Notebook of a Mermaid has recorded two albums on tape which got transferred onto CD-R. They can be obtained free of charge and can be posted to anywhere in the world. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from .

Notebook of a Mermaid (2005)

Isopod (2006)

Some more recordings have been made, but not been put together as a new album yet. This has partly got to do with the sudden loss of a certain mouldy piano…
In addition, there are the World Oceans Day compilations which accompany each World Oceans Day event the mermaid puts on… these can also be sent out as an archive or by post.

Ocean Covers (2010)

About 71% of the world’s surface is covered by oceans. The task for this compilation was to either cover an ocean themed song or to turn a non-ocean themed song at least 71% oceanic.

1. Oink – Cool Water (Sons Of The Pioneers)
2. MSP – I’m The Ocean (Neil Young)
3. Justin Paton – Don’t go near the water (Beach Boys)
4. Dan Sings Salty Sea Shanties – Caribbean Queen (Billy Ocean)
5. Seas of Mirth – Quartermaster Flash – The Message… in a bottle
6. Barnacles – Barnacle Race (Queen)
7. Kauderwelschsuspects – Blasenblubbernlassen (Nina Hagen)
8. Notebook of a Mermaid – Voyage, voyage (Desireless)
9. Justin Paton – Ocean (Velvet Underground)
10. Fari B – Wetter (Under the Sea) (The Little Mermaid)
11. Keshco – Oceans in the Hall (Ladybug Transistor)
12. Justin Paton – Sea Cruise (Frankie Ford)
13. Sardine Sailors of Year 3 – Apusskidu
14. Justin Paton – Starfish & Coffee (Prince)
15. Cos Chapman – Water Music (Georg Friedrich Händel)

World Oceans Day 2009

1. Cos Chapman – Splash
2. Freya Black – Fish Magic
3. Keshco – Porthminster Pickle
4. Kevin Zelnio – The Ballad of the Inarticulate Brachiopod
5. Peter Um – The Blueblack
6. Peter Um – Sea Disco
7. Peter Um – Half-cut aquabots
8. Peter Um – I don’t want to be a sailor
9. Now – Water
10. Now – Shore (so far mix)
11. Notebook of a Mermaid – Light without light
12. Notebook of a Mermaid – Uzu no Michi
13. Notebook of a Mermaid – The Pumproom (Now cover)
14. Strong City Records – The Enchanted Isles

World Ocean Day Compilation 2008

(was a mix-cd with ocean songs from all over the world)


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