

  29. can give blessings to make someone a mermaid?

  30. hi…

  31. angela can i ask u sumthing? does ur kind has anything to do with the dissaperances of the bermuda triangle? im just wondering… and can you tell me completly honestly.. thnxs..

  32. the bermuda triangle? not as far as i know. we have no interest in sinking ships, crashing aeroplanes or abducting people – more the opposite. these incidents cause far too much pollution!

  33. then how can you explain the dessapereances.. in the bermuda triangle?… i thought ur kind did that becuase they were hungry and they wnted 2 eat the humans?

  34. although there is not only one kind of mermaids, to my knowledge none of us eat humans. i have no theory as to what happens in the bermuda triangle. haven’t been to this region yet. the ocean is very big and bears many secrets…

  35. hi angela, I always wanted to be a mermaid! it’s not only kids below 12 and 19, I wanted to become a mermaid since I was 5 or 6 years old and now I’m almost 13, do you know any mermaids who have tail fin? is it true that some mermaids have like mood colored fins? is it true that mermaids can speak any language in the world or do you just explain things by moving you’re hands or something? I live near water and it dosen’t rain that much, can we landfolk become merfolk? is there any way for us to become a mermaid?

    • hmh, i do know some mermaids who have a tail fin. i don’t know about mood coloured ones, though. will ask around next time i meet my kin. maybe somebody knows something. we do not normally learn landfolk languages unless we either have a human parent or live near them. then, we usually try to learn whatever language we think is most useful. however, landfolk language can be very difficult to master for us, unless we get especially trained from when we are just hatched. communication through movement has also been proven somewhat effective. i guess that if you feel like a mermaid you might be one already!

      • How come u said born in the previous meseges and just started saying “hached” and if u cant speak languages varry well then how come u are speacking one now???

      • i wish i could be a mermaid can you give me a sign or somethin

  36. i dont live anywhere near the sea but i do live by a river and ive allways wanted to be a mermaid so can someone help me?

  37. thnxs 4 ur information angela. i have another Q. are your kind the most dangerous predators out there?

    • no, not at all, unless there is a major merfolk villain i haven’t heard of. there are what you call predators of all shapes and sizes and even we mermaids got to watch out for them if they are hungry. it’s pretty strenuous business being in the sea, although it used to be much worse thousands or even millions of years back, although then we at least had no what you call fisheries. just lots of mean big things.
      i’d say when it comes to dangers to humans, some jellyfish can be pretty nasty and i guess anything with big teeth and a lot of speed! luckily, most sealife does not find landfolk very tasty, so most of the run-ins are either accidents or acts of defense. the rest, i guess falls under curiosity and annoyance.

  38. angela.. can i ask u another Q. and answer honestly. i have been havin rare symptoms… my head is always hurting.. my stomach aches sometimes… i always have 2 b drinkin sumting cuase i get thirsty…. wen i sleep my legs automatically get together.. sumtimes i dnt even notice it…. always wen i put my hans down i fell energy coming up my hand 2 my arm… i swim faster than b4… wen i swim like a mermaid.. i swim so fast… my family says i look lyk a real mermaid.. the only thing i need is a tail. wen i was a baby.. my mom told me she was in a store… that wen i was little a weird woman came up to me and said i was going to have a great power i swear this is true. do u kno wats happening to me?????? plz answer honestly… thnakyou

    • hmh. i’m afraid i cannot help you there… i haven’t come across any of those symptoms before :/

      • please help me!!! i want to be a mermaid so bad. i spent $50.00 on supplies for a spell promising to turn me into a mermaid but it was a total rip off. tell me how to become a mermaid please!!!

    • well i have been doing reseach and thoes are symptoms of turning in to a mermaid and have you turned in to one yet and what does your tail look like i have been wanting to be one

  39. angela i want to be a mermaid adn i’m 14 and i swim like a mermaid and when i watched the movie little mermaid i wanted to be like her and how can i be a mermaid and how can i be a mermaid forever and how can i live and breath underwater and be a mermaid forever i want to be a real mermaid. please tell me how can i be a real mermaid adn live like a real mermaid and be a mermaid forever

    • i have to say that i’ve actually never met a mermaid in the ocean who looks like the little mermaid, so i’m afraid i cannot help you :/

    • I might have found a spell:
      Whatever you do say the spell right!

      Somebody said it wrong and the top half became the fish and the bottom half legs… not so good looking then.

      The spell is:

      Harra-zana mucho tuna
      Zesto bhuna upnot downa

      • hi could u like email me the pronunciation or something so i dont say it wrong and is this a spell where u are normal on land and mermaid in water?

      • Does it work? Or are you scaming us.

      • NO! Don’t… IF YOU CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND THE SPELL DO NOT TRY IT. It could be saying “Make me die tomorrow” in Japanese or something, bad stuff right there…

  40. um angela you kinda havnt answered my question about the river i live no where near an ocean but i do by a river

    • there are mermaids in rivers. i, for instance, currently live in the thames, but i’m not sure how i can help you!

  41. um angela you kinda havnt answered my question

  42. hello this unique story about you seem so interested hello my name is Israel Lopez I will love to speak to you more about it my sign is a Pisces….

  43. lol u replied very quik I see. well hello there u seem to be very interesting with being a mermaid. you jus caught my atention because I remember my dreams of mermaid or however you call them with all do respects…

  44. so tell me your story Angela?

  45. hi angela

    tell me how did you become a mermaid?

  46. lol sorry, ok my Q is how was you born a mermaid or was your biological parents are mermaids to. If not then how does it feel living a life as one. And its impossible to be born one. I heard of spells you prob have use it on yourself =p. And if I was a merfolk would we hang out in the sea. Lets find Atlantis…

    • i just answered that question above and in several posts. i was born one. one parent is human, one is a sea creature. we don’t really have cities as such – that is a very human concept. we have networks of sort.

  47. How can you walk? and get to your computer lol jk. And can you understand sea creatures?…Like AquaMan jk

    • i can understand some sea creatures, but not all. but i can usually understand their way of life. this is why i’m currently undertaking some diplomatic activities. i am currently also working on a scholarly project at a university to help humans understand their relationship with the ocean. this is why i’m quite busy at the moment and have to give short answers.

  48. Oh 4got do u have a BF ?=p….

    • i assume that BF refers to a mate. no, i don’t have one. mated merfolk are seldomly sent on diplomatic missions as they may not return!

      • Mission what do you mean mission as in go out there and survive and return to back as to show the mate is Bold/strong enough for there female mate?

  49. no, not at all. missions are of diplomatic and scholarly purposes. sometimes, we are misunderstood and get killed. sometimes, we are very successful and stay permanently attached to a place or project. there are plenty of projects for mermaids to get involved in, for instance, the recent plans for an international ocean station.

    • Can I please email you privately? I have some very important questions and information that is sensitive and should not be discussed in public.

  50. but angela if i turn into a mermaid can i live with the other mermaids and live with them forever because i did a spell and i have side affects so is it possible for me to live with them if i turn into a mermaid???

  51. if you turn into a mermaid i can’t see why not. as i’ve said before, i haven’t met another mermaid yet who became one by magic, but as so many people are telling me about it, it must be true…

  52. but r u a mermaid if so how can u acess the internet?

    • because my people sent me on a diplomatic mission. for this i trained to do some human things. and i also learned some more when i met the oceanographers. i hope that in the future, there will be speech recognition systems for whales and dolphins, so they, too, can access the webocean.

  53. the webocean so if i turn into a mermaid can i connect to a webocean aswell??? on the computer??

  54. wait angela where r u right now and where r u from

    • i am in london at the moment at a place called the balhamas (not the bahamas, it’s much colder here). i grew up around the baltic and north sea and also the mediterranean.

  55. oohh and r u a mermaid

    • yes. i will be off the web in a bit as it is quite late here, and i need to continue my research tomorrow.

  56. ohh but r u in the water and wat research

    • i move between river and various other water sources and occasionally land. i work on different geographical projects. my current one is based at a british university.

  57. oohh cool

  58. Oh I see… people are very into turning themselves into mermaids I see, well I just wouldn’t try unless i hear it from some experience(not that I will tho. WOW. Angela would you recommended people to do such things? turning themselves into merfolk and if yes or no why?…And if one day all the merfolk will join were would you live? Do you dare to live in the middle of no were in the Sea/Ocean…with scary creature living underwater such as sharks..

  59. Do you have religious believe ?…so I guess you will only find merfolk in river is it a certain river or any river. But if I go look let’s say in Puerto Rico will I find one or will they hide from me because I am human?…

    • i don’t know if all merfolk think the same, but i believe that things have spirits.

      you can find merfolk in any river or ocean, sometimes even lakes. i even heard of the possibility of merfolk living in bogs!

      most merfolk will probably hide from you, because we’ve had bad experience with humans in the past, especially merfolk who were not trained to interact with humans. but, increasingly, we attempt contact so that our people and our habitat does not get destroyed.

      • Can you see if you can find a mermaid in a place called lake granbury cause I live in granbury and if there is a merfolk there tell them that they can trust these four humans:aleksei amber brittney and sierra. thnx.

  60. do u have a real picture instead of a drawing?

  61. me again:) my sign is aquarious(because I was born in january) and I was thinking if that’s why I’m so interested in mermaids and water and that kind of stuff? one more question: I live near a river and then I mean near near!! it takes 2 minutes to walk over there but I’ve never seen any mermaids there, do you know if they would show up at night when all the humans are asleep? could I go there at night and spy a little?:D by the way…. if I become a mermaid one day… am I selling my soul then?:s

    • my oceanographer friend tells me that aquarius is an air sign, but from the image the ‘aquarius’ looks a lot like some mermen. i once saw some wrestling sharks – mermen, eh? i don’t know if the mermaids in your river are nocturnal. i pretty much am. i tend to wake up when the water has been warmed up by the day sun and go to sleep late when the water is starting to cool and the music from the boat parties stops.
      as far as i know everything has a soul so why should you be selling yours?

    • my sign is leo \but i was born is california. doesnthat have to do with anything. at school me and 3 friends play a game and i am mermaid with all control over water in the game

  62. i cant find any picture or proof that you are a merfolk because I dont know how you look nore see any pic with such curious look. Its hard to believe im sorry talk is just talk….

    • why are you so concerned with imagery?

      • Its not about concern of images but Because with image u can prove to people that u are a real mermaid.. By talking its useless unless u can show ur real photo of mermaid.. Or u might be pretending to be a mermaid by just answering people’s questions .. It is just a say.. (;

  63. Angela when you’re on land do you have to be careful of water?
    like if water touches you will your tail come back?

    I love mermaids and I will hopefully become one soon!

  64. I need to see it to believe its thats all?

  65. Then let me know when your done with your project at the university.

  66. do your people exist today & where are they currently living?

    • of course we exist today. we mostly live in the oceans, but sometimes in other large bodies of water such as rivers and large lakes.

  67. i know Angela everyone says that mer-people don’t exist but i believe them don’t worry i’m on your side and also if i’m going to become a mermaid where do you live right now

  68. also Angela what are you using and where are you now under the water and i have bunch of questions to ask you Angela i seriously do and also when i do a spell and if i touch a mermaid will i turn into one Angela

    • i don’t really know about spells, though many other people seem to do though. maybe there are mermaid who use magic?

  69. and also how long do i have to swim to see a mermaid. and when do they come out, also do they also live in chile

    • to my knowledge they live pretty much anywhere where there are large bodies of water. most of them are pretty shy or cautious around humans though, especially if they haven’t been trained to communicate with landfolk! i don’t know how long you have to swim for. it is likely to depend on what kind of mermaid you come across! try asking local marine biologists maybe…

  70. but i don’t harm any mermaids i love mermaids i wish to become one really i am becoming one i’m using magic to become one so you can see i really want to become one of you i really do. And also there is this place in Chile are there mermaids there

    • mermaids don’t always know this, you see! but don’t worry, one day you might come across one. some just might not look like you expect them to…

  71. um Angela where are your mer-people now what lake ocean or river where are they located and do they also go to the lilenes it’s type of beach in chile
    do they go there or a small beach in chile, please responde thank you.

    • i do not know very much about mermaids near chile – it’s very far even for some mermaids (some mermaids are faster and more enduring swimmers than me, though, and get around more). mermaids do not visit beaches often, at least not when they are populated by landfolk. they are sometimes near beaches though, especially the younger ones, as they are naturally curious about landfolk! so the mermaids you encounter are probably of a similar age as you!

  72. thanks Angela but i’m going to chile this winter so cwn you tell me where i can find mermaids can yoyu tell me the location and the country and where they are right now. if you can thanks.

  73. also i have a question Angela r u a mermaid? right now?

  74. i have a question how did u become a mermaid please tell me then you can see if i can turn to be just like you then i can hang out with you haha no seriously.

  75. Angela where are most mermaids located in the ocean of Florida of the carribean or are they located in lakes as well in philadelphia

    • mermaids are located almost anywhere. you’ll probably find some even in the arctic. there, they tend to have very thick skin and lots of blubber. some of them closely resemble what you call manatees.

  76. um do you know the movie the little mermaid do they have like a kingdom down in the sea.

    • i have heard of the movie, but i have not had a chance to see it! as far as i know there is no mermmaid kingdom. most of us are either hermits or live a very nomadic lifestyle like whales, for example!

      • Well i have a feeling the movie is allot different than it really is.In the movie its about a girl(the daughter of king Triton)with fin and a tail who grows legs from an evil sea witch so she can marry a handsome prince.

  77. do they have a kingdom down under the sea like the little mermaid

    • no, but there are some landfolk in the indian ocean at the moment who appear to be building some kind of sea city called ‘autopia’. this might serve as a communication point between land- and merfolk in the future. we are certainly considering having an embassy there if the project continues successfully. in the past, landfolk temporarily maintained a dolphin embassy.

  78. can you post the pic if you se it when it’s done please because i would love to see it of what it looks like and if my spell works i would love to live under the sea autopia if thats how you spell it.

  79. but where are you living now r u living in the ocean now or somewhere else.

    • i live mostly in the thames nowadays, but i’ve live in the baltic and the north sea, too! when i’m older i might go and live out in the ocean. but i need to accumulate more experience first!

      • my name is laura…i was wondering if you could meet me at seal sands beach in the north east of england..i am probably one of the most trustworthy people and i am very nice but can be shy…you dont have to…but i was just wondering. 🙂

  80. can i see a pic of you & your tail ?

  81. yes i won’t tell any1 either and the shell model is so cool now i want to live in it.

  82. also where r u from and where r u now.

    • ah, you asked that a month ago. i am in london at the moment and grew up around the baltic and north sea and also the mediterranean.

  83. is that far of philadelphia or north america

    • a few thousand miles. i’ve swum the distance a couple of times – it’s quite exhausting! there are very few places to rest during the journey. luckily, the azores are on the way!

  84. oohh well how can i get there

  85. oohh ok thanks and i’ll see if i can go in the future but um how do u sleep??

    • i usually sleep under water because it feels safer. i can sleep on land, too, though. i like to sleep near boats, because i enjoy the music and the voices coming from them. it is also very educational.

  86. and um tell me all about you if you want anyything that you can tell me about please that would be alot helpful 🙂

  87. oohh ok i am growing a tail so it will take 2 or 3 months so ok think of something lol 🙂

  88. i have a question how old are you angela

  89. wow so thats incredible so um what are you trying to research for.

  90. oh what for for a project.

  91. hi Angela
    i am 16 and i recently did a spell to become a mermaid and it work but do to curtain circumstances i need to find a way to lose it.
    can u help me please if you can?
    or do you know any one who can help me?

  92. have u every been to the bahamas??

  93. Hi:) im sorry, but i just have a quick question… is it true that mermaids have special powers? and if so, whats yours?

    • i have been told that some mermaids have special powers, but i have never met one so far. there are so many different kinds of mermaids though. some of us could be described as having a power of some sort, if you count physical abilities. some mermaids are build so they can swim much faster than other mermaids, some mermaids have so much blubber that they can stay in icy water for a long time, some mermaids can stay in polluted waters for a long time without being harmed, some deep sea mermaids have organs that glow in the dark and some of us are even rumoured to have claws! i guess my special power is that i can communicate with landfolk.

    • Yes some do, take me for example. Have you seen H2o Just Add Water? Their powers, jelly-fi-ing, heating,freezing,weather,conrtolling water, levitation etc I have those. I can do others as well that are not on H2o but they are just simple things, PSI balls, creating flames and yeah. Are you one?

  94. um mid johnson can u tell me the spell to transform into a mermaid please, because i really want to be a mermaid so if u can tell the spell that you used that will be great.!

  95. thanks mib johnson

  96. thank you mib johnson

  97. um so what have you been up to since you last swam angela?

    • well, i have applied to join a research centre. i have proposed to develop a voice programme that allows some merfolk to communicate with humans and vice versa. apparently, this is pretty complicated as there are so many different communication styles under water, but maybe we can make this happen for at least some merfolk. also, i have learned a lot about a land creature called the ‘spider’. they are very fascinating creatures. there is one type that even lives under water, although it is an air breather – like a sea mammal.

      i would like to interview one of these ‘diving bell spiders’, if i can, why they have chosen this aquatic lifestyle.

  98. that is a pretty cool diving spider but i’m afriad of them wow. angela if u can do that thing that ur doing can i listen to ur voice because i would love to hear what you sound like
    and also if u see mermaids or mer-folk tell them i said i

  99. how do mermaids have babies?

    • ah, that depends entirely on the type of mermaid. most of us will conceive and give birth like other marine mammals such as manatees or whales. others will reproduce more like fish and attach egg pouches to plants or rock or give them to a merman to look after.

  100. ooh so how are you angela are you in the water, when do you go to the water or live in the water?

    • i spend most of my time in the water. it is quite cold at the moment. about 8 degrees celsius, so i have to eat a lot of hearty food to keep me warm. there is not that much food in my river at the moment, so i often eat with landfolk who make really weird, but excellent meals. i have to be careful, though, because a lot of the tasty landfolk food is not very nutritious, but makes you want to eat more of it!

  101. um so angela so are you in the water right now do you sleep in the water, but i have a question in the winter time does the water freeze and the whole river is frozen or do you just sleep in the warm water like in a house or some where, where do you sleep if the water freezes in the winter, and tell me some stuff about mermaids please i would love to know all about them lol thanks.

    • hmh. in london the thames does not freeze over any more, so i’m fine being in the water. some mermaids swim to warmer regions if it gets too cold. really well adapted mermaids don’t mind extreme colds and keep themselves a breathing hole when the water freezes over. sometimes, landfolk invite me round to their pools which are sometimes heated. i sometimes go there for chats and entertainment, but the stuff they put in the water (chlorine, for instance) is not very good for my body, so i usually cannot stay very long. last time i went to a water ballet party with landfolk females with very elaborate swimming hats. that was nice!

    • I like to sleep in the water with my head resting on a rock with kelp or seaweed blanketed over me if it gets cold. I’m only a mermaid in the water, so on some nights I can sleep in my ocean decorated bedroom 🙂

  102. um but where do you sleep if the river where you live freezes, and um do you have to sleep somewhere else like in a home bath full of warm water or something like that. But just tell me some thing about mermaids i would love to know about them like cause i always wanted to be a mermaid since i was little, and right now i still want to please tell me if you cane because i want to know every single detail that you know, so yeah not every single one but just some of them, so yea thanks.

    • erm, there are many different types of mermaids. and, apart from moving around in the water, they do pretty different things. they even speak different languages from each other. some of them you probably would not recognise as mermaids. they look pretty different from the depicitions landfolks have in circulation. i have not met a mermaid yet who looks like ariel. most of us look a lot more like fish or manatees. our skin is more like fish skin, for instance. have you ever touched fish? some fish are more slippery and others have quite abrasive skin. it keeps us protected from the water. sometimes, the scales can make our skin look silvery or give us a golden or iridescent sheen.
      also, i haven’t seen a mermaid with long flowing hair yet. long hair would give us too much resistance while swimming. some of us have fins on their heads, for instance. some of them resemble hair. maybe some mermaids have long hair and keep it tied back and release it on land?
      other things? it’s actually quite hard to type for me. some people i do research with are trying to make me a software that uses a hydrophone and converts my noises into english text, but that is quite difficult.
      will try and think of other things. am off my friend’s boat & back into the river now!

  103. ****QUESTION PLEASE ANSWER :)****
    How long do mermaids live?

    • sorry it has taken me so long to reply. i was away for a bit to do some fieldwork.

      age spans of merpeople vary by sub-species, it depends on the type of environment they live in, and also on how clean or polluted their environment is. most merpeople dwelling in clean, temperate waters near the surface live about as long as humans. there are legends that in the deepest parts of the ocean, there are merfolk that are many ages old. we call them the lore keepers. a similar legend exists about lore keepers in the under-ice lakes of antarctica.

  104. angela um who are going to build the shell and where is the shell going to be built.

    • whoops! sorry for the late reply. i literally got snowed under with research – and learning about some new seasonal human customs.
      i just know that a shell-like city is going to be built in the indian ocean. There is more information on it here:
      Apparently, it is going to be built by some esearchers/architects from a country that is actually off the Baltic and North Sea, rather than the indian ocean…
      do you celebrate this festivity called christmas, too?

  105. Oh hey, your replying again!

    That’s great. But anyway, I wonder how many sea people (or mer people? what exactly would be the proper term? Hm.) are out there, but remain un-recognised by regular humans.

    What’s your guess, as to when the embassy will be established?

    Because there are over 1,843 people (Approaching 2,000) who want so badly to live in the ocean/sea/large body of water. See here!

    Anyways, I must go now. Merry Christmas! (The whole world practically celebrates it!)

    • well, there are and have been several projects on the way. the dolphin embassy project, for instance, seems to have been abandoned. then there is the autopia project (see question above) and the international ocean station project:
      so you might want to contact them directly. i am less involved with the building part, because i am not very skilled in this respect.
      btw we call ourselves merfolk with humans.

  106. is there a spell or something that can make me a mermaid and have powers. if so email me at

  107. what color is the color of your fin? and if you have a colr did yu get o chose it?

    • most merfolk are born with a fixed colour fin. i am one of the few kind who can vary theirs. i tend to keep mine a sea green though most of the time.

  108. emily my name is colstn and i was wondering if you live in the sea part time or all the time if you could please let me know. and have yu ever been t bay st. louis, ms?

    • hello emily. i live mostly in a river called the thames at the moment. i was born in another river that connects to the north sea. i sometimes venture into the ocean to visit relatives or to do research with landfolk. i am not very well adapted to ocean life, so it is always a bit harsh for me, although roaming the seas is also a purifying experience. because i was trained to be a merfolk diplomat, however, i enjoy the company of landfolk very much, and i tend to get lonely on long ocean journeys. most other mermaids, however, are in the oceans rather than rivers. so far, i have never been near a place called bay st. louis. my fellow diplomats tell me that the waters can get pretty wild there, so it seems to be more of a territory for hardy ocean mermaids.

  109. angila when can you cme to the gulf of mexico in mississippi? if you can will you please come? we have alot of fish!

    • last month, i met a landfolk researcher who did some work there, so maybe, one day, i get the chance to explore this area. i have to check first what kind of songs the mermaid use to communicate there, so that i don’t confuse them too much.

  110. angrlia:
    my cousin and i are wondering u r a real mermaid or someone who is just pretending……… and if u have visited mississippi.

    we don’t think ur real! 😡

    • i am a mermaid, not particularly pretty by landfolk standards, but able to communicate quite successfully! ages ago, we tried to breed merfolk which looked more appealing to humans, however, these ambassadors were not taken very seriously and were often chased by landfolk males.
      so far, i have never visited the most impressive mississippi river.

  111. hi angela…my names tanya and i would like to become a mermaid… friend priscilla says that mermaids can bless people…..she says that can make people merfolk….is it true?

    • hi tanya. not to my knowledge, but many people have asked me about this. maybe there are some who can. unfortunately, i cannot…

      • Hi angela im cece and i was wondering is it true that mermaids can grant wishes for humans like me. Because i’ve always wanted to be a mermaid my whole life

  112. hi angela!
    i have read this whole page and you sound pretty real to me, i would love to be a mermaid!
    would you tell me, do you like it? or do you find the landfolk life more appealing to you?

    • obviously, i like my merfolk life, although it can be pretty tough gathering food all the time and trying not to get harmed in some way (predators, boats, fishing nets, parasites etc), but it is, after all, my natural element, and i feel the most comfortable in the water. i do, however, enjoy landfolk company very much, which is why i currently live near house boats. i like the music that landfolk play on their boats. i also enjoy working with the landfolk geographers and oceanographers. i am always amused by human facial expressions and gestures. and landfolk eat bizarre things, for instance, food that is made into other shapes than what it actally it. the other day, someone showed me bat shaped winegums. these are made from fruit juice and pig bones, right? but they are formed to look like bats? the mermaid finds this very peculiar…

  113. how do you become a mermaid?

    • as far as i know you are born a mermaid. but the option, if one is not born one, is to live as one. then you are also a mermaid, because you live with the sea.

  114. wat are u doing now

    • i am working on a project with some geographers and oceanographers on what they call ‘ocean conservation’. today we have been looking at data from the gulf stream. we also do public events, usually in the summer around world ocean day, with music, film and talks. after all, i am here as a merfolk diplomat. that’s why they gave me the name angela, because apparently it means messenger in an ancient landfolk tongue.
      right now i am having a large bowl of sea weed soup that my colleage made me. it is a novelty for me to have warm food, but i am quite enjoying it on land. something i am having huge trouble with is the heat coming from radiators. i now need to apply a special balm that stops my body from drying out too much when we work indoors.

  115. Does it bother you that landfolk don’t believe in merfolk?

    • sometimes. it is a bit of a double-edged fin. believing in merfolk appears to make landfolk care about the oceans more, but on the other hand, some merfolk does not like to have too much attention. most of my fellow merfolk, i have to admit, although they are also curious about landfolk, are a little paranoid about landfolk finding out too much about them.

  116. Hello. Are there other merfolk on diplomatic missions like yours?

    • yes, there should be a few more. we usually make contact through research vessels. we recognise those by the diving bells they have. we tried making contact through fishermen, but that can be a bit dangerous… we also sometimes help stranded people and bring them to land and then ask as a favour that they put us in touch with landfolk diplomats or ocean researchers. in the past, we had contact with sea and river shamans and priests. you could ask in places like the cousteau society. and i have the suspician that sylvia earle may be a mermaid. so far, i have met only one other mermaid diplomat in person here in london. she was a very experienced merfolk diplomat who has been travelling the world for many decades – and still is!

      • wow that’s so interesting! So these merfolk diplomats come to help landfolk take better care of the sea? Is merfolk civilization more, i’m not sure how to put it, sophisticated (?) than landfolk civilization? Obviously landfolk society is frought with many problems, so are merfolk diplomats coming to land to help landfolk with other problems too?

      • to jemma (somehow this comment ended up at the bottom of the page – how fitting!): merfolk is not such a sophisticated civilisation, at least not in terms of technology. we have a rather primitive life-style by human standards. most of us are hunter-gatherers. on the other hand, we do not produce so much toxic waste, which we merfolk find rather unsophisticated. we are hoping that this is just a temporary stage in landfolk environment (landfolk are a quite young people after all!).

      • I agree! Almost everything that humens do produce toxins. Do you know how much longer merfolk have been around than humans? Were merfolk around before any life on earth existed? Also a random question, do merfolk have books?

      • hmh, i’m not sure how long merfolk have been around. maybe some of the elders know. i don’t think we were around before other life on earth. i think we evolved in the oceans.
        we do not have books. most of our culture is transmitted through song. a bit like what whales do. we use those to remember events. for other things we also use movements. emotions and more immediate things, for instance. if we tried to carve in stone, the water would wash it off. sometimes we shape coral.

  117. hey have u ever came to the gulf of mexico if u havent can u please come plea

    have u ever came to the gulf of mexicco if u havent can u plz come

  118. thank u u are the best person ever wat u doing now have u ever ran into other mermaids up there

    • i have met other mermaids on land. it is a bit awkward, because we cannot communicate in mermaid language, because it is difficult to make our sounds or movements in air. so we have to hope that we have learned the same human language or can find another way of communicating.

  119. do mermaids have books

  120. cool do u have a last name

  121. awesome do u have a last name if so wat is it

    • mermaid names are very long. we do not have the first name/surname concept. our name is a sort of story. there are many different mer-peoples so the names contain information about your specific people, their defining features, their geographic origin or dwelling place and their history – as well as some personal information about yourself. as you can guess, introductions take ages, even in speedy mermaid language!

  122. name some of the places u have been and do u have a school where u lived when u was a baby mermaid

    • i was raised to be a diplomat, so i grew up near humans. i lived in the baltic sea, in the north sea, in the elbe river and in the thames. i have also visited some other rivers and seas. i was educated at first by my pod, and later by some elder merfolk diplomats, because i was so curious about landfolk.

  123. Is this real………………………………………

  124. hi

    its tanya,
    i was watching a show about whales
    and it was showing killer whales attack grey whales
    it was so sad
    were some merfolk there that could’ve helped the grey whales coz it was so sad watching that.

    • well, unfortunately, the ocean is extremely vast and there are not that many merfolk, so the likelihood of one of us intervening is very slim. also, there are quite complex politics in the ocean, especially among mammals. killer whales are a very proud cultures of hunters, so they like to set themselves certain challenges (a bit like some landfolk do), and killing another whale is quite a feat. if we interfered, we would subsequently get in trouble with orcas and their friends, the dolphins. however, there have been times where we could successfully negotiate the safety of other sea mammals when we let the orcas know that certain whales are endangered or that it would be dishonourable to kill a ‘toothless’ prey. of course, the grey whales would get upset about being portrayed as weak, so we have to make sure they don’t hear us say that! The good thing is that most orcas listen to us, because we help deliver their babies if it is a complicated birth and give other medical assistance. but the orca nomads, the proudest of hunters, are a bit of a headache sometimes, because they also refuse care. they believe in what they call ‘survival of the fittest’, which we merfolk think is a very outmoded concept. we believe in symbiosis. even sharks do! ah, the diplomacy does not end!

  125. cool how do mermaids have babies

    • that depends on the merfolk species the mermaid comes from. most mermaids are what landfolk call marine mammals, so they have babies like whales or humans do. some mermaids, however, lay eggs like fish or keep the eggs inside their bodies or their partners’ bodies (they do not usually have as many eggs as fish, though, otherwise we’d probably have mermaid swarms!

  126. wa are u doing and do u thinkfaries are real if u do have u ever seen one

    • at the moment i am working as a merfolk diplomat and researcher together with some landfolk diplomats and researchers. i have heard about fairies. they are a human mythical creature. merfolk myths also involve a kind of ‘fairie’. like landfolk fairies, they can be strenuous tricksters, but also helpful creatures. i have never encountered one, so i presume they are a tale to tell young merfolk, but you never know!

  127. i ment fairys not faries

  128. Umm If you do a mermaid spell and your left leg turns white and your right leg turns brown what does that mean? Also how you know you are born a mermaid? at what year do you turn into a mermaid? If you turn into a mermaid then does that include your heritage? If yes then I am Deminican, Irash, and a little british.

    • hmh, i have no experience with spells or legs turning different colours. i am also not sure how you know you are born a mermaid. sometimes you can tell from your parents! all i know is that there are merfolk all over the world, and occasionally it happens that they are raised as humans, either deliberately or by mistake. some of them become merfolk diplomats.

  129. my friends and i are writing a book called sacred heart magic academy and we need a lot of info about fairies, vampires, mermaids, witches etc. do you have anything you can tell me? coz it would be a real help thx

  130. hey lol um Angela even thought it’s like winter where do you go for warmth do u stay in the water or do you have to go somewhere to be warm, cause if your stay in the water wouldn’t you die freezing cold, or do u go to the atlantic ocean, like other fishes

    • well, in the winter i eat a lot of fatty foods so i acquire more body fat to keep me warm. some mermaids move to warmer waters, but i tend to stay where i am. if it gets too cold, i ask one of my friends from the houseboats if i can warm up in his bathtub for a while.

  131. do mermaids have periods

    • some mermaids do. most mermaids are more like marine mammals who don’t have periods. having periods in the water is a bit dangerous, because it attracts predators. if a mermaid is of a species that has periods, she tends to stay on or near land during that time, where marine predators can’t go! luckily, most mermaids have what biologists call covert menstruation.

  132. but angel won’t the houseboat try and kill you like the ower kill you, or would they really let you stay in their bathtub

    • no. i only ask people i know. we are friends, so they don’t kill me! they tend to feed me and sometimes i bring them nice old landfolk things from the bottom of the river in exchange.

  133. aww thats really nice a nice pay back of what they do for u to sta healthy and warm and alive

  134. hi,i have a question if u would be a human and turn into a mermaid would u tell ur perents? cuz i used a spell and it worked on me and i dont know if i should tell my perents 😦

    • that sounds interesting. as i said before, i don’t know about magic – at least not yet! am also not sure if there is a need to tell your parents. in a way, they should know, because they like to look after their young for a long time. on the other hand, some parents do get overly worried if their offspring becomes quite different from them. what do you reckon?

    • U did a spell and it worked? which one? what do u look like?…..srry im asking so may questions

  135. Kamila what spell did u use, i’m dying to become a mermaid please tell me u can email me it
    I’M dying to know.!!

  136. How do you be a mermaid,I did a spell but one didn’t work.

    • uh, sorry, i don’t know anything about spells. the mermaids i’ve encountered were born or hatched as mermaids.

  137. Hello.
    I was just wondering… is there a way to recognize a merperson? (mermaid/merman) Because I suspect a friend of mine. He seems to have a special fondness towards marine animals and he avoids walking in the rain like the plague although he said many times before that he loves water and oceans.

    • hmh, interesting. you think he can morph? i haven’t encountered this phenomenon before – most of us are stuck with one shape. having said that, some of us can fold some things away and have two sets of breathing apparatuses – gills and human style breathing. gills will show when immersed in water. i have found though that a lot of landfolk have some kind of merfolk heritage. some have it stronger than others. the elders say that all landfolk originally come from the sea. some humans think that, too. look up the aquatic ape theory!

  138. hi

    what types of mermaid found in asia……Philippines
    many mermaid sightings here…^_^

    I wish to see a real mermaid someday
    is their a chance for a real close encounter?

    are mermaids friendly??

    for those humans who actually became mermaids please email me at send me a picture ^_^

    I wish to see a real mermaid someday

    • well, i haven’t been to the philippines yet – although i had an invitation once to sing there, but it never happened. the philippines have particularly shy mermaids, because a mermaid tribe was once killed in its entirety there in what most of you will call the 18th century. they were not killed by the native people, i have to say, but mermaids often find the difference between landfolk hard to tell and some of us live for a very long time! so be careful when you see a mermaid. it might think you are attacking it.

  139. do you have any close encounter with a human???

    who is the human? your mom or your dad?

    I would like to hear their story of how they meet if that’s ok? ^_^

    • i currently work with landfolk on a research project on landfolk/merfolk communications. my dad is the merfolk part. my mum is human. they met when my dad got lost in a river and my mum was travelling to work on a boat taxi. they spotted each other and that was it. not a very exciting story, i’m afraid!

  140. Hello! Um, this is about to get deep so yea.
    I can feel that I have a mermaid inside me. Its hard to explain, but it’s like i know im meant to be a mermaid yet I am human with two legs and no gills. It’s like with every fiber of me being I know i am a mermaid but it just wont show. Do you have and idea to help me? I know you dont know spells but just something. I even bought a fake fabric mermaid tail. please just help me.

    • hmh. unfortunately, i have no idea, so far at least, how i can help you. maybe you just have a very strong merfolk heritage? in a way, you are privileged. you won’t have to go hunting for fish or other creatures all the time, and you can, like me, contribute to improving relationships between landfolk and merfolk!

    • i found many spells if u would like them then just ask

  141. Hello there,
    For the longest time I wondered why I was different. When I understood I was a real mermaid, everything clicked. My whole existence, lifestyle, and personality finally made sense to me. The underwater realm is the most peaceful and beautiful area of life. I don’t have gills like you do. I resemble more of a dolphin figure, yet I have scales the color of pearl. It would simply be wonderful to hear and speak with another Mer. I’ve only ever met one other, and she and I are far from each other at the present time. I would love to hear of your mermaid self and soul. Please email me is you ever have the chance.
    Sending you kelp forests of comfort and wave washed dreams.
    Thank you

    • erm, not sure about the peacefulness. i find it pretty strenuous to live in the ocean. there is always someone who thinks of you as food, which creates a huge amount of paranoia and fighting. also, there are a lot of issue with water quality. so i could really do with some kelp forests of comfort! by landfolk standards, i’m not actually a very pretty mermaid. in fact, my shape is quite disconcerting to some people who see me the first time. my colour varies between green, grey and brown. i have a very strong muscular body and strong jaws and sharp teeth. but people tend to appreciate my singing and my affinity to music.

  142. Hi angela, i havn’t asked something here for a while but, i know since your a mermaid, but how do you get access on the computer even you have a tail, do you change into a human or something??, like do you use a sea computer or do you use the human computer, this is very mysterious for me.

    • i mostly use computers on land where electricity won’t harm me. it’s ok to type for me, despite the webbed fingers.
      sometimes, when i’m in the water, the researchers give me a hydrophone that is connected to a computer with some special speech software on it that converts my sounds to text.

  143. what if you are a human and doesn’t know your mom is a mermaid queen but your father is human but married a mermaid and once you were swimming underwater and there was a change that your hair turned into a color or grew longer but you knew this when you were 16 is it true?

  144. Is there any other mermaids/mermen that live under the ocean?

  145. Where were you born exactly?

  146. by landfolk time… more than thirty years ago. by merfolk time: less than an age.

  147. I would like to be a Merman. How do I become one? Thanks.

  148. are mermaids real

  149. This is a ply for help. With all the wailing and pollution that’s going on, and it being more severe then ever, I think it’s time for the merpeople to come out of their hiding spots and show themselves. If there’s proof of ‘human’ intelligence in the sea, then governments all around the world have a solid argument against these crimes.
    Please think about it.

  150. hi my name is leila, i found many different kind of spells to turn into a mermaid. It has worked on some people but im gunna do whatever possible to become one. some of my friends think im crazy and the people on the internet r just making up that they r mermaids. If I ever do become 1 what do u think I should kno?? Or where can I find other merfolk?? just please tell me whatever possible please. Thank u ☮

  151. o and what do mermaids look like?

    • what u should do is find a spell that lets u be a mermiad when u touch water and u can be on land when dry

      • ya thats what im doing… thinking of making my own spell because I heard it works but i need to more stuff from angela

  152. i mean information

  153. uhm leila…. angela didn’t use a spell, she was born as a mermaid ;p

  154. um if anyone used a spelll to become a mermaid can i please use the spell bec it’s my dream to become a mermaid!1

  155. i kno she was born a mermaid!!!! i mean i want to kno about other mermaids!!!! i kno she was born a mermaid!! and also its better if u make ur own spell to becme a mermaid….it works better….thats what i heard

  156. hi its me leila again, i know u were already born a mermaid-just putting that out there.anyways i plan on becoming a mermaid but my zodiac sign is a taurus, does that affect anything. and u said before that landfolk are merfolk in a way, how is that? and what is it like living under the water?? and can u please send me a pic of u?? and can u please email all this info to me- my email is (dont make fun of it my friend made it for me). and im really srry if im asking for so much

  157. omg there are no such things as mermaids. you are living in cookoo land. i can’t believe you guys believe this person claiming to be a mermaid. It’s crazyness.

    • Hi I’m nalin,
      And I wondered do you look like the mermaid on animal planet? cause you have been describing yourself like them but they just have a tail and they are not green. If yes then the goverment has one of your kind in a tank I think. I always believed in your ever since I was 6, 7 untill now I’m 11.
      One more question. Do you control the tides and waves?

  158. i really want to become a mermaid someone please tell me how..

  159. Hello, i have a question. If you have a headfin & you dont have a tail. It means that you have human legs?

  160. hey guys dont worry about the hater she’s just being a bitch. i believe in you all that you can make the change ❤ you all

  161. im going to florida tommarow and i would love to be a mermaid OMG PLEEASE! A REAL SPELL would be nicE!!!! my email is

  162. Told my parents…
    Darn! I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to tell my mom and dad I was turning into a mermaid! I didn’t know until I came on here looking for more information today. I told my dad first that I was turning into a mermaid and he obviously didn’t believe me because he joked and thought I was being silly. When I told my mom the day after, she freaked out and thought I had to go to the hospital ‘cause I had some “serious mental issues”. I pleaded her to not take me anywhere near a doctor… Oh man, does this mean I’m never going to get my tail or powers? By the way, I did the spell on Sunday the 19th of September 2010 and today is Saturday the 25th of September. My side effects came instantly. I wanted to keep my legs crossed and together all the time, I sing a bit, I got a headache, a stomachache, my legs are harder to move when I walk up the stairs, I am always drinking water, I have an urge to drink water, and I can’t stop thinking about becoming a mermaid! So, my main question is, is telling my parents accidentally even though they don’t believe me going to prevent me from getting my tail and powers? By the way, I’m a 14 year old Freshman girl.

    • I’m sure you’d still get your tail.
      Sorry Angela about answering questions, I’m just trying to help 😛 🙂
      I told my parents when I found out I was a mermaid but I still have my tail.
      My powers are cool as which means I still got them too.
      I was even shown to them as a mermaid, fate done the deed.
      I am 12 so it would’ve been worse for me if it hid everything from me.
      Those side-effects..those are exactly what they did to my friend when she did the inosciant spell. I think you are becoming a mermaid but just definatly don’t tell anybody EVER again.
      Oh and make sure you don’t go into a mental home, hospital etc because if they run tests, you will be found out as a mermaid. Almost happened to me once.

  163. By the way, the spell I did was the Insouciant Inclemency spell.

  164. are there mermaids in florida

  165. I WANT to be a mermaid do you if its possible.

  166. Hey so I have a blog under the name of ‘a mermaids fashion notebook’ and just wanted to stop by anothers mermaid site. Come by and check out mine if you want!

  167. Hey Angela.. im still wanting to become one.. is there any thing that you can refer to make it easier for me to become a mermaid?… also one question … what happens if it snows on the water… do you have to move to the Atlantic..or something.. because i think that water gets frozen..

  168. I’m quite glad to meet another Mermaid that can communicate with the Landfolk! There aren’t very many that can around here.

  169. Hi, I did a spell on accident because well my friend was looking up spells and stuff and I just said the spell out loud and you didnt need anything for it also it was a proven spell and every time i get in a bath or something blue shiny scales appear on my legs im scared but im kinda glad this happend to me…it was kinda like faith but i need your help what its llike to be a mermaid oh yeah and it said a mermaid when wet human when dry.

  170. Does anyone else go on the Oceanet?

  171. I want to be a mermaid. Can you help me? Can you turn me into a mermaid? Please help me the minute you read this. Please help me mermaids! Please? Thank you.

    • If you REALLY want to you might have to live in Australlia, for me to be able to turn you into one because the spells dont work truly. If it ‘worked’ it was actually saying you were a mermaid since you were born but you became one fully today. It is time to become wht you have been.
      But sometime in Australian summer, around in January/December 25/30January, in Victor Harbour, go to the beach everyday. The one wih all the gym like exercise machines things across the road. Victor Harbouris near Adelaide, South Austral;ia
      Otherwise, in summer, everyday!, go to the Penshurst(Penshurst in Victoria, Australia) and wait for the mermaid with the black tail(it’d be the same as the beach one). It’d look like clothing but thats just the way I disguise it now. That is the true ways/ Youhave to consult a mermaid, face-to-face.

  172. Yea same for me.. I really want to be a mermaid.. please email me or help me please..!! Thank you

  173. Hey Angela. I am Nixxi (Nicki) and My grandfather was a merman. I was wondering if i would transform when i was in the ocean or i wouldn’t

  174. Hey Angela. I am Nixxi (Nicki) and My grandfather was a merman. I was wondering if i would transform when i was in the ocean or i wouldn’t be a mermaid? I really like the idea of my heiratige

  175. I actually have not heard of any spells that have turned landfolk into Merpeople but you could ask someone else sorry.

  176. I want to be a mermaid. With a tail. Do you know anyone who could make me one? Please answer.

    • If you really want to become one of us, ask my friend about the Mergen spell. She may be able to help. She became one by some type of spell.

  177. Hi i know u were born a mermaid but i have a question. I have always been one of the landfolks that still loves the sea like it is our home. I did a spell to transform me and be a siren. My siren power is sort of working but I still can’t get a tail. Help?

  178. hi i really want to be a mermaid please visit me at the bay.

    • Well first of all there are many bays and also, my father doesn’t like it when I meet with Landfolk. Otherwise I would! If you really want to become one of us, ask my friend about the Mergen spell. She may be able to help. She became one by some type of spell. Oh and for any of you that are wondering, Atlantis most likely does not exist, for if it did, we would know.


      • who is your friend and what is the spell?

      • Who is your friend bc me and my friends have been wanting to be real mermaids since we were little. Please tell me who.

  179. Hi Sana i really want to become one of you.. but with out the shaving legs part.. even tho i have to shave.. But how can i talk to her?.. i REALLY want to become one.. also that has powers maybe.. but what is the Mergen Spell?.. i WOULD REALLY LOVE to know

  180. im a mermaid is there a way 2 tell my friends cuz they r getting mad

  181. Dear Angela, Me and my best friend Nixie have just gotten interested into mermaids. We really would like to become one! But, all of a sudden we can swim faster, hold breath longer, crossing our legs and not knowing it, dreaming of being underwater, and feeling weird out of water. We dont think we are turning into mermaids but we read once that some people are born with mermaid heritage and its so far back that they dont notice it unless they look for it. We also read that mermaids can also be beautiful young women who devote their lives to the ocean (Living by it, studying it, etc). Please reply when you get the chance!


    • Lovely name! None of the mer-folk I’ve met have a name that pretty! Reminds me of Mermaid Melody. 😛
      Maybe you have mermaid heritage-you said they could find it if they looked for it. I think that maybe you did look for it-you got intrested in mermaids and started to believe etc in them
      If you keep believeing-FOREVER-maybe you will get the tail one day
      Oh if you live in Australia and want to meet a real mermaid (me), go to Victoria and into the little town Penshurst, then go to the pool everyday of Summer and wait for me, I should be there a couple of those days with a black tail. It’d look like clothing but thats my disguise.

  182. Hello, I’m going to the pebble beach of Rovinj in Croatia this August, and I was wondering if you know if any mermaids live in that area. Thanks in advance.

  183. Hi mermaid! I have to ask you a true question. Many people asked you how to bece a mermaid; I think was destined to become one. I don’t want to sound desperate but I have love for the aquatic creatures. Can you helpe become one or to see one. I always believe in mermaids no matter what.

  184. how do you become a mermaid

  185. 2 days ago i did the insouciant spell 2 become a mermaid and a lil’ after i did it i had some of the sideffects, uncontrolably crossing ur legs, head aches, stomache aches, and when i went in2 the kitchen i got really dizzy for no reason and blacked out 4 a sec!! does that mean im becoming a mermaid? please help!!! ouch! andnow the left side of my neck hurts and is kind of rough(thats another sideffect)

  186. are mermaids dangerous to have an affair with and how dangerous if they are , do mermaids cheat when in love with and if u interested in having a relationship with a mermaid how can one connect to a mermaid

    • mermaids that are born as mermaids are dangerous well some
      mermaids that are born as mermaids live in oceans for there whole life are the bad ones or they were trained to be dangerous

  187. tell me what powers do mermaids have and can it become generational that is pass is on when the has been a mermaid in the family and how would u know that and be able to notice that a member of the family is a mermaid or mermen

  188. i really wanna have a mermaid as ma love but am not sure coz i dont know much about them is it possible to be visited by mermaids maybe at night or u need to go to a river what exactly do u do, ma case is that humans cheat.

  189. wow i just read ALL of these comments… im sorry that people keep pestering you with the same questions (:

  190. heyyy!!!!! if your ever doing reacherch (if thats how you spell it) in th Houdson River PLEASE come to saugerties New York its a town that has alot of entrences to the water. ( sorry im rely rely bad at spelling)

  191. heyy me again can you send me that spell, me and my friend have been searching for 1 and are afraid to try 1 because we dont want to be disapointed if it dosent work. thxxx……bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. there is an insouciant 1 i tryd nt 2 long ago that wrks on sum peple and i think is wrking on me! contact me, my email is and ill gv u the spell

    • The insocant spell is a curse to most people. If you are christian, you will go to hell for that.

  193. one Q, I’ve always believed in mermaids no matter what people said! And I have always wanted to be one from a very young age! Is, it possible i might be related to one, my great-grandma, not saying her name! Everything is changing for me personal ways and physical ways!

  194. hi…this is sinclair here. i would like to know the culture of merpeople as i am going to write a book about merpeople! thanks in advance!

  195. i always wanted to be a mermaid but then i became one i have to keep it a screat from every one it is so much fun i have powers and every thing
    to have it a screat i will have a code name
    h20 the show rocks

  196. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of mermaid this is


    Colored Legs Not a tail
    webbed feet and hands
    can live out of water
    can live in water

    Thanks please help

  197. how do you become a mermaid?

  198. yeah how did u become a mermaid please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8)

  199. i want to become a mermaid.because they can breath underwater.pls.give me a spell or magic words to become a mermaid.thank you

  200. hi! are u still viewing commets? well plz answer mine:(…can u create a mermaid spelll for all those who want to on this august 13? and i heard mermaids have powers…wat kind do u have? and one more. where do u find mermaids? if u swim in a group how are you supposed to find one?u just call out? oh thnk u and pls contact me at thank u

  201. angela do u know anyway for a human to succesfuly become a mermaid? anyway possible? pls tell me or contact me on my profile or at thank u

  202. hey i want to know what your tail looks like because i want to be a mermaid

  203. I want to be a mermaid do you have any spells?

    Please share!

  204. which ocean do mermaids live in?

    • Yes they do have spells.If you have a set of pearls and you love them so much then take a bath and say mermaid 6 TIMES then you might be a mermaid.

    • mermaids live in all oceans. there are many different types of mermaids. some even live in icy waters!

  205. Plz tell me every possible way to become a mermaid!!(sorry, im pushy)

    • Go to, go to spells in the toolbar, go down to fantasy spells, click on mermaid spells, and use the 5star spells or the unrated ones. Ur welcome

  206. How do I keep me being a mermaid from my parents

  207. plz Angela

  208. HI,angela can u please tell me about mermaid culture? like ur foods,lifestyle,jobs u do,anything…i now writing a book about mermaid ,so…please help me…thanks

  209. jk i am a mermaid………….. but my sister wants to be one

  210. I have a question. I think I may have been born a mermaid but I have human legs. Is it possible to change back and if so, how can I?

  211. My name is prescilla west I am deaf daughter
    I wish became a mermaid. I love this colors purple and black and earrings, nickness. Look like mermaid dvil witch. That what I wish it very normal danger. It don’t get hurts mermaid look eyes coloues on me. Can tell an answers q. What I could feelings.

  212. how can i become a mermaide?

  213. Hey my name is Sam I have some question please email me!!

  214. can you plz give me a spell or a potion plz 🙂

  215. Do ypu have any spells or something that can make me a mermaid just not by being born one please

  216. Do mermaids lay eggs? And if so how many at once?

    • that depends on the mermaid. some lay eggs (usually quite a few at once), some don’t. the mermaid eggs kind of resemble ray eggs, which is why those are sometimes called ‘mermaid’s purses’.

  217. Can you please give me a mermaid spell

  218. I have a few question’s

    (1) What animales are dangerouse to mermaids?

    (2) Can a mermaid have a dolphine or shark or whale or fish or seaturtle as a pet?

    (3) Does the ocean have a king or kingdom or like a leader you have to obey?

    (4) Are thier rules you have to folow in the ocean if so what are the rules?

    • (1) the most dangerous animal to mermaids is the human. in terms of sea animals, mermaids have less and less natural enemies. in ancient times, there were lots of fast and very strong predators, but those have gone. i am not sure whether the mermaids hunted them down or whether they perished for other reasons such as climatic changes. having said that, most mermaids take a wide berth round poisonous jellyfish. they can be seriously lethal (but pretty from a distance).

      (2) some mermaids have animal companions. they either travel together or meet up frequently. sea turtles are by far the most popular companion. whales are usually too much occupied with their pod, but they like to exchange news with mermaids. sharks are usually too busy hunting, but they like getting health checks from mermaids (and fishes), e.g. we clean off their parasites and sometimes give them a massage when they are tired. After all, they do an important job in the oceans.

      (3) there is no known king or leader in the ocean. but we do pay respect to our elders, who are a mixture of mermaids and other seafolk such as whales.

      (4) the rule is to respect other denizens of the sea for what they are and do. usually, rules have not been necessary, because of inherent instincts, but currently, there are problems with that. e.g. because of the decliine of some species through extensive fishing, other species, who would normally have been kept in check by them, are causing problems, because they are following their usual pattern in far too great numbers. we are looking into that problem.

  219. is there anything else instead of a spell to become a mermaid?

  220. Email me at i have some questions

  221. Hey @MermaidGalForever If your a mermaid please tell me if you want how you became a mermaid.. i really want to know!! thanks!.

    • Hi I happen to be born one like Angela. I’m the kind with a tail, though. My chest is like Angelas, not bare. But right know , I’m in a bathtub on my friends Sams Boathouse, she travels with me, so incase I see a predator. I did. A killer whale. it would hurt the type of mermaid like me, but not the kind Angela is. But chao for know its gone! (BTW, I’m a mermaid all the time, not just in water.

    • And mermaids lay eggs and they are kinda like seahorses. Both my parents are mermaid/mermen. I am an only child. And Ive been here pretty long, longer then Angela. Im not going to tell you though, its kind of weird. And becuase of that, I know many spells. Email me. Chao!

  222. MermaidGalForever can you please tell me some spells to turn my self into one.. IF you want.. please i believe in Mermaids.. and i would love to turn into one..

  223. spell: “sea gods and goddess’ please here my cry my wish my destiny a mermaid when wet a human when dry, that is my wish my cry my destiny so mote it be” need: full moon, necklace Do: be under full moon say spell at midnight it will work never take off necklace

  224. “oh great spirits oh sea people oh sea gods and goddess’ answer my wish a mermaid when wet human when dry so mote it be. Need: necklace do:say spell never take necklace off respect sea people!

  225. Hi everyone. 🙂

    You’re really a mermaid? as in? no kidding? :O can u HELP me?? I am a 4th year high school student and one of our requirements to graduate is to make a research paper..I have chosen the topic MERMAIDS because i believe in them and i wanted to prove to my classmates that they exist…can u help me?? How can i prove to them that Mermaids exist?how can i convince them?? and i can’t really find a reliable source about their existence…pls help me….. :/

    • mermaids usually try to make sure that not that much is known about they as most of us don’t trust humans. only recently have we started making contact with a few humans we think we can trust to convince them to take better care of the oceans. you could try contacting one of them. landfolk usually describe them as marine biologists.

  226. Good morning Angela.
    I´m Kenia from the site and I was hoping that since you offer answers to landfolk´s questions, you would like to do an interview for us.
    Please consider it.

  227. So am new to this and I want to ask you a bunch of question but not in one hit so this my only question to you is the kraken out there or did it die? Really thoe?

    • there are quite a few kraken our there. they tend to live in the Deep, like the trenches. they are pretty cranky, eccentric fellows, the ones i’ve met have been very old. they are also pretty secretive, but not aggressive, at least not to my knowledge. in fact, one rescued me from a fishing net when i was younger.

  228. Here is a question may I ask do you ever wounder that showing yourself to one person up close would make them bealeave you are real, I know you, your self said mermaids had bad experrience with humans. But dont you think there is one person that insted of freaking out, they would just smile? Because I know I would.=)

  229. EMAIL me at Thank You! and please tell me the spells thank you very much!

  230. Angela hi so listen any chance you can answer my question and may I ask you a personal question?

  231. how do i become a mermaid

  232. Quick ?
    How do you become a mermaid without a spell?

  233. I have dreams about becoming mermaid. It has haappened only 13 times and in one they said i’d become one at aghe of 13. When I sleep, my legs stick together, I’m always thristy, I crave sea salt, I put salt in my ice-cubes and water, and when I was 3 years old, I was in my front garden when this strange old lady who looked like she had a conectcion to the ocean came up to me and said “You shall have great power/s and water will be your life. You shall command water to do whatever you want too.’ Do youthink this mihgt let me turn into a mermaid?Oh wen I’m swimming, I automatically mermaid swim and when I try not to, I just can’t. And I can hold my breath underwater for ages!!

  234. Hi umm I have seen this show call h2o just add water and the mermaids. In the show has powers of heat freeze and moving water and I went on google and looked up how to become a mermiad and it said i would have those powers. And to have a blue tail

  235. Another thing Angela, could I do an interview with you? Like I send you the questions I’d ask through email and then you record yourself answering them, stopping the video each time you answer one of the questions?

  236. hi how can i become a mermaid because im useless

    • i am afraid i don’t know how. but if you feel like you’d like to be one and can imagine what it’s like to live like one, then surely that’s not useless, but very creative. one thing that mermaids really love, by the way, is stories. every time you encounter fellow merfolk or whales, they want to hear your stories. these can be bits of news from another part of the ocean. or they can be fairy-tales that you have thought of while travelling. i heard that landfolk have story-telling traditions, too! maybe, if you tell a story, some merfolk might hear it across the winds (no matter how far from the sea) and start sharing theirs. this might manifest as a strange noise. we tell stories mainly through high sounds – a mixture of rhythmic poem, song and click-percussion.

  237. i really want to become a mermaid………..wen all of these people on here say that they want to be one, i know that me and my friend have been in love with mermaids sence we were like two… every time i go to florida, i stare out into the ocean and wish i could be a mermaid……i even have like a fake tail… but it makes me mad that i cant really be one.. every one says there fake.. but i never believe them… so please mermaid if you have any advise…tell me…………PLEASE 😉


  239. also is there a mermaids language?

    • we usually have local song-language and a common merfolk tongue which both involve a mixture of percussive click sounds and high-pitched, whale like sounds. those signals travel well under water. merfolk like trading song-stories amongst each other and with other denizens of the oceans, such as whales. we always try to memories one another’s song-stories.

  240. I really want to be a mermaid. It is my biggest wish in the world… On this website my name is also loulou…… so please tell me how I can become one!

    • Heloo. I am a mermaid like Angela, only with the tail instead of head-fins but I know a few ways I have made Land-Folk mermaids/mermen.
      (1)Help a mer-folk out if they are stranded on the beach or something. Just something to help them, mainly if they are stranded in a fishing net. That happened to me.
      (2)Ask the mer-folk. Mainly Poisiden(dunno how to spell it!!)
      (3)Do a spell heres one nobody has ever tried: Gods of the sea along with goddesses. Please hear my plea, far and near. Please do not fail. I wish for the power(s) of ___ and the tail the colour of my personality.Please hear my plea and do not fail. Please grant me this by ___(when).No later, nos sooner. A human when dry,mermaid when wet is what I want to be. So mote it be.
      Try that spell!!
      (4) I dont know. Pray to the gods and godesses of the sea and maybe they shall gran t it to youby having mermaid dreams or finding jewelry in waters.

      Hope some of these work for you. I was bron one. I am human when dry though!

  241. Hi angela i’m val, i have some questions and i wonder if you can email me at

    And my questions are.

    1. If i tell some kids stories about mermaids from a little close to the water while people are talking can Mermaids still hear me?.. will they try to come up ashore and hear my story?
    2. I REALLY REALLY REAALLLYY!!! want to become a mermaid.. What can i do?
    3. What can i do To be in contact with Mermaids.. When im at the beach..?
    4. Would i have to be in water to contact them?.
    5. Would i have to say something underwater so they can hear me and talk to me?

    If you can answer these questions, that would be great!! Thank you!

    • (1) Somtimes mermaids can hear you speak if they are close enough. One girl I let turn into a mermaid was telling her 7yr old sister that she was a mermaid and Poisiden banished her from being a mermaid. It was sad.
      (2) read my reply to the comment above yours. Itll tell you ways to become a mermaid.
      (3)Find beautiful shells and jewelry. Us mermaids(most of us anyway)love those.
      (4)most of the time you do have to be in water unless its a full moon night.
      (5)No.Most of us seem to be able to read land-folks thoughts so we would just have to hear what you are thinking and you would know what we are saying underwater out loud.
      \Hope these helped

      • georgina im a mermaid too! same human when dry and i could answer val’s questions too sorry val if this is a reply too u jai-quay im going off for a swim

  242. How do I become a mermaid!!! Please help

  243. Hi im Je and me and my friend Jordyn want to become mermaids and we found a spell that is sayed tio work but if we mess up we will be cursed with the lightnin curse.What should we do?Use the spell or not P.S:Sorry for my mistakes with my spelling,im french

  244. Nicce MermaidGalForever. We should meet up sometime in the ocean, only i am in aus and dont live near beach and i just got banned from having my tail for a couple weeks because some people saw me as a mermaid when I washed up ashore after going unconcious
    It suks but at least i can go in water wihout a tail when people can see me

  245. … ineed help ,,, i just got scammed and my life is complicated … i really rely on water to feel better ….. and if anything i want to be a mermaid … permanently .. i have nothing in life to do anymore .. so i want to try a new life, evri1 tells me tht i need to stop beleiving but i wont and im 12 ……….. im a nice kid … evri1 hates me even my mom .. do you know any way any spell ANYTHING tht can change me for good? my life is just terrible , only sumtimz i cn force a smile on my face but its getting to hard i … i want to escape into the water can any1 help me? 😥

    • I know exactly what ur going through because its happenrd at least 4 times at school and 2 times it got so bad I even started cutting myself yeah I went to having at least 50 friends to 3 while all my mom was terrifying me to I don’t even have a family anymore but then i tried the insouciant spell and I started tohave almost all of the sideaffects posted just make sure you pronounce it right otherwise it won’t work believe me I know well good luck out worked for me sofar hope it works for you too!!!

  246. Hi,im Joe(im a girl),and ive been surfing the net for spells to become a mermaaid and ive tryed em all.Beleave me.Non of them have worked but i did find one that sounds like it will work but i havent tryed it yet.And i was wondering if well can tell me one that works and 2.con you post a pic of you and your mermaid tail.I will not show anyone and i need to know that there relly are mermaids out there to have hope,can you help me out?

  247. hello are you really a mermaid also how many mermaids are there what do they look like are they mean

  248. I really want to be a mermaid like in h20 just add water. I wanted to be Ricki Chadwicki, That all and to have a power like Ricki from h20 just add water. Please can you make me a mermaid from tomorrow to when i die please do my wish tomorrow please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. How do u become a mermaid? my BFF and i LOVE mermiads we tryed making up spells but they didn’t work.

  250. Haha it does suck!!What does wby mean? I am very forgetful

  251. my name is emily ive had dreams about being a mermaid and im not sure if my relatives were mermaids because on a website i read it said if i had been having dreams about being a mermaid that they were mermaids i really want to know if they were please write back heres my address.

  252. I would like to ask if there is anything needed to know about when being a mermaid. I cast a spell that will take 1 month to get the tail and another to get powers. I’m also curious about “mermaid hunters”.

  253. Hi again ms. angela 🙂 I’m just curious.. how do mermaids breathe underwater?? and also how do they reproduce?? hoping you could help me…. tnx so much.. ^_^

  254. hi, umm I’m Brieana and I read on a website that headaches are a symptom of becoming a mermaid and I have a random headache right now and I just wanted to know how long does this headache last.

  255. whos to say angela is a real one? bitch ill do wat i want and i am one

  256. whos to say angela is a real one? bitch ill do wat i want and and i HATE h2o and i am 1

    • Yea, go ahead and quote cartman while trying to make your case… you stay classy.

      But in all seriousness, I can prove right here that you’re a total fake:
      On the 20th of August you said this:
      “Plz tell me every possible way to become a mermaid!!(sorry, im pushy)”
      So obviously you were looking for a spell to use because you are NOT one.

      and on august 27 you said “plz angela”

      on september 16 you said you were born one and that you are a mermaid all the time, so not a human that can morph.
      on september 17 you said you’ve been around longer than angela and know a bunch of spells. If that’s true, then why did you ask angela (who clearly stated she doesn’t know any spells or methods) for any possible ways to become one?

      on october first 1st you said “georgina im a mermaid too! same human when dry…” So now you can become human?

      on october 11 you said “and im a mermaid with a tail when wet”


      So yeah, you lie like a rug, you can’t even keep your story straight and are straight up-lying, you faker!

  257. Hey btw real name is nneka its just i had a vision tht my mermaid name is joelle any way i just did a spell and my legs itch and ppl who wanna be mermaids go to it works but u hav 2 b specific any questions ask me thx bye!

  258. you obviesly dont understand… sister wanted to become one, i just learned these spells, i ment i want to be a mermaid all the time. ok? so lets just all be freinds

    • I’m no person for internet warfare of any kind, but liars just get on my nerves…

      And now you are saying your sister isn’t a mermaid while you previously said you were born one. So if you were born a mermaid, how come your sister isn’t? And for that matter, when you clearly said you couldn’t morph before, but shortly after said you could, then which one of the two do you claim to be?

      If you want to make up stories for yourself, that’s fine, but leave the hopes and dreams of other girls you fooled out of it if you don’t mind…

      • i just explaind that i was a mermaid born which could morph bc it skipped my sister im the oldest its from my dads side he isnt one my grandma is and my grandchildren will be but just the oldest of my two younger sisters and i WANT to be a mermaid all the time not morphing but thats how i was born so lets just all be freinds

  259. o q faço para virar sereia quero uma resposta simples

  260. i always wanted to be a mermaid i mean somtimes i dream im a mermaid but when i wake up im human.oh an if i were a mermaid when i would come to land would i have legs.were
    would i stay if i could only stay in water.were would i learn and stay away from danger.

  261. I have been trying to become a mermaid nobody cares about me and I want to become a mermaid to run to the sea


  263. OK everything I said before about not being a mermaid yet was my ssister, she has inherited the mermaidness I hthink
    OK if you have any other questions about powers, mermaid births, pets, tails, how to disguise your tail in public, etc, ask me and email me these questions
    Mermaid,Puakai is a fake name, Puakai means water blossom

  264. can i become a mermaid

  265. Hi There I live in South Africa do you know anything about mermaids in durban dwn here. I think I heard them whilst praying this evening by the ocean. It was a loud noise that sounded like whales. I was at the ocean at 11:15

  266. i love mermaids i just love to be one

  267. Hello Angela! So, how do u use a computer underwater? Are there mermaid princesses too? Do mermaids live groups or do they live on their own? Thx for answering questions :3

  268. bi can you please tell me how to be a mermaid when wet please i want to be one with all my heart

  269. I want to be a mermaid so much Is there any spells that work can some mermaid help me? Sometime i hear kind of a voice or something calling me from the sea Is this mean anything O.o plz helppp

  270. could you help me in becomeing in a mermaid

  271. i wish i wasent a mermaid i have ran out of the powder because when i go to skool i have swimming and i have to use a lot.I am always out of the water and live with foster parents.

    • can a mermaid give her mermaid tail up and give it to someone else?if so can you give your tail to me just asking!not trying to efend you or mermaids i just wanted to ask

  272. Hi, im Jordyn

    im new to this account but im a mermaid but…. welll thats wat me and 2 of my friends think my friend jessica and tia
    we all truly, deeply, MADLY believe were mermaids
    i have a question
    when i was 8 months aloud my parents figured out that i had a blood dieses ever since then i have had trouble breathing. Especially when im sick i have a big difficulty for breathing sometimes on land i stop breathing for like 10-20seconds but when i get in water im fine breathing and i can talk under water and understand what people say under water i swim like a mermaid legs, feet together and my FAVOURITE food is fish i love the smell of the sea (ocean) river, lake, ice, water, and rain and when i lay in bed my feet are always together. My feet are also always together in my bath, shower, and pool and even when i walk.
    I no this is alot to read but what does it mean please help me and my friends.
    thank you
    love Jordyn
    im ony 10 and wanted to be a mermaid since 4 also i believe in all things that people say are mythical or just myths

    • COOL! im also 10 and i always wanted to be a mermaid sense well… ever! and its funny because i feel bumps on my neck and i think its a sigh *excited face 😀

  273. Hi, me jordyn again,

    my dad just told me i was born in cairns on the beach near the great barrier reef that were i was born no wonder i have a connection i just figured out ALOT of stuff but would still like u to help with my question xx

  274. i will send u the powder

  275. Please help me 😥

  276. hi i was wondering how to attract mermaids and how can you show them they can trust you? do you go outside and talk to them until they get used to you? do you bring them gifts? how long will it take for them to trust you?

    • That depends… us merfolk aren’t stupid… we know when we are being deceived, I am not sure if I can tell you a very detailed answer to this question, as I do not know WHY exactly you want to attract mermaids… see, I don’t really trust you…
      all I can say is that if you prove your friendship with a mermaid is genuine, then you can probably gain their loyal attention.
      a lot of merfolk where I am from, and this is me too, we love singing and shells, oh! and new, landfolk gadgets to play with!!!!!

  277. o i forgot my eariler comment was for angela

  278. Hello,Um…i was just wondering if there are any REAL LIFE spells to ACTUALLY become a REAL mermaid!!

  279. I really want to learn a spell to be a mermaid?

    Write a spell that really works if you know one Sincerley Bethany

  280. how do i become a mermaid

  281. its me again tia i am jordyns best friend the same things that are happeing to jordyn is happening to me except i have a heart problem and i can hear my heart when ever i lay down in my ear and when i get in water my feet are together i believe in every thing except the whole god story but sometimes i thing god is real i think he is like a secound hand thing like when ever i loose my confidence i pray so yeah and if i am not a mermaid please tell me how i can become a mermaid and one more question how does it all connect
    ps i know how to get to the lost world and if u come to my house i have something special to show you love tia xoxox

  282. hi can some one help me i want to become a mermaid really bad iv done every thing but nothings worked i mean like i love water n i feel so pecefull in water like i belong there and i can stay under water for 1 min nearly and the only way i canthink of is going swimming on a full moon but will that work or is there another way plz HELP if u no a way txt me bk on this

    • i think there’s a spell that really works i’ve done milloins and im waiting for a week, a few months and sometimes days there is a spell out there that really works i know it and i belive 🙂

  283. hi i wanna be a mermaid so so so so so badly for months ive been looking for mermaid spells do u know on? im beging u is there a REAL SPELL THAT WORKS? 😦

    • “insouciant inclemency redoubtable mediocracy refutable humanity make me what i wish to be
      a mermaid
      witches one and witches all give this power to me”, say this while in water on a full moon, do NOT look at the moon while saying this, and you cant shave for a month. it should take 4 to 5 weeks for your tail, 2 if your strong.
      DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE WETT. side effects are itchy/ ashy legs, head aches, an obsession with crossing your legs, increase of thirst,urge to be in water,stomach aches,etc.

  284. email me back

  285. hi its me again im 10 and im also MADLY in love with mermaids i feel some bumps on the sides of my neck and is that a sigh? i hear that when your 16 you turn to a full mermaid. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ turn me to a mermaid i think im a mermaid and so does my friend michelle so am i or what

    • those lumps on the side of your neck, I believe may be gills popping through, I am a mermaid myself and I myself know that it is very unusual for gills to occur this way, especially for landfolk, but it is possible that you are a mermaid in the making… tell me the reasons why your friends believe that you are one of my kind, and I’ll be the judge. 🙂

      • tell me if you think im one okay
        i am super strong and grow stronger every day
        i cry well when i cry i have salt water tears
        i have super long hair
        my feet have grown wider
        i can hold my breath underwater for 1min and 15sec or longer
        i swim better than profetianal mermaids
        i can swim without using my nees
        i go out into the ocean by swimming any mortal oh sorry “human” dares to go
        i dont eat fish because i just think if i am or if i was that would be rong
        i scrub my legs with salt everynight
        i drink water whenever i can
        when i went to an aquarim i meet a big fish and he swam over by be if i tryed to walk away (idk if it was a boy or girl)it kept on folowing me then it stared in my eyes and its like the fish was trying to tell me something
        my dad never tould me anything about my dads side he said all the dauments got burned and he doesnt even know the history on my dads side,idk if he is trying to hide something from me or if he is telling the truth.
        ever since i was little i always knew i was not normal!

  286. i’ve been wondering, do mermaids have toilets or something similar? how do mermaids excrete and how do they deal with the excrement? if they do it out in the open water, i guess they could poop facing against the current and let their poop drift away… but wouldn’t that be too risky? because somebody else might accidentally inhale or ingest your poo. assuming mermaid feces are heavy enough to sink to the ocean floor, there’s still the risk of inhaling or ingesting some tiny bits of it. thanks!

    • have you ever seen goldfish faeces? our faeces are the same, small, thin and easy to be rid of. Any way, doesn’t all landfolk pee and poop end up in our oceans? our faeces can actually disintegrate, however I have seen fish who enjoy eating it… don’t ask…

  287. Okay so I know you are probably busy but I hope you have time to read this! I was out swimming yesterday down at Myrtle beach, South Carolina (we are on vacation) anyways I was in the water and I was at the end of the peer and so I was pretty far! Well I saw ALOT of jellyfish like maybe 15 or so… And well they just like surrounded me and I was freaking out when all the sudden they just made like a perfect path for me to leave and while I was in shock something went by my leg and it felt like long flowing hair! Well I went swimming back and on the way back I saw a shimmer in the water and the whole tim I was in the water I would always be able to see it no matter. It was like it was watching over me! Is this a mermaid?? I need to know!
    P.S. I was named after the Kara sea near Russia so I have always had a connection to the sea. I was even born in water(:
    Thank you,
    Kara Hollows

  288. Hi,i have two questions,but they are a little bit long.Can you email me?Thank you.

  289. me and my friend had read a mermaid book it said that her last three toes were webbed . and we were wondering if are last three toes were webbed would tha mean we are mermaids not saying that they are .and my friend was wondering we did this spell it was like something about the spirit of the sea and we were wondering if there was a spirit of the sea

  290. ummmmmmmmmmmm i was wondering are all mermaids good cuz this website that me and my friend looked at said mermaids were evil and since mermaids are real and im asking you this question mite as well get it all out is the kraken real
    ?????????????????????????????????????????? LOOKING FORWARD TO UR ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. id like to swim with you sometime. it just so happens that a spell i cast on myself is working. the side effects are increasing. within a week i will be merfolk.

    • cool as. I was born a mermaid. My sis uses this account alongside me cause she wants to find a spell to become one. if you live in Australia, near Warrnambool in Victoria, we should swim together some time but I mainly swim near the shore only.

      • The ocean isn’t that dangerous. Swim with me and you will be fine. I’m 16 btw-mariah

      • could you please send me a spell that is 100 percent proven to work?thanks!~Felicity

  292. @MermaidGeorgie can you please tell me.. what spell to use to become a mermaid please!?.. thank you

  293. What happens if you get the side effects before you turn into a mermaid? just wondering. love ya!

  294. I have a few questions for you, MermaidGeorgie, if you don’t mind answering them.

    1.) I would like to speak with a mermaid in person, so the next time I go to the beach I’m going to try, but is there anyway to make them understand I’m trustworthy? Because I heard they won’t normally come out and show themselves because they don’t trust you.

    2.) Can mermaids turn you into one of them?

    3.) Is there anyway to tell if someone’s a mermaid but in human form without getting them wet?

  295. When did you find out you were a mermaid because I used to live by a lake and I believe I am one. Help me, please. Please!

  296. Help me. I need to know. I think I’m a mermaid but how do I know for sure?

  297. Im so sorry @val but I was born a mermaid when wet a human when dry. I dont really know of any spells to help you, otherwise I’d have told my sister as well. I’m really sorry but I’ve heard of if you make up your own mermaid spell, using ‘So Mote It Be’ at the end and a symbol of some sort, it might possibly be more powerful then any other random spell you find online.

  298. i know a spell that worked on my fiance and i the insouciant inclemency spell. do not shave for a month. and it will not be broken. look it up. and if you dont believe it will NOT work.

  299. angela may i have permission to meet your father ?

  300. I can find out on my own, never mind. Not that I change my mind or don’t trust you it’s just that I think I can do this on my own!:)

  301. Hey georgie can you get banned from being a mermaid without knowing it? Don’t email me cuz it’s not working just say it here

  302. Please help me. I think I’m doomed. Please email me soon. Please please please please email me I have a very important question to ask you if that’s all right. I’m sorry I’m so pushy but I need help and fast… Thank you

  303. Yeah yu can get banned from being a mermaid only Im not too sure how.

    • K thanks anyway

    • OMG either there is another mermaid named abby, or someone is trying to be me… I am THE abby, and I am the abby with no capital letter, ok… phew.

    • as far as the mermaid knows, you cannot get banned from being a mermaid, but you can get banned from the merfolk council, if you have done something that might endanger mermaid society.

  304. hi mermaid what do you guys look like are you guys look scarey looking or not scarey looking do you guys eat humans do you guys stay up and party forever do you guys live forever do you guys keep your powers forever or you loose them if you tell people’s that you are a mermaid are ou guys evil or not evil do you guys drown people’s are you guys mean or nice do you guys believe in god yes or no some people’s say you guys are not real i think you guys are real and i will never stop believeing in you guys forever what do you guys and eat and stuff i want to know please respond

    • ….wow…..O.O…… us mermaids DO NOT eat humans, and no, I wouldn’t say that we look scary, just well…. mysterious….some mermaids that I know don’t even have powers, and I know… shame. But, yeah, we don’t really come into too much contact with landfolk any way, so… yeah.
      Sometimes you may come across a ‘corrupted’ sea child (mermaid) who will try to drown humans, usually out of their own lust, either because they themselves are fully mermaid and wish to be human, they have a loved one who was taken to a lab by humans, they wish they could be human AGAIN or other reasons, that’s all I can tell you…

      • interesting! haven’t heard of that, but will go and check that out. mermaids tend to avoid landfolk in general. some mermaids like playing tricks on landfolk, though, and sometimes, accidents happen.

  305. ppl asking me questions, email me.

  306. Hi, Angela, I’m just wondering, what do you eat? Can mermaids eat human food?

  307. When Mermaids Cry

    Just wanted to comment on the fact that Mermaids do cry. They hardly ever do, but when they cry it is because they have lost a love one, they cry because they couldn’t save a human or cry because they are sad because the oceans are getting more and more contaminated or for some other reason.
    When mermaids cry, they cry alone when they are by themselves. Their teardrops form into pearls as they come out of their eyes. Then, they hide their teardrops in shells so no other mermaid can see them. Depending on the severity of the pain, is where the color of the pearl develops. When the pain is really grave, the pearls or teardrops are black in color, when the pain is less the color is white and so on and so forth.

    So, there you see, Mermaids do have teardrops, and since they are underwater, their teardrops turn into pearls as soon as the teardrop mixes in with the salt water.

    Thank you.

    Primo Camacho
    Sailor for 24 years, retired now.
    San Antonio

  308. How did u turn into a mermaid in the 1st place a spell or u where born that way???

  309. hey Im another mermaid but we’re not scary looking, of course we dont eat humans, we dont stay up forever and party, unless we’re stupid(not including Angela), can keep powers forever or loose them, not evil, we dont necessarily drown people, we’re nice, some of our merfolk gods are like Posiden, who cares what other people think? its all up to you

    • Were ou born a mermaid? Sry I don’t kno most people who r. Is it really that rare? Or are many people only becoming mermaids because of spells? Plz reple thank uuu

      • most mermaids were just born that way… spells do work, but the ones that work are secretly disclosed to us, and we can only tell them to save a life or a love.

      • Mermaids are born. very few spells turn people into mermaids, an even than it’s hard to get into the pod.

    • Cool did it sister turn into one yet

    • You spelled Poseidon wrong. . .

    • Hi, um I am a strong christian and I know that spells and potions are sacrilegious and I want to go to heaven when I die. So are mermaids evil. And can you email me a pic of you and your tail and what you look like cause I am curious. I want to be one but only if they are nice and pretty like in H20 just add water. Please email me back asap I am desperate

    • Mermaids arn’t evil. But if you want to go to heaven, I recomend not trying to become a mermaid. Mermaids become the sea like other sea animals. An inless you’ve been bathtised, doing spells SHOULD be okeay

  310. I dont have a question or a request, I have a plee that someone tell me^ a way o be a mermaid. I kno this is a good sight with no negative people( thank u:)) but alot of mermaids. So I really need your help to fulfill my dream.

    • I am a mermaid, but I would not know, as I am a moon child, born when the moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth is greatest, therefore causing tidal waves.
      All I can tell you is that to be a mermaid is something major to give up, after all, your life on land is great as it is, and I have done my research on it. My mother used to sing songs to me about your kind… very interesting…
      very strange… if you do decide to join the seas, i dont know if this will work, but from rumour it may, go to the ocean when the moon is closest to the earth,Step into the waves whilst holding an item of silverware and a shell in each fist, and listen for mermaid singing.
      Let the ocean and the moonlight ripple through your soul and keep calm. If this does not work then don’t blame me, it’s our folklore, if you like, and even if it doesn’t work, it will connect you to our people, none the less. Hope this helped.

  311. angela, how were you created?, like i know on parent is a fish and the other is human, but how were they able to make you?

  312. Hellonim Cato as you can see I really want to become mermaid because I think they are really awesome. But have you seen the movie aquamarine that’s my favorite movie in the world and do some mermaid look like the one in aquamarine

  313. Hey, I’ve read somewhere that humans can have merfolk herritage, is that true? If so is there a way of telling if you or someone you know is?


  314. Hi,I had a question,how to become a mermaid?.

  315. Hi angela I have been really wondering on if I might. Be a mermaid because well my legs turn blue when I’m in the shower they always want tk be together all the time I’m always thirsty for water and all I’ve been receiving is dreams about mermaids and same with visions I went to lake erie yesterday and to white dogs came up to me I’m relly confused and I think I might be turning into a mermaid do u think so? Oh and one more thing totally off topoc what is ur picture of?

    • i know a few landfolk who say that their legs turn purple in the shower, they are almost mermaids, as their red blood mixes with our mermaid blue blood to create purple, when you are in the shower, your blood turns blue… tell me, does this blue colour continue up to your waist, if so, I believe there is enough proof to say that you may be a mermaid!

      • No it doesn’t. Continue to my waist just around my feet one day my whole foot turned blue and my vains on my right hand almost makes a mermaid. Tail its been like that ever since I can rember I have the most strongest connections with small animals to and when I walk to lake eerie it almost seems like I hear giggling…if I can hear over the waves…my waist has been hurting a lot tho…hmmm

    • I believe angela’s picture is of a fish eye.

  316. Some humans can have mermaid/merman heritage. I did

  317. why do some humans have mermaid/merman heritage

  318. hey um i did spell about a week or 2 ago and i have been getting a bit depressed mood swings i kinda had a random cry burst yesterday and the day before and i had a few random angers and also my legs has been a bit itchy one time i had this dream of me being a mermaid i dont remember what color my tail was but i keep having this part in my head i was in a sunset on top of a big rock and enjoing life at it is as a merfolk….. please anyone tell me if my spell has worked and pretty much i used a custom spell i made my own and it kinda goes like this: “great mermaids of the sea, i wish to be a mermaid. when im wet my ___ (color of tail) tail must appear. when im dry my legs must come back to me! so mote it be!” and i put my instructions wearing a peice of jewlery from a loved one and say spell while touching water and all that stuff… so yeah the side effects are a bit scary but cool its my life dream i really love animals and sea life

  319. I want to be a mermaid but how can you tell me I will do any thing

  320. I want to be a mermaid and so does my best friend, but we want necklaces so sometimes we could be mermaid and sometimes we could be human. Any thoughts? Hannah

  321. Me and my best friend want to be mermaids but we want necklaces that can make us turn into human and mermaids. Please write back WITH directions, Hannah+Claire

  322. ola resiente mente vi algo extraño no se si fue o no una sirena yo me encontraba de vacasiones en las grutas de tolantongo y habia luna llena depronsali y me asome cuando en el rio se vio una gran cola de color dorada que se sumergia algo asustado me acoste y ala mañana siguiente encontre serca de ahi conchas y un caracol de mar mi madre no sabe pero me los trage luego empece a tener extraños sueños donde yo me bei a mi mismo en el mar con alguien mas alguien que al despertar olvidaba su rostro…..solo pido ayuda mi signo es acuario y me gustaria saber si es posible transformarse de humano a sirena seria bno ademas no se por q pero siento q estar en el agua es mi mayor deseo y anelo estar y formar parte de ese maravilloso mundo marino?

    • Soy un acuario también. El mundo marino es hermosa, pero hay que tener cuidado t asegurarse de que usted no es una sirena para siempre. De lo contrario, dejaría a su familia para siempre, porque una vida que no han sabido vivir en forma adecuada. Por suerte, yo no soy más que un medio de sirena pero nadar la mayor parte del tiempo. Una cola que decir. Estas cuevas se parecen mucho a los Moonpools de H2o Just Add Water. ¿Has visto ese programa?? Así responder a todo lo que sabe y tal vez pueda ayudarle.

  323. ola me gustaria saber si es posible convertirme en una sirena mi signo es acuario y yo amo el agua bno el mar ……

  324. PLEASE ANGALINA. Reply. Thanks

  325. I mean Angela.

  326. I am a mermaid and I live in a place which landfolk call the north east of england or something, I have a black tail, and since I’m cold-blooded and the water is so cold, I get so cold, too! do you know what could help? I can’t leave my area, so don’t say swim to warmer waters, I would but a barrier of fishing boats block my way always. Also, I hate it when humans stare, they make me feel weird when I think that they are the weird ones!
    Finally, my brother was killed by a waterspout whilst swimming round australia, or whatever they call it. I want him back!

    • How did you become a mermaid? Where in the North East of England? Do you mean Scotland, because Im going there this summer and I would love to meet you.

      • I was born a mermaid, and in the North East of England, I mean a little beach town that my Landfolk friends call Alnmouth. It isn’t quite scotland, but close, and I would sure love to meet you too, I could tell you everything about our kind, and perhaps see if I could show you anything… but I’m afraid I can’t… I can’t swim out of my region, as I explained, so maybe one day, Brianne, maybe one day soon!
        Just listen out for mermaid singing!

    • Hey, Its Brianna again. I was reading somewhere that only mermaids know the spells to become mermaids, and only give them away if its a case of life or death. Is that true?

    • Abby I herd u are a mermaid can u give me a spell if u can email me ASAP
      Thnks lexi

      • Well, I wish I could help you, but I don’t know any mermaid spells, as I haven’t been taught any and I was born this way… so sorry i couldn’t help, but I am a young mermaid… i have not yet learnt these things… so sorry. You could try what I said before:to be a mermaid is something major to give up, after all, your life on land is great as it is, and I have done my research on it. My mother used to sing songs to me about your kind… very interesting…
        very strange… if you do decide to join the seas, i dont know if this will work, but from rumour it may, go to the ocean when the moon is closest to the earth,Step into the waves whilst holding an item of silverware and a shell in each fist, and listen for mermaid singing.
        Let the ocean and the moonlight ripple through your soul and keep calm. If this does not work then don’t blame me, it’s our folklore, if you like, and even if it doesn’t work, it will connect you to our people, none the less. Hope this helped.
        probably won’t work, but it is worth a try…

    • Can you please send me a mermaid spell i’ve been trying to become one for years now please email me.

  327. i really want to become a mermaid and ever since i was born i have also been around water. Is it weird that i feel a werid but strong connection to water? Please i need help.

  328. Is there a way to turn into a mermaid only when you want to without any magical power needed

  329. Hi,i a have a question I am itchy I have ashy legs and urg e to cross my legs but I dont have a power and I dont have a tail when I touch water

  330. Hi, I have a queston I have three side effects im itchy,.ashy legs,obsession to cross me legs and when I touch water I dont grow a taiil this friday will be a week after I did a spell

  331. Hi, I have a question I have three symptoms im itchy., obsession to legs and ashy legs but when I touch water no tail and no power this friday will be a week after I did a spell

  332. Hi, when do u get ur power and tail because I have symptoms itchy, sdhy legs and head aches email me mermaid I belive in them

  333. Yeah, I guess it sounds cool to be a mermaid but im not sure if im devoted to it. I mean yeah it would be great to swim all day, but then again youd be swimming. All day. 24/7. Non-Stop. You would leave your family for a life you dont know and give up everything youve ever worked for. So do you really want to be a mermaid so you can give your whole life up. And what happens when you find that special guy who doesnt know your a mermaid. Youre gonna tell yourself “Oh itll be great when I tell him who I really am, he’ll understand and will always love me.” Uh yeah good luck hun, he wants a “real girl.” Some one who can take a shower without a big tail growing out of there nether-regions. Some one who can go to the water park with the kids as a HUMAN. Not a fish. Not even half a fish. You should be thinking “holy crap I wish I stopped making spells so I can enjoy my life with a family, children, and eventually grandchildren. Cuz thats the life that I would never trade.” Thats the life your sacraficing right now, So you better hope your making the right decision because happiness isnt what you want, its what you do with what you have.

    • Thats insulting to all people i can talk to animals and i am not droping my whole lofe for that!!!!!!! 😡

  334. Hi, im wondering how long does it take to get ur tail and power my parents say mermaids arnt real but im twelve and I belive in me back

    • some mermaids don’t have a tail, as angela said… a lot of them have webbed feet, hands, head fins or even just gills, and some of us don’t have powers either.
      Also, unless you use a spell, these things don’t really grow, they’re just well… there. So if spells are what you mean then tell me.

  335. How do you know mermaids.r real? My legs look a little orange but wen I to any I got itchy legs and urge to cross my legs uch water no tail email me mermaid of a pic if u as a mermaid email me back plz im teelve years old and I reslly love and belive in mermaids but my parenrs fint belu e me

  336. I belive i am part mermaid but how can i tell?

    If i am would i have powers?

  337. This is do hsrd ppl say their not real im twelve and I brlive in u creatures wat spell should I use is there a dpell u can do only for powes tht works indtantly

  338. I cant tell if i am a mermaid. Does anyone know a way to tell?

  339. ats the next step after u fo the incusiant dpell is it the effects then tail then power when do u start to get ur tail and mabey ur ur piweremail me back mermaids

  340. After I did a spell in two hours I will be a mermaid my legs hurts they didnt befor higog wats it mean

  341. hi! Im miracle and i just wanted to know if you see a human drowning or something and you help them u accidentaly kill them by squzzing them to death wit there tail(only heard) and are mermaids are bad like what tikes them off enough to make them attack u

  342. Hi💜 I am nine me and my friend are doing a spell and it’s working please tell me what happends when u turn int one

    Yours truly,

  343. Does anyone know a mermaid spell that works?

    If you do please give me the link.

  344. When i am in the shower, bath ect. i feel like i should put my legs together and swim, but i never change. Why cant i?

    • If you have done any recent spells, that might just be one of the symptoms. Or if you have mermaid heritage, it normally skips a few people down in the generations but you could have parts of it. My mother wasn’t a mermaid, her grandmother was, but she could breathe underwater and had powers and always couldn’t help putting her legs together and wanting to swim.

  345. !!!! I love mermaids i REALLY wanna be one… just like u… how can u type on a computer in water…. but i want to be one like off of a show called (h2o just add water) if i turn into one i will be the happiest person on this planet.. PLEASEEEE MAKE ME MERMAID LIKE THEM OFF THE SHOW!!!! you are my only hope!!! 😀

    • the mermaid does not type in the water. at the moment, the mermaid communicates through a hydrophone (under water microphone). the microphone is connected to a computer with a speech recognition & scientific translation programme.

  346. whats on ur face……. in the picture of you on myspace…… if i become a mermaid i will want to look normal….. the original mermaid and i will want to be able o b human when i am dry on land…. because i have a family and i dont want to be a mermaid 24 7!!! thnx

  347. i have been fantasizing about mermaids and swimming for about 5-6 months now….. im constantly wanting too be in water… im craving salt all the time… when i am by the ocean it is like i can hear weaping and weird noises!!! these strange symptoms or makin me wonder!!!

  348. How do I become a mermaid ?!?! 😦

  349. If you want to know more about mermaids and powers or me too(just asking), then email me at

  350. Hi people I ❤ mermaids!

  351. I’m just now starting to research mermaids. i.e. how to become one? ect ect ect I have just tried a spell if it works ill sen you the link.

  352. hi. I LOOOVVEEE mermaids. i really want to be one. But i dont want to change in rain or clorine water. Do you know a spell that would make you be like that?

    • Join the club evryone here wants to b a mermaid but none of enything works and if it does they will not say which one

    • make up your own spell:they’re much more powerful than others people have already used. say something in it like ‘a drop of water will change me, but not rain or chlorine.’ and at the end, make sure you say ‘so mote it be’.

  353. Hi, im.12in a half and I.belive in mermaids I have symptims like urg to drink water legs hurt eating salt wanting to touch water legs turning a little orange email me back mermaids today is a wee after a spell I did and the spell will work today its worjs in a week which us tiday


  355. I can talk to animals can eny mermaid have that power

  356. Umm, io im.12in a ln a half and I touched wsyer and I f
    Didint get a tsil but I probobly need to wear a my symbol

  357. Dear mermaids who have not bean hached a mermaid but used a spell to become one i just did a spell i made and ended it with Mode it be toled and i said for it all to happen now and it didnt happen now did i do somthing whrong????

  358. Hi my name I Lexi I feel in my heart I can be a mermaid and I would like to this summer I am going to the ocean and I wanted to know is Tete andy potions or spells I can use like rare ones I also have a few questions if you get around to my email thank u lexi

  359. But when I touchh water I dont get a.tail and all my symptims r gone wat does tht mean I didnt tell anyone abput wats going on but im always thirsty

  360. The shiny sea one it works in a week which was yesterfay

  361. Hello fellow landfolk

  362. It is Maryland

  363. Can u give me a spell

  364. I am having some side afects from a spell i made and some of these are some side afects that may help mermaids to be Dizzyness



    Wanting to drink water


    Legs changing color slightly

    Wanting to go swimming

    Legs wanting to go together or crossing by themselves

    Possible vomiting

    Having the urge to sing a lot

     Leg tingling

    Skin on your feet peeling.

    Dry or rough skin

    Mood swings

  365. hey I said a mermsid spell but didnt grow a tale how long doez it take to get a tail and if I dont have one can u help me get a tail cuz I have a swim party diz sunday and I want to show my friends

  366. can u help me get a tail with out a potion or spell

  367. I am trying to make my own spell, but it is hard finding ways to make one. can you help me

  368. i posted a comment but its toward the top.

  369. Some more symtomes i have been having




    Wanting to drink water


    Legs changing color slightly

    Wanting to go swimming

    Legs wanting to go together or crossing by themselves

    Possible vomiting

    Having the urge to sing a lot

     Leg tingling

    Skin on your feet peeling.

    Dry or rough skin

    Mood swings

    Adore the ocean
    swim naturally with your legs together
    eyes extremely hurt by chlorene
    have a pretty good singing voice
    hate seafood
    have different colored eyes(ex:a little of blue, green, purple,brown,etc.)

  370. I want to be a mermaid but I want to do have a tail controllably thank you!

  371. hi i want to become a mermaid but if i do can you still be on land to and have legs or are you one forever

  372. hi i wanted to ASK U if i wanted to be a mermaid how and wat if u hav school and something happens to u and people see u how can i fix that i dont want to be blurted out so people can ask me questions about me?? if i do not want to be a mermaid anymore how do i take it away and i also wanted to no r u a real mermaid in real life??? thx i hope u can answer back by thursday jan. 26 2012

    • Well, make sure you go near no water sources or jerks that could possibly splash water on you. Make sure that at home you drink with a straw and at school, with a bottle which means you wont have to tuh any water.

  373. I need a mermaid spell that works! Please! This was always my dream

  374. irealy want to become a mermaid i tryed many spells but none work if u know a spell that will work fast please tell me

  375. How did you become a mermaid .

  376. hey its joe the gil again and you still NEVER answerd my questions yet and this will be the third time i ask the same question hoping i will get an answer from you.1.Are you relly a mermaid? 2.Do you know a spell that works?3Can you pleas post a pic of you like i wanna see what you look like i wanna know if you are what you say you are.

    please help me and answer my qquestions i reellyy nneedd ttoo kknnooww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps:i do belive in mermaids with all of my heart and sole

  377. I belive in mermaid 100% how can you become one and hi mermaid i watch mermaid show named h2o

  378. how do you know if someone is a mermaid

  379. how to be a mermaid how do yu be a mermaid i want to and my bestfreind joshuA

  380. Does anyine know a spell tht works in seconds email me back

  381. Hey, I have a question.
    Can mermaids poop?

  382. i want to be a mermaid and my parents dont belive but i do i found someone at school that said they were a mermaid but idk all i can think of that might be mermaid related is i am on a swim team and im super fast and i have been asking my mom to be on a swim team ever since i was like 4 but now this would be the only time i BELIVE and the only other thing i can think of is i love to sing and i have a good voice sooooooo i really want to become one if the are any websites or spells can u let me know of them or if u think i am part mermaid let me know! 😀

  383. how long does it take to be a mermaid aftr u did the spell

  384. So my friend is like secretly a mermaid and I don’t know how to tell her. Totes awk.

  385. What spell did you use to become a mermaid?

  386. Do u have ent spells that work cuz o real want to be a mermaid more then anything

    • The was witches of all waters answer my call
      I plead for one wish that will for ever chang me
      Duel a spell of immortal powers
      A human being when dry but as
      For (color) tail will grow when wet
      Rain can’t harm me only other drops of
      H2o. As for I plead. Along to (power)
      Water in any way so witches and widows
      Of our see cast the mermaid spell
      Upon me

  387. how do you become a permanent mermaid if your a human and why don’t mermaids have kids

  388. hi my name is Jenny and i have loved mermaids scince i was 3 could you maby give me a spell or some how turn me itno one please email me 😀 any mermaids are my favorite creature i belive in them and i have tried SOOO hard to beacome one but i never i get sad so please help me beacome one and thanks 😀

  389. Hey if iam 10 and turn into a mermaid should i live in the sea pls anwser

  390. Dear mermaid girl i have tryed everything but nothing works im crying please lend me your secret!!!!!please please please!!!!!!!! How did you become a mermaid im dieing here
    Tear tear tear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(help)

  391. Please tell me your secret of becoming a mermaid!!!im dieing here; nothing works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. If you are tall for your age like 5’3 and you are anly 12 are you like a mermaid also if you love water and you want to be in water all the time are you a mermaid, and I can only swim like a mermaid and alwas have your legs together and you loved water even when you were a kid are you a mermaid and I can hold my my breath longer than any of my friends and family am I turning in to a mermaid I am only 12 years old can you help me figure out if I am a mermaid please

  393. can you tell me if I am a mermaid because I read a thing that if you a4e tall for your age you might be a mermaid I am 5 foot 3 and I am only 11 I also love water I want to be in it all the time I also want to keep my legs to gether I also loved water when I was a kid I. Aslo only can swim like a mermaid I only swim under water to so can you help me figure out if I am a mermaid or not please help find out if I am a mermaid

  394. how do i become a mermaid

  395. how many days do i become a mermaid

  396. i want to have a red tail because my favorite color is red

  397. i love mermaids alot because they look so so beautiful with there tails and i want powers too

    • not all mermaids look beautiful to landfolk and have what landfolk consider ‘powers’. most mermaids tend to be very clever, though, and curious. they tend to avoid landfolk, because they are wary of landfolk curiosity.

  398. i love mermaids because they can hold there breath for 30m under water

  399. mermaids are the best

  400. Can you give me a real mermaid spell

  401. Angala were did you go for so long!!

    • Thank you for all the questions! The mermaid is currently away studying climate change & its impacts on merfolk and landfolk.

  402. Um i did a mermaid spell and i wanted to know when will the spell will give me the tail

  403. What are symptoms for turning into a mermaid?

  404. When your a mermaid, what are you sencitive to and what not

  405. i want to become a mermaid but im scared if when i did ill actually live in the ocean i want to be human like the h20 girls

  406. hi it aqua marine, but you can call me aqua. I think I’m a mermaid cause last night my tail grew on me! how do I hide from people,let alone,my best friend,Julietta?

  407. I want

  408. Are me and my BFF are becoming mermaids right know. If we are Could u give us any tips

  409. How do you keep from growing your tail while in water?

  410. Are there mermaids in the Bermuda triangle?

  411. i have soooo manny Questions for you, but im only asking one(1) –
    Do you know any mermaids who worked in a pool at a hotel down here in florida????

  412. can u breath underwater and can u get legs after being in water and i want to be a mermaid but i dont want my parents to know can i get some help

  413. Hi. I did this spell to turn me into a mermaid.. And it’s really working!!! I have a question though. Am I aloud to shave my legs? Some people say no I can’t shave them or else the spell won’t work anymore.

  414. Can you please help me become a real mermaid?

  415. How do you become a mermaid?What spell did you use?


    • thats the problem, email me for the spell. it will take awhile, you do not need a symbole you can shave your legs and it is for christians, kind of like a prayer.

  417. hi i have a question that is really important to me could you please email me please. it would be nice to know if you could answer my questions. thank you.

  418. Can i be a mermaid when ten

  419. Im just wondering how can I become a mermaid please! reaply!

  420. I want to be a to make potion? What things I need

  421. Hi
    I live in Niger and want to know if mermaid can live in river or they exclusively live in sea water.
    Also, all watery spirit are they mermaid/merman? Have you a religion ? how many time a mermaid can live? can you get ill in pure mermaid form?

  422. Hi Angela, me again. I get in touch with a nice guy who is a coach for mermaid due to a strong link with queen Istuphul. His name is William Mistele. Did you need to get in touch with him?

  423. everyone can be a fairy or mermaid an everyone on there is/ I AM!!! :D. charly, michelle an sam knows everything about magical creatures!!! mermaid tails are about 5 tons! that is alot so dont think there easy to carry, mermaid tails only come in 3 colors: white,yellow,gold,red, an silver!! 🙂

  424. umm i want to no what ways will you no that your a mermaid

    1. i used a spell
    2.My catloves me a LOT more
    3.I dont No what else to expect PLZ HELP ME

  425. i love mermaids and can u pleas help me and mack me a mermaid like if u can can u pleas help and help me becom a mermaid pleas pleas pleas pleas i reallywanna be one i wantid to be a mermaid sence i cerd be on the comeputer and now im 9 so ya but pleas help me ps if u can mack me a mermaid with powers pleas do it and can i have a spell or somehting u know how tomack me a mermaid pleas thanks love hayleigh

  426. I want to be a mermaid, but how??.can you help me? If you know real potion(not spell)to become a mermaid,please tell me that potion!!.

  427. I just became a mermaid how do I use my powers

  428. Me and my sister just did the mermaid spell.So what happens when you touch water.Because my legs have been stuck together for about 10 minutes and so has my sisters

  429. Hi my name is Jared and me and my sister did a mermaid spell correctly will we get a tail

  430. hi i’m wondering when me and my sister will get a tail because we did a spell.

  431. HI What spell did you use??

  432. Can you make me a mermaid

  433. im 11, i cant swim o.o none of my mermaid friends online will help me,,, O.o
    is anyone willing to help me? im in columbia,mo. :(((

  434. Hey How do you tell your best friend your a mermaid without creeping them out?

  435. Hi, i was looking at the spell for becoming a mermaid. And i had a question.
    Can you turn back into a human whenever you like?

  436. when do you get your powers

  437. How do you become a mermaid through a spell and how long will it take if there is one that I can use

  438. I want to be a mermaid and tried a spell but I don’t know if it will work!

  439. I think mermaids are pretta.

  440. Please help want to be a mermaid girl in need HELP!!!!!

  441. how i be come a mermaid fast

  442. I really want you to make me a mermaid really bad pkezz turn me into one today

  443. OMG! i just tried many different spells, as I thought none of them were working, but now, my legs have gone numb, and I can not seem to stop drinking water, even though I have had 3 whole bottles of water. In addition, I really want to go swimming, and my legs fseem to be staying bound together. Really hope this works!!! Spells were against my religion, so I prayed to God, instead of “witches” and I feel hemay have answered my parayers!!

    • hi which spell to god did you do?please message me back!

      • Sure! One question, how? Sorry, i am fairly new to this site, but would love to help, also, any mermaids out ther that know or could help me. After the spell last week, my legs have been doing the usual side affects and what not, but whenever I go near water, i feel faint and all of a sudden when showering, the perfectly normal hot water turned freezing cold. This bothered me as i was home alome and i sort of did a hand movement, but not really.

      • so what spell did you use? hah kinda takes a while everytime someone comment i get an email on my phone lol

    • Hi A!
      Omg i just want to thank you so much!! You see, i was hesitant to do a spell since i am a Protestant and spells are sacreligious. But now that you said you prayed to God and it worked, i feel much more confident about trying the spell. Thanks again!!!
      ~Kelsey Anne

  444. i love mermaids

  445. can you make me a mermaid? please or a fairy or something pleasee

  446. i think my sister are mermaids but how do i figure out

    • Take them to a secluded place where someone will not find you and splash water in them (if they are not mermaid it will be imbaresing! I am just sugesting!)

  447. Please email me on how to become a mermaid with out a spell of potion because I’m a Christian so I can’t do any of that so please email me and tell me a way please!!!!!!!

  448. Hi….

    Omg, I can’t believe I’m talking to real mermaid!!!!!!

    Do mermaids have any enemies?

    What do mermaids like to do on their free times?

  449. How can I become a mermaid?? Do u get a power?? Can u e-mail me please?!

  450. Hi…

    Omg, I can’t believe I’m actually talking to a real mermaid!!!!!!!!!!

    Question, what do u do during your free times?
    And do you have any enemies or predators?
    What is the most amazing thing u wish humans could see
    Would u ever wish to be a human?

  451. do u have to wear clothes when turning into a mermaid!?

  452. Do you know of a mermaid potion that can work?

  453. Hey im erninda and im 10 in a half can i become a mermaid because i did this spell the insociant one and i have side effests like singing,legs stick together, and everything eles . If u hav a underwater computer can u check if it work or ask people who hav done that spell iv wanted to be a mermaid ever sinces i was 3 pls help me live in florida

    • hi can you tell me how you did that spell? and how to do it am 14 and i been trying and searching and i always wanted to try that one i been wanting to be a mermaid since i was 5 or 4 but i as long as i can remember can you email me your results? my name is sarah lol

  454. What if you love swimming,love sea animals,have weird dreams about being a mermaid, have a obsession about mermaids and really really believe in them

  455. hi my name is daniela im a gemini because I was born in june…i am very interested in living with mermaids even though im not one im always going to the beach to interact with my surroundings in san deigo and I woould like to know if I culd live with mermaids even though im not one?also what do you think my sign really meens?.thank you for hearing me out please right bak soon.!:)

  456. me and my friend think we may be mermaids, i know your propbably bussis and stuff but can you ask me questions to find out if i may be one??

  457. Here are some details about starange things that have been happening. First, i was in a big and 12 foot deep pool, and i got lightheaded and i felt weird so i got out and then sat at the egde of the pool then i saw weird markings on my leg that looked like scales. i got my feet out of the water then dried off and it was gone! i dont know whats going on, but thats why i need your help to maby figure out whats going on, thank you for your help and pationce with all these questions 🙂

  458. oh! I forgot something else, i also swim like a mermaid and if i dont then it feels unatural and weird

  459. also im 12 (In April) weigh 100 to 115lb my height is 5’5 or maby 5’6 and im very slender

  460. omg!please help i want to be like u.

  461. Hi I really want to turn in to a mermaid sence forever i’am i’am going to try a mermaid spell just some questions . #1 wher do your close go when you transform ? #2 how does a transformation look like ?#3 do your close come balk ? #4 do you get a bra when you transform ?

  462. Hi i’am going to try a mermaid spell just some questions . #1 wher do your close go when you transform ? #2 how does a transformation look like ?#3 do your close come balk ? #4 do you get a bra when you transform ?

  463. you exactly BECOME one, you just ARE one, or you can be choosen i believe?

  464. You can just make ur own spell it’s more powerful just have a symbol and water,salt and if u believe it will probaly work. 😉

  465. Hi. Uhm, me and my friend wanted to become a mermaid. If we do, will we be ugly ? Will we have an actual tail? Are there bad mermaids out there ? And can mermaids live where there is no ocean ? Can we live in the pond, and when we come out, be a human ?

  466. Im also going to Florida this August, and will be swimming in the Ocean (MY DREAM!!) but I WONT if i am a mermaid!! What do i do!?!? also when you touch water, do you just change right away? or can you chose to change when you want??

  467. HELLO??!?!

  468. OMG! what IS this site? where is this talk of things that don’t exist coming from? kids, stop posting lies and get your heads in your school books!

    • If you dont care for this site why dit you make a accont on it! Ps you defenetly have never seen or belived in eny magical beeing or someone squashed you dream so dont squash others dreams cus they will come true!!!!……so get off this site

  469. Well if ur a mermaid then yeah when u touch water ur probaly going to turn into one so I would be careful 😉

  470. Hey mermaids and ocean goers! So, if any of you want to be mermaids, but are Christians, I have some prayers, not spells, that work, tried one a little while a go, and I am a mermaid!!! Symptoms/side effects include (but are not required) dry or very smooth skin on legs, urge to swim, uncontrollable thirst singing more often, strange things happening when in or near water( ie, water in shower bath or sink might suddenly become very very cold or very very hot) thanks! Hope this can help. Also, i am only a mermaid when i touch water

  471. Are mermaids witches ?

  472. I’m begging you please send me a pic of you I am so in love with mermaids and want to be one but I want to see a real mermaid first please send me a pic asap

  473. and no. mermaids arent witches

  474. (I know i ask a ALOT of questions lol) does it hurt when you transform>?

  475. Still working out how to message people to give out prayers, but if there are any questions, feel free to ask. As to answer a coupl of yours. My tail is a pale red, soft yellow and vibrant orange, very similar to that of the girls in h2o. My bra like top matches. In terms of a power, no signs yet :((( but who knows, I hve only been a mermaid for a little while. If you have had those side effects, and you have done a prayer, continue praying for several days, then maybe close yourself in somewhere and gett wet.

    • Hey can you e-mail me a prayer my email is Thanks and i will pray for you to get you powers! Have a nice swim hope to join you! And have a nice mermaid life.
      Your friend,

  476. Also, it hurta bit the first time becuase I didnt understand what exactly was happeneing, but now it is a second nature and very natural. It takes about20 seconds for me to transform, not long at all. And if you are experiencing side effects be wary of water!!!

  477. ok i did pray to God, and that wasnt exactly what i said i said something like “Please Help me to figure out what is happening to me and my friend” something like that anyway and im having EVERY smytomes that you listed, what should i do?? also, did you “pick” out your color and how? or does it depend on something else? thank you VERY much for hlping me, can you tell me evrything that happend when you first changed. or any other thing we should know before our first transformation?

  478. and what happens if soemone gets me wet or i get wet on accident?

  479. Okay, sounds all good so far, next I would start looking for possible scales on your legs, and no I didnt pick my tail colour or power, they re both based off of my personality. I would suggest that you and your friend avoid water until you see scale like patches in your skin, once you see one to five, lock yourselves in a bathroom, get wet and try, remember being a mermaid is not for everyone, but hopefully He has answered your prayers, may God be with you!! Xoxo love A

    • Sorry i have a funny question? When you become a half mermaid you said that scails will appear on your leggs? Does that mean onley when you transform or is it all the time and you have to ware pants? (i domt mind wareing pants all the time if i become a mermaid) And do you have gills????

  480. Is it true that mermaid spell are real and is there any meremaids still aliv in south africa? Wat are the effects after using those spells

  481. ok thx!! oyu are VERY helpfull and i’ve actully seen weird scale things on my legs last time i went swimming and i got really light headed so i KNEW i HAD TO GET OUT!!!

    • What did you do to be like that?!!!!

    • Nt a problem! I will hopefully figure out how to message ppl, so pictures and actual prayers to come! It is good you got out of the water, but I would say that you and your friend should go swimming in a SAFE PLACE!!! I cannot emphasize that enoug, then one at a time, get in the water, maybe swim near the coast or wherever for several seconds, then have your friend make sure you are ok, and wait for the scales and feeling to return. If nothing happens after that, continue praying to God. May He be with you all. Xoxo A

  482. Hiw do you become a mermaid?!? Me and my friend have always wanted to be one so please help and tell us how. Thanks.

  483. hi my name is melody and boy do i have some questioons for you

  484. ok so me and my best friend lily want to both become mermaids, and b.t.w we live in florida and go to the beach and pool alot, and we reallly want to become mermaids and we need all the advice we can get::

    so is it a good desicion to become a mermaid? arent are the spells good and arent against god, because i am a christian?? and i want to get a fake tail instead, is that a good idea or should i do the spell?????

    • Yes, all spells are good unless they have the words gods or goddesses in them. Those are ones Christian’s (like you and me can’t do). Good luck becoming a mermaid:)!

  485. thank you for the advice:) oh this is mermaidgirl5s friend by the way we do live near i lake so we will try that thanks! 🙂

  486. yes thank you, and i did a personlity quiz to see what color i am and im Black Green and Blue, can you suggest any quizzes that are good??

  487. ok that reminds me i was black blue and green and purple so is your tail one solid color and can it be mixed? again thanks 🙂

  488. oh! and is it just your legs that are covered in scales or is it more then that, and what about the top part? like should we wear a t-shirt when we go in the water or a tankini top or something? and does your clothes dissapear like in H2O: Just Add Water” ?? do you have to dry COMPLETLY before you change back? thx for all the help you sound very nice and i KNOW you helpful! ttyl

  489. WOW! That certainly was a lot of questions! As for personality quizzes, hm… I know there is one on facebook to that tells you your aura color(I got pink, so it was pretty close) then, I dont know about you, but I have a top that matches my tail which is a variation of a soft red, yellow and very bright orange. It is pretty big and pretty long, and yes to the last very similar to the h2o mermaids. Hope this helped! Xoxo A

  490. ok thx! oh yeah i have alot of questions and you’ve anwsered alot of them my top question is that so it appears automacily or something? and your clothes disspear?

  491. oopps! i was talking about the top (Shirt, scale thing lol!)

  492. – oh and does your hair change to or get longe, ect…???

  493. ok, so i just poured water on my legs and nothing really happned….well, my legs started twiching and so did my toes and fingers. is that a sign? and does your whole body have to be cover in water for you to change? and i got a weird feeling, and started praying that it would happen but i think its not time yet…….your thoughts??

    • Hmm.. I suppose it depends on what you specified when you prayed. When I started, I specifically said a mermaid when wet, a human when dry. However, I felt weird when I first transformed too. I would keep praying, and praying tht it is meamt to be. To answer your previous questions, by top is like a bra in that it cavers my chest, but it is less skimpy than one in that is covers more, it is an irredescent orange and red and a little bit of yellow. And my hair stays the same lenght(very long) but turns a very light tint of red to it. God bless. Xoxo A

  494. thanks! 🙂

  495. Hi mermaid… I need a mermaid spell that only turns me into a mermaid when I touch water
    Please don’t let the.spell require any jewlery,salt, live fish,or shells.
    Please oh please give me a spell I want with all my heart to become a mermaid.

  496. oh and one of our top questions is what is the transformation like exactly? again thanks for all your help 🙂

  497. Dear A
    I hope you can email me soon too! I dont want to come across as “pushy” but i am VARY excited to get my tail (you were probably the same way!lol ) and i cant thank you and God enough for this opertunity to become a mermaid i am glad there are some christians out there like me that dont want to usespells!!
    Thank you and i hope to swim in the big blue with ya soon!
    Your friend,

    • A, i have not receved any emails but if you cant email me at Then just post the prayer here PS if you can i would like to controle when i become a mermaid cus then its less risky getting caught! thats all thanks,
      Yours truly, savy

  498. Yeah Savy ra! i SO SO exitited about getting my tail too! im glad me and my friend arent the only ones who are christians around here.

  499. Yes and thx for anwsering my questions i think thats all besides “Whats the transformation like?” I’ll we have to do now is find the prefect spot in secret to swim and wait and see what happens!!! im so exitied to see what happens!! and what should we expect the first time? such as the feeling, how bad the pain is, and i think thats it! ttyl 🙂

  500. here one more question,(For now) lol! do you transform with just a simple drop of water such as rain? if you did that would be so risky, like even on the hand? or just the legs? i mean that would be ALOT easier!

  501. how did you become an mermaid

  502. please hurry and tell me

  503. pleeese im desperate to become a merman or a mermaid im a boy plewase help me 2 become 1 email me if u wanna and please i want a easy and quick way

  504. Anna here ok we have a big problem the lake we live by is very well populated and it is also Private! what should we do? my mom said that she could take us to a different lake but she would have to watch us the whole time! and there is no way we are aloud to swim there unless we moved! please help!!

  505. Anna there is a pond right by your house too, BUT its really gross and shallow and WE ARE NOT SWIMMING IN THERE!!

  506. OMG….. I think someone at my scool is a mermaid cus i saw a big opening almost like a gash behing herd ear i think they are gills i dont want to ask cus i dont want her to lie and say its a ear surgery wond or something but i dont know her AT ALL other than seeing her around scool wat do i do should i splash water on her in a private place?


  507. Hi Savy ra! idk, you could “Acceindly” spill water on her? 🙂 lol that would actully be kind of funny if she wasnt BUT DO NOT do it in public! to risky, try to have her over at your house and ask her if she wants to go swimming if she says no thats a sign, and also if does says no, try spilling water on her by acceinent 🙂 but ouside or in your room. ttyl

  508. ok, im going over to Annas; house tomorrow!! we think we might have found a ‘SAFE-ISH” place to quick dive in go underwater and see what happens!! please pray for us!! we really need it, i hope it happens tomorrow it would be awseome, ttyl
    btw: im bringing my laptop to her house and i’ll try to let u know what happens!!!

    see ya,
    Courtney(Thats my name)

  509. ok! im at Annas’ house now and we’re going out to the area that MIGHT be ok, to dive in. we’ll let you know what happens!!! ttyl

  510. Hey please help me I really want to be a mermaid and I pray that you can help me. Please email me

  511. ok were back from the beach its just TO populated to be able to transform but it was SO SO HARD to restarin ourselves!! i ALMOST JUMPED IN!!! and we got really weird feeings, too. BUT!!! we’ve desided, that, well….we’re going to go swimming in her…..POND PLACE!! I know im scared but we HAVE TO!!! i’ll let you know what happens…………

    • Hello all, very very sorry, I have been busy. But I decided to post the prayer here. Most people on here who use the spells are so concerned about posting their spells. I however am not. But first to answer a few questions I received when out. My transformation is caused by the slightest drop of water, ie rain, a water bottle, you get the picture. I have to wait about 15 or 20 seconds. Then I feel a little light headed, and it is as if I become water. After that, my tail and top appear. Very cool! But I usually fall over because I was standing up… So what you have all been waiting for, drumroll please.
      Father in Heaven, I am praying to you. God my saviour, I know you, I hear you. You are my Lord, my everything. But I wish to ask you just one act. Please God please, I ask you, for there is no one else. Please God, I wish to be a mermaid when wet, and a human when dry. A water drop will give me my tail, but when it is all gone, two legs will appear. I am praying to you God, my saviour my all, I love you Father. Amen
      Not sure if this works for all, I think it might help to peraonalize it. You can say this whenever werever, only requires concentration and faith. But now I have one question for all. Prepare for a little tmi here. But do mwrmaids get ther periods? I know it sounds silly, but I am on mine and have been avoiding swimming… Well I told you, haha
      Xoxo, A

      • Oh angela answerd the same question in the obove comment just take a long look for it it is up there!

      • THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR TELLING ME WHAT YOU PRAYED olso sorry but i got mor questions! it posible to change the prayer so i can controle when i become a mermaid and did you get powers cus i see you did not pray for them?! (why i want to controle when i become a mermaid: cus then there will not be any worry and i will be totaly safe in public if i acsidentaly get wet) long did it take you to get ur powers and tail?

  512. pppppppppppppppppplease let me become a mermaid when i touch

  513. i realy want to become a mermaid

  514. excuse me but i have no chance of becoming a merman however my heart belongs to the sea and my mum wont let me buy a fake tail from ebay but im DESPRITE!!! please help me! by the way when i say “merman” i mean like top half of a man and bottom half of a fish.

  515. TO ANGELA This is a question that i have always wondered how do mermaids see underwater cus i know when i open my eyes underwater i can see but its super blury and it burns so i can onley see under water with gogles

    • help m,e pleaseeeeee in dying to be a mermaid or merman it is taking over my whole heart im like living at the river ive tried alot of spells and they dnt help pleeze help me
      Savy ra or any 1 else

      • I am probably not the person to ask i am sooooo sorry i am in the process of becomeing one myself and i dont want to give you any bad advice soooooo sorry

  516. Could u tell me how to become a Mermaid with out spells or a full moon.

  517. Can you decide when you want to change into a mermaid or not when you touch water?

    Do you get to choose your powers and you tail color Or not?

    I have school 5 out of 7 days of the week what should I do?

  518. A } please help me to become a mermaid or a merman im a boy im desprate please and ok savy ra

  519. thx A!!! your awesome:) We KNOW that next time we go swimming we’re going to pop-our tails!! dont ask why, but its weird…we just…KNOW. we’ll let u know when it happens, but for now, i’ll prob check this site everyday but, i have no questions!! (this RARELY happens lol :)) so swim with ya later!! lol

  520. sure, are you a christian? if your not, you can still try, but it may not work BUT it worth a shot! look at the resent-ish comments and A tells you what you hve to pray, then pray it! good luck!! ok i know this is really random but, do any of you guys lishen to :Adventures in Odyssey??

  521. how do you become a mermaid?

  522. Hi, I was just wondering how a mermaid could turn you into a mermaid. Also, you can not cannot use a spell or a potion to turn you into a mermaid. Believe me, I’ve tried. But God and only God has the power to turn any of us into mermaids. And BTW how do mermaids and witches get along? OK, BYE!

  523. Hi its me again! I just had to ask, are any ofyou ACTUALLY mermaids? Cause I bet I am not the onl one who was wondering that. Anyways it is very hurtful saying mermaids drown ships and sailors and calling them “merfolk” is also hurtful. So who is actually a mermaid on here its not very smart to tell the whole world. Just saying. OK, BYE!!!

  524. every night and in the morning (I suggest)

  525. ok thanks

  526. Hello,
    – How long can mermaids stay under water without going up for air?
    – Do you grow a tail EVERY TIME you touch any water or just salt water?
    – Do mermaids walk among us?
    – What do mermaids eat?
    – What are some things mermaids love to do?
    – Are some mermaids telepathic?
    Me (Pearl) and my sister, Ariel, came up with these questions because we are COMPLETE MERMAID LOVERS! We have more questions but think this would be good for now. OH! And also one more question that’s really important!
    -How well do mermaids get along with witches and vampires?
    And before we go we would just like to say that a spell will not work. It will not turn you into a mermaid/merman. Only God has the power to change you. There, that’s all. . .
    God bless,
    Pearl and Ariel

  527. Are you a true mermaid, and if so why put it on the internet? You never know who you can trust. And don’t get upset at us because I’m sure were not the only ones who are thinking the same thing.
    God bless,
    Pearl and Ariel

  528. Hey! Me and my sister had some questions for you but someone deleted my comment! Anyways, do you believe in werewolves and vampires? If you do, do you know how well they get along with mermaids? Don’t think of me as crazy but please answer because this is EXTREMELY important!
    God bless, Pearl

  529. Hey its Pearl again! Nvm i found the questions sry! But don’t think I’m crazy ( even though i am) Okay. . . BYE!!!!!

  530. how long does he prayer takes to work because last nite i had a very weird mermaid dream.

  531. how long does he prayer takes to work because last nite i had a very weird mermaid dream.
    chris said this on Your comment is awaiting moderation. March 31, 2012 at 12:25 p

  532. awesome! thats a good sign i think. i have been having them for awhile also:)

  533. ok then so u use the prayer 2

  534. How can i meet a mermaid or where cabin find one so she can turn me into a mermaid?

  535. I need a spell that works me and my friend and i really need a spell without blood

  536. thats great!! and just keep praying until it happens, i truly hope everything works out for you!! and can you explain the dream? i had a dream about me and my friend (mermaidgirl5) of us swiming in water as mermaids and our tails were a black and silvery color and it was just so…beautiful! i hope to hear from you guys some more!! and yes i used a identical prayer, but i suggest that you will say clearly “when i im covered in water” or “when i think of me having a tail” lol or something like that:)) and make it your own.

  537. awesome! that is the same sort of dream we had too 🙂 were still trying to find a place to swim (the pond was not the right place) i hope you have more luck finding a place to swim then us good luck! oh by the way i am mermaidgirl5s friend i made my own thingy 🙂

  538. i really love mermaids ummm ….. i wannna be one really bad i dont know how to do you think you can help my name is ali email me or answer my question

  539. how do i become a mermaid please give me a right spell or please bless me to become one please!!!

  540. were is everybody?

  541. Can you email me a photo of you cuz I’m in love with the ocean and want to do everything I can to save it I am also making a tv show about mermaids and want to point out that we the humans need to spend way more time cleaning and helping the ocean

  542. will a print out picture of a moon work?

  543. hello?

  544. oh no!! i know i should not have pushed that big red button!!

  545. how do u bless some1 to be a MERMAID

  546. what do you mean?

  547. courtneys coming to my house today!! we are going to try to find a good place to swim wish us luck!! she will be here in about 5 mins i feel like whatever is going to happen is going to happen soon oh by the way the full moon is tomorrow!! 🙂 🙂

  548. when a mermaid is in water with a human, while the mermaid is touching the human can the human breath under water too?

  549. Hi! Um i just want to know if there is any way you could get mermaid powers without going against christianity? Please respond. I would like to know. Thank you!

  550. We were chosen.

  551. by god

  552. Is there a way to become a mermaid with out wading fir 6 month and get ur power to plz tell me I beleive in mermaid I life like a mermaid I swim like a mermaid a I want to be one so can u help plz be a mermaid comment as soon as u can thanx if u do tell me and coment 

  553. Is it possible to become a mermaid if you aren’t born as one? I have tried a spell where you stand in the shower with your favorite necklace on and say it. Are there ones that actualy work? Thank you. Btw, you’re a mermaid? what colors your tail and what’s your power?

  554. Hi ii reallyy want 2 b a mermaid wat spellsdo u knw tht wrk real quick && let me have powers ps ii toal beileve in mermaids

  555. Hi ii reallyy want 2 b a mermaid r there any spells tht wrk && let me look like cleo rikki && emma 4rm h2o && ii want cleos powers 2

  556. Can u please send me a spell that works to become a mermaid? That is all i ask of u! I always had this special connection with aquatic animals and the ocean! I tried alot of spells yet nothing works…. I really hope to be a mermaid one day or another! It has been a dream of mine since I was a kid! And I’m always going to believe! Thank you and please reply back!

  557. I’m I a mermaid I eat salt. And have a wicked craving for it if I get in the shower my legs get slimy and they turn blue then my skin color and then blue again and I swim like one please comment

  558. to be honest i don’t think that any of the spells actually work i have tried them and i think that you really have to either be born one or be chosen. serena believe me when i say that i know how you feel and i do believe that you very well could be mer i sagest more research and i would love to here more form you. misty i do not think that you can really choose your color and power but i think that its mostly depends on your personality. abby for starters i have only m-shifted so far but i do have a power: ice and my friend power is heat and yes it is possible by the way i know someone named abby it would be strange if it was you hmm……. and me well i don’t think it necessarily takes 6 months but i guess it could anyway can you gave me more info? thanks if you have any more questions feel free to post and i will do my best to answer them. hope it helps 🙂

  559. oh and anther thing we did not get our powers until about 4 months after our first m-shift and i can only use it in small bursts so i am guessing it takes a while to master them good luck everybody!! 🙂

  560. Do u get a top when u transfer into mermaid form

  561. Have u ever met another mermaid

  562. Is it possible for a mermaid to turn human back and forth

  563. I have wanted to become a mermaid ever since i was a little girl…then H2O came on, and i am addicted. I love seeing their tails. I know the consequences of becoming a mermaid, but i dont care. I really want this. If anyone knows any spell or anything that can make me a mermaid, i will love you forever. I have tried everything; legit everything. I have been searching the web for like 2 years. Every full moon, i look up at it, and pray that one day i will be effected by it, as a mermaid. Please help me out!

    • I know one! (btw, u commented on my b-day) Get in the shower or bath with some jewlrey on, then towards the end of ur shower or bath close ur eyes and say this: maic spirits from the deep I would like a tail, not 2 feet. Beauty upon me, fish all kinds let me see. when im finished in the sea, when im dry let my feet return to me.

    • Spells are every where go to mermaid Spells

  564. hi, i constantly am having dreams about mermaids, i have never tried to become one or thought that i was one, i do know though that i have always loved the sea, i have always done my reports on sea animals, i absolutely love the manatee, and there have been times when i have visited the beach in within 30 minutes dolphins are in the view of my brother and i… I am 22 and im just curious about what this means, i have always been so free in water and it comforts me so much that as a child and now even i would fall asleep in it, also my daughter was in the pool and my friend let go of her she was under the water for about 4 minutes i was having a heart attack but when she surfaced she was completely fine at like 1 1/2 years old, she loves water now the way I did… could someone please give me some insight on this b/c no one else really seems to have answers

  565. yes you do emily (thankfully!!) and Elizabeth i have met another mermaid mermaidgirl5 my best friend is one and it is very possible to do so

  566. change back that is 🙂

    • Hi! I just have a question: do u know exactly how u got ur power, and if so what happened? Thanks!
      -Kelsey Anne

  567. u may not be able to answer this but i have a question.
    ok so i was watching a documentary on the bermuda triangle. so i thought how could someone dissapear into thin air? maybe it is the responsibility of mermaids, maybe some had pulled plains down and ate or kidnapped the pilot and passengers. i did quite alot of reaserch and this might be a possibility. what do you think? please answer.

  568. sorry i havent been able to get on lately, i will try to awnser as many questions as i can. sorry i have to delete all of my history on my laptop so no one sees it 😦 so i will probably have a different picture so try not to get to confused lol:) i will be back later!! see ya

  569. hi i really want to be a mermaid so i found a website and found this spell so i tried it out and dont want to get my hopes up so i was wondering if any1 had a different site just incase it doesnt work because it was the only spell on the site :O

  570. Just wondering with a quick comment, but any mermaids in the jacksonville area of florida?? Would love to meeet up! Also would love to hear more mermaid stories!! Xoxo A
    ps, hoped the prayer helped!

  571. Alisa. I guess that could be possible I have always wondered about it I don’t know if it’s the mermaids who are doing it but it has to be something

  572. Are there any mermaids in Vancouver, B.C?

  573. I did a spell (the Magic spirits of the deep one,) and I want to know how do I know if the spell worked?

  574. None that I know of

  575. will someone help me im clueless

  576. None that i know of, but i dont live there so….
    sorry i havent been able to come on for A LONG TIME!! I’ll probably be able to come on every so often ttyl

  577. I really need to know how to become a mermaid I even used to put a diving ring around my feet and pretended I was a mermaid. I really want a real answer. Any spells any potions. And if it’s not to much to ask my brother wants to be a merman but if you have a spell for merman I will train him first and to keep the secret. Please i have been wanting this since a was little. Every body thinks it’s so funny and they make up videos and want to see what people want to say and then they laugh and tell you it was fake. If you have a real answer email me.

  578. Umm….. Well I’m feeling really miserable and don’t seem to fit in anywhere. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to become a mermaid. I have tried countless spells and then I read that a a mermaid herself can turn you into one. So I was wondering if anyone had a spell or a way to attract a mermaid and if so would they grant me my wish. If someone could reply I would be very grateful


    • hookedonmermaids, google it, join it. become one by magic, and you only change in pure water, we have custum made spells for you ONLY that work. they arent all the same and they all WORK yes you get gills

      • Are you saying that they’re custom-made to fit each individual? If not, do you mean you make it yourself? Or are there ones that work for every person? And just for clarification, what specifically do you mean by pure water (example: lakes, streams, rain water because it is purifies in clouds . . .) And is it possible to be able to tell if a person is a mermaid by characteristics? And I’m assuming that you are a mermaid or have a mermaid friend who tells you about mermaids when I ask these questions. Is it possible to transform only when you have a bracelet, or something like it, to transform? Meaning you can touch water without the bracelet or “symbol” and still be human, but when you wear the bracelet and touch water you become a mermaid? And do your gills go away when you transform back into a human? Or are they hidden? What does it feel like to transform? Wouldn’t it mean that your bones get shifted and changed and possibly broken, and wouldn’t that hurt? If you can, please answer every question. Thanks.

    • hi my name is angel and im a mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i can turn u into one but heres the thing its perminint and the king says only if ur really sure of that because theres alot of things i need to teach u so if ur willing to i will do it just meet me at the nearest beach and find a shell thats able to blow in and also dont tell anybody we meet ok???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  579. anyone have any advice on this topic

  580. can you help me out at all

  581. What do mermaids do during their spare time?

    • hi im a mermaid named angel and what mermaids do during thier spare time is just rest on a rock swim with sea life and gaze at humans like u and thats my favorite

  582. What spell did u use to become a mermaid because I want to try that spell? Please respond!!

  583. I dont know whats happening to me!!! I HAVE to drink water every minute or else I feel dehydrated. I love swimming like a dolphin and being in water. I live by the ocean. It feels uncomfortable when I dont sit with my legs crossed and I have long brown hair with bright, bright blue eyes[thats the first thing people say to me]. I dont really watch tv, and Im turning 13, and when I decide to watch tv it was just movies of children turning 13 becomming mermaids. I also LOVE surfing. Tell me if you know anything thats happeng to me.

  584. kylar the only way that i know of to become mer is to be chosen just keep praying and awwwwwwwww!! those dumb mermaid videos!! angel well i don’t know if i could really turn you into one but i truly hope that your dream will be fulfilled. ocean girl i will do my best to help you and my advice is to be VERY careful and i would like to point out that the full moon does not control you but it is the best time to swim if you want to p-shift because it does have this sort of energy in a way i cant really explain it but not a bad thing at all (unless you are in public then not so much) and if you think that you have a power practice it as much as possible without being noticed and if you feel like you just have to swim and you can almost feel like you are swimming that is most likely an m-shift and if that happens stay away from water unless you are alone or with someone you trust and feel free to post any question that you have here and again i will do my best to answer them and elizabeth good to here from you again as for your question well i don’t know about everyone else but on my spare time i read or run in my forest or try to find a place to swim or play with my friends or play on howrse and lots of other stuffs i will be praying for you all!! see ya!! 🙂

  585. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a mermaid?

  586. hi elizabeth!! advantages: friends, powers, swimming abilitys, scenes etc… disadvantages: not being able to swim in pubic, having m-shifts in pubic etc… namely

  587. mermaids have gills, advantage you can be half mermaid and only change in pure water like oceans, lakes, river’s etc. or a full mermaid, never leave the water, and be in danger of dying from poor health conditions from toxic and or polluted waters.there’s also predators but there’s not much of that anymore, sharks realy arent a bother.

    • How can one become a half mermaid? Is it possible? Are there spells or thing like that that can help you turn into a half mermaid? Do half mermaids have gills? And how does one turn into a mermaid physically? I mean, science says it’s impossible, but science isn’t always right, and it annoys me when they always say that science is the ONLY explanation, because it isn’t. But how does a pair of legs, bones and muscles and tissue and all, transform into a single limb (if that’s what you would call it) without it hurting? What happens to the bones?

  588. Well you can try potions there on YouTube and there are plenty I them that works

  589. Is there new discoveries that no one has ever seen b-4 besides mermaids?

  590. hi do you have an email i would like to talk to you

  591. yeah werewolves

  592. Do you know of any mermaids that live in coleto creek reservoir in Texas near the Guadalupe river?? 🙂 if you don’t it’s ok I hope your reaserch is going well.

  593. Do you know of any mermaids that live in coleto creek reservoir near the Guadalupe river?? 🙂 I hope your reaserch is going well.

  594. i want to be a mermaid

  595. I promise I won’t harm you but I want to see a pic of your tail and head fin I have been a huge fan for a long time and I don’t want to be a mermaid because you are what you are for a reason but I want to save sea creatures that are being harmed by plastic and garbage I won’t expose or harm anyone or anything I prom is but please send me a pic asap I love you so much IM A HUGE FAN!!!! 🙂

  596. I really wanna be a mermaid but I don’t wanna use a spell or a potion because it’s against my religion . Hi I’m 9 yrs old.

    Thanks, camryn

  597. i want to be a mermaid can anyone give me a working spell or potion (would prefer if the spell or potion choose my color and power) also i want to see your tail

  598. i have always been in love with mermaids since i started pre-k also im a pisces so i feel even closer to the water water

  599. wich spell did you use or what did you do

  600. i have like 30 pages of spells potions prayers too i can’t wait until i start seeing which ones are real and which ones are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  601. plz tell me more!! i am addicted to the show h2o i have tried 43 different mermaid spells and none of them worked. i am 17 an i have wanted to be one since i was 5. being a mermaid would mean the world to me. i NEED IT. im about to move out and i will have my own place next to the beach i just bought it! plz tell me any other way to get a tail besides being born with it. how fast can you swim? what powers do u have? can u have more than one power? what color is ur tail? can u choose ur tail color and powers? how long does becoming a mermaid take? after you already are a mermaid how long does it take to get ur tail once you get wet? there is so much i need to know plz respond with awnsers to all my questions thx

    • hi taylor!!! my name is… well u can c wat mii name is! so ur 17… this may be odd, but im only 12. AND i can help u…. pleeeeeeese believe me…..

      if u do, pleeeeese email me at


  602. just read above and i know for sure that at lest mermaids and werewolves exist its been confirmed

  603. thinking…. i know mermaids are real…. still thinking…. ok….cant think of anything…. OHH!!!!1 I KNOW!!!!!
    i found a mermaid spell…. so if a mermaid…. perferably an adult girl mermaid email me cuz i wanna talk to 1… n a good mermaid… not 1 like the angle Rosie in wizards of waverly place how she made her wings white around Justin so he wouldnt know she was an angel of darkness… yes i know she became good in the end but i want 1 who is good NOW….
    yes i DO take thing a littttlllllle ovr board…. so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese email me….. im just a little girl… well not LITTLE but u know wat i mean…….


    so email me…. thanks!!! kbi!!!
    :p (<<<<< thats mii lil signature!)

  604. Hello? why isn’t anyone writing

  605. Could you help me turn
    into a mermaid.Ive always dreamed
    about being a mermaid.I would forever
    grately appreciate it.I also promise
    not to show my tail to anyone.
    Please reply back!
    Michelle 🙂

  606. i am

  607. Is this real?Are the mermaids and mermen who are answering here real/I just came across this site and I’m kind of surprised.I feel like mermaids are real but I have never seen one.I would be thankful if someone sent me their pictures.It would be just with me.I will make sure i will maintain your privacy.

  608. How did you become an mermaid .
    I mean , I believe anythings possible , because
    I’m a werewolf . So tell me >-< pwease?:3

  609. If your a human and you turn into a mermaid are you bold?

  610. What do u mean what happend?
    like side effects?

  611. can you become one if you do a blessing/ and can someone tell me a blessing to become one

  612. I was just told that you turn bold

  613. I am a mermaid

  614. What happens when you get the “mermaid dream”?

  615. how did u become a mermaid please tell me i really need to know ive wanted to be a mermaid for so long. pleaasseee

  616. i woulds do anything to be a mermaid plz tell me 🙂

  617. Yes we are real and well I am a merwolf yeah weirdness me and my friend are the only of our kind as far as I know I tell you this because I think that there may be more please if you are a merwolf tell me I would not tell you this unless I was very desperate which I am and please do not say that you are if you are not you will know for sure if are a merwolf if you truly are one

  618. i wot to be cum a mermalds

  619. this is for the 17 year old nanmed Taylor

    there are sooo many ways to become a mermaid… emmail me and we could talk cuuz in public would be weird. lol


  620. Do you have to worship the devil to say a spell and become a mermaid???????

  621. Again read above

  622. Hi Angela, can you or any other mermaid make me rich? and how? please respond.

  623. Hello
    I need a spell to turn exactly into a h2o just add mermaid.
    what i need in a spell:
    2 powers
    bikini top
    i don’t have a tub so it would have to be something like a bowl or cup of water

  624. did i post that right if i didn’t sorry wolfgirl

  625. Please send me a REAL MERMAID SPELL!

  626. if you say a spell to become a mermaid are you asking satan and is it called witchcraft

  627. to wolfgirl5 what’s a merwolf

    • I think it may be a human who can transform into a mermaid, and also transform into a werewolf. Don’t quote me on that one though.