World Oceans Day Events

Every year, the mermaid organises an event on 8 June to celebrate World Oceans Day. These events invite anybody to participate in sound explorations – sound being an important medium of communication and exploration under water. In addition, musicians are invited to record tracks all year round as a contribution to a compilation.

World Ocean Day 2010 – Ocean Cover(s)

World Oceans Day 2010 was celebrated at the Utrophia Arts Collective in Deptford. The theme was ‘Ocean Cover(s), so it featured quite a few performances of ocean themed songs and turning other music into ocean themed songs! The compilation was also comprised of ‘ocean covers’.

World Ocean Day Sound/Art 2009

World Oceans Day 2009 coincided with the mermaid & friends returning from making sounds in Japan. Footage from Uzu no Michi was shown & people were again invited to make sounds and contribute to a compilation. There was also an artificial reef picnic area which featured lots of seaweed crackers and jellyfish-themed sweets!

World Ocean Day Sound Laboratory 2008

The World Oceans Day 2008 took place at the Foundry in London. Musicians created a live improvised soundtrack to nearly 5 hours of diving footage which was projected onto a wall in the venue’s basement. Notebook of a Mermaid also contributed to an exhibition called ‘Oceanic’ with a photo series called ‘The London Ocean’ from ‘The Ocean in the City’.

For the promotion of this event, the Mermaid spoke and played live on air (!) – the Resonance FM’s ‘The Foundry’s Late Late Breakfast Show’ on 6 June. Words of the day were of course ‘news / nautical / neverending song’!


6 Responses to “World Oceans Day Events”

  1. This is truly magical I have snorkeled myself and saw two sea turtles, one of which had a spoon in his shell and looked very sad, i couldnt help because of the law but i still waved. I would go here if i could but i live in CA

  2. Anyone who has questions about us Merfolk feel free to ask me too!

    • Ok then, how do you become a mermaid please? Any spells, potions, etc. I should use? Any other methods? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Daer mermaid
    I have a lot of questions for you.Do you have mermaid friends?.What do you eat?Tell me all about your ocen please.Mermaids rock.

  4. I am a mermaid and I turned into this during the summer and I have a pink tail with golden hair I live in the great barrier reef so I was wondering what ocean you live in so I can meet you. I have 3 mermaid friends their names are Lilly, Aquata, and Misty. My mermaid name is Waverly and I have a boyfriend named Beach. I am the princess of the Indian ocean and I am being looked for by a scientist named Ruth Turner so here is my question what would you do if you were in danger with an earthy looking for you?

  5. Ruth turner died in 2000

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